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A Gift from Adel

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“Today, Unity has triumphed over hatred. Differing ideals have been cast aside to assist one nation that had been dealt a haughty hand,”

The voice broke through clearly with each worried being spoke solid and steadfast. Perhaps some of the listeners were using long-range communications devices and were deprived of seeing the Eldermost member of the council standing atop the repaired steps of the Kelioux Academy. Even those viewers who had been tuned in to the devices that aired the footage live could see the emotion of elderly man.

A large, sprawling crowd had gathered to witness this moment. A crowd that basked in the glow of a sun that shone down upon the half ruin - half repaired academy. The old man waved his hand backward and tousled the sleeve of his robe in the general direction of a nearby pile of rubble.

“Kelioux had never seen such destruction as was wrought on our planet and the number of innocent lives we lost cannot be forgotten. To ensure their memory will always be remembered, as we rebuild the destroyed quarters of the Academy we will also draft a memorial for all to remember,” the old Sage allowed silence to descend over the crowd before he withdrew four round, flat metals from his deep pocket.

Each metal glinted as the sun reflected from the silver sheen that was cast with the insignia of the Scholarly order. Beneath the dominant image of the insignia rested an etched name for each of the commendations. Each of the Scholar’s wrinkled hands held two of the small disks.

“These commendations I hold were created here, as a token for those who made reaching the Academy’s recovery effort fund possible. Those who stood as paragons in lieu of reward. Those who have funded a new, brighter future for our peoples,” the man went silent once more. The small communications devices the broadcast the meeting zoomed onto one of the silver commendations and displayed an example of the expert craftsmanship that went into creating the piece.

“Yan Cass of Damaskia. Juch, High Magnate of our Scholarly Order. Tarble of the Oath. Osiris of Cauldron. Please accept these gifts from our people, to you, and let them signify our continued friendship and future!” the elderly man thrust the metal discs into the air and they vanished in a bright flash. The metals would find their way to their appropriate owners in some form or another.

The crowd exploded in applause and the roaring sound of celebration - the Academy now had the funds to successfully lead the restoration to completion! The cameras that broadcast the scene zoomed out to a wide angle and allowed any viewers to see the full scope of those in attendance. Darkness crept over the screen as the volume died down and settled into the pitch black.

Item Awarded: Grandmaster Adel’s Commendation - A silver disc created specifically for those who carry it, the owner has their name etched onto the metal. While in the holders inventory this item increases all roleplay gains while on Kelioux by 5%. Cannot be stolen, sold, or otherwise transferred