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Chiyu Masaki
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Name: Chiyu Masaki
DOB: July 1 [Currently 17 Years Old]
Nationality: Japan
Sex: Female
Blood Type: B Positive
Height: 5'3" [160 cm]
Weight: 123lbs [56kg]
Place of Birth: Wukong Hospital, West Capital
Present Address: 654-7 Moss Mountain, North of West Capital
Employment: Assistant to the Assistant of Rindo-kan Karate Dojo
Occupation: Martial Artist; High School Student; Farmer
Personality: Extremely passionate accompanied with short fuses and a love to settle scores with her fists. She is easy and eager to please with a competitive nature. At times very gullible and ignorant to the modern world since she was not raised in the city life. For a teenager she is much more mature than her peers; however, her extremist mood swings get the best of her.
Comments: There are a few key words to set her off the deep end, so it would be wise to avoid them if at all possible. She loves her family, what little is left of it, and also enjoys practicing her martial arts, farming and spreading the word of Rindo-kan Karate. She do anything to avoid pickled ginger.

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