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A Guide to Damage

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So it has come to my attention that many people think that being hit dead on with an advanced technique inflicts massive amounts of damage unto your opponent. This is not the case in most battles (unless you are far, far stronger than your opponent). I wrote up this guide to help direct how battles should progress and will add to it as I think of more stuff so check it frequently over the next week or so.

Important battles between somewhat evenly matched fighters in Dragon Ball Z went on for entire episodes. Battles didn't consist of dodge after dodge and block after block until one person finally scored a hit and that won the battle. No, both battlers ended up taking dozens of crushing attacks and simply kept getting back up. By the end of the battle, they were battered and bruised.

Remember Goku vs Frieza? Frieza got hit with a full power Spirit Bomb and if that battle had taken place on this site, Goku had been charging it for like 20 actions. They thought he was dead but were sorely mistaken. Frieza didn't die from it. Not even CLOSE. He was just getting warmed up! That video is over four hours long. That would be like a 400 post battle here!

Battles on this RPG are largely based on roleplaying. Stuff like character stats and technique damage ratings are there to give players a guideline on how to properly roleplay their next post based on what happened. There is no mathematical formula for calculating damage. That being said I wanted to give a few rough guidelines on what will end fights and what won't.

Being hit with a charged up advanced technique will not end the fight unless your opponent has already been worn down for several posts worth of damage. I mentioned in another thread that people could conceivably take 10-15 advanced techniques from an opponent of similar power level without being killed. This means that you can't rely on ki techniques alone to win you fights. You have to use physical attacks to wear down your opponents! Physical combos should be an integral part of any battle no matter how strong you are.

Keep in mind that damage is also situational. For example, if you land a successful physical attack combo on an opponent and then hit them with a ki attack, it's going to hurt more because they are already reeling from your physicals.

Here's another good video of Goku taking a completely undefended Dragon Dive.

Although most of this section has been talking about advanced techniques, the same principles apply to finishers as well albeit to a lesser degree. Finishers are devastating attacks but being hit by one isn't always a death sentence. You can be hit with a finisher and get back up. That's not unheard of it. As I mentioned above, Frieza took a Spirit Bomb and lived. Cell took a fully charged Final Flash from Vegeta and regenerated. There are countless examples from the show. Finishers do still have very high damage ratings though so if you do end up taking one, you should roleplay feeling its effects pretty heavily.

Dodging and Blocking

Simply "dodging" or "blocking" an attack is a legitimate form of defense but that doesn't mean it always works. For example, if you are dodging and blocking more than one attack per post, you are probably god-moding. Making it through an entire post without being hit once should be a rarity. Your goal isn't to try to avoid being hit at all costs. As mentioned above, that's not how DBZ battles EVER worked. Your goal when battling isn't even to try to win (though a favorable outcome is always nice). Your goal when battling is to try to work with your opponent to create a believable, realistic, and fun to read fight. You can survive almost anything if you roleplay being hit by it well enough.

You should be roleplaying taking damage and the effect it has on your body. Say that you are coughing up blood or something. That happened in DBZ all the time! This is good roleplaying and should be rewarded in the eyes of the ref when determining who gets the RP Award. If your roleplay works so well that readers & the ref can believe you survived, then you do. Normally, it is up to you personally to say when you feel you have taken enough damage to be considered defeated. The ref should only ever rule someone defeated if a site technique specifically calls for it (such as rolling a death crit) or he feels you are god-moding to a degree that you're never going to let yourself lose and he has to step in to maintain the believability of the battle.


A quick word on weapons. Weapons didn't play a big role in DBZ but clearly they do on this site. That being said, you're still attacking a DBZ warrior so if someone roleplays blocking your sword with their forearm like this, expect it to work unless you have some sort of legendary unique sword like the Z-Sword or the Masamune.


Battle refs should be as laissez-faire as possible when judging battles. They are there simply to make sure rules are being following, give the RP Award, and do dice rolls. Each side can also specifically ask for one ruling per battle but other than that, refs shouldn't be making too many rulings. It's not really a refs job to say whether or not something works unless you feel someone is god-moding because they have simply dodged or blocked too much stuff. Don't rule people dead or defeated after taking a few powerful ki attacks, either. See the damage section above.
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