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 Facebook page
Posted by Alex - 12-9-17 15:27 - 0 comments

I am going to start posting on the facebook page again. I would appreciate if you guys could go like the page: (I am cu more
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 Saying Goodbye to AIM Spars
Posted by - 01-1-70 00:00 - 0 comments
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 ADBZRPG Stellar Offer
Posted by Alex - 12-8-17 03:13 - 0 comments
Were any of you around when I had that old Stellar offer years ago?
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 2017 Christmas Giveaway Entry Thread
Posted by Alex - 12-1-17 14:20 - 120 comments
Please reply here with your entries to the 2017 Christmas Giveaway announced here. Please read through the entire page and all the rules before entering. Only more
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 Favorite RPer
Posted by Trumpet - 11-25-17 03:07 - 6 comments
This isn't some kind of poll or anything like that, and definitely not a place to put anyone down. I happened upon a few old RPs on this site that I had forgotten how much I enjoyed and I got to thinking. We've got plenty of members that hav more
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 Item Banner Creation Contest
Posted by Alex - 11-23-17 16:09 - 3 comments
We recently added a whole new list of recipe items to the site and are in need of a banner similar to the other items banners to go on this page more
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Posted by Uriel - 11-22-17 06:32 - 1 comments
I wonder where's been. Happy b day.
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 Peace out :/
Posted by Dabura - 11-20-17 17:15 - 5 comments
I'm sure a few of you saw this coming. Some time ago I mentioned in Discord that I had no intention of leaving, and I meant that at the time. It turns out history really does have a tendency to repeat itself, as I don't seem able to maintain more
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 Happy Bday Towa
Posted by Uriel - 11-20-17 06:43 - 2 comments
Hey, you're turning old (holy shit you're 31.) For all your characters, Daedalus, Esky, Buu, Cell Jr, Morgan and Eski alles gute zum geburtstag.
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 Graphics Work
Posted by Trumpet - 11-10-17 04:03 - 2 comments
Well, since Tarbs is gone and his siggy work along with it, I got ahold of a Photoshop torrent and dusted off my editing skills. I'm not great by any means, and I'm still lacking in a lot of brushes that I used to have, but I'd like to t more
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