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Name: Hot Spot

Difficulty: Hard

Description:  Before the destruction of Cauldron, there were tales of a beautiful set of daggers that were forged millennia ago in the hottest of volcanoes. When the planet was destroyed, the daggers were lost. Rumors have arisen of a gleam in space, combined with a phantom heat signature. Travel your ship carefully through the ruins, and find the daggers. Just know, you aren’t the only one looking.

Reward:  +800 zeni, +6 DP, +80 all stats, +6 Rp Credits

Bonus: Magma Blades - Equipped as as  two accessories. Set of Level 3 Daggers. Two dark blades that heat up with the intensity of a volcano when used. Counts as Dual Wielding. Increases speed by +350 + 10% base speed in battle. Attacks with this weapon deal 10% more damage. CE: Burn to your SA stun chance.
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