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Payback! (Easy Quest)

☆Author's commentary:☆

I hadn't written in a while on ADBZ and wondered how I should begin to write about a pure spirit based on the theology and philosophy of Jesuit Spirituality, specifically what is called The Rules Of Spiritual Discernment. See the previous post.

To tell the story of Messanger, I decided to begin his story in the now of today by writing about a confrontation between two celestials of equal stature and rank on planet Toffit, with nothing really in mind. Just to really drop in the middle of a heated discussion between two celestials. I didn't know how I should go about it so I decided a storyline that begins with a conflict from without for this unnamed Celestial whom I intended to be related to my actual player character of Messanger. I thought about how I could capture the inward struggle of passions of these two persons playing out in a battle of words along moral lines with regards one of the items mentioned in the quest's description about the Fallen having what sounds to me like an idol.

So I just wrote and came up with something intending it to be a physical confrontation of words, but then I decided to change it to one more in like with the Discernment Of Spirits capturing Samson's inward struggle while meditating about this reality he faces as a celestial.

I thought it good to incorporate philisophical knowledge about diabolical temptation as a struggle of the flesh and will and intellect along a moral issue and capture this inward struggle for Samsung, wanting him to prevail and not give in to the temptation. I wondered whether this was something I ought to even write about, as I did not like entirely my idea here of Samsung conversing with what I now decided as an author was an evil spirit speaking to his mind to solict the temptation while imposing a sort-of force upon the celestial's body as a creature. I thought about deleting this fictional work altogether since I wasn't sure if it was appropriate to write and capture diabolical temptation in the context of an adbz website based on real life situations and personal experience as an ascetic dealing with this sort of thing in my own personal life.

But then I decided that this would be a good means to achieve the desired end by writing according to my needs and intentions while having some fun practicing my writing skills. The idea was not to write about Samson in an allegorical sense that wasn't about me but someone others could relate to, then use this inward supernatural struggle to set the tone for the story as dark and mysterious as a battle against one's self, flesh vs spirit. And this is something based in reality that I could convey and teach others by means of this written form in a way I considered to be interesting to myself as an author and catholic that may be something that may interest others as well.

I wondered how to proceed with my writing and how Samsung would prevail, so as an author I drew inspiration from a real life situation where a catholic saint, to prevail, threw himself into a thorn bush. And so I tried to incorporate that and write about it rather than go into more detail of the mysterious inward struggle that Samsung faced as a character. I wondered how I would go from there and how my actual player character---the good spirit called Messanger, though this is the name of his office, not his personal name nor his nature---would be involved.

I decided that Messanger would interact with Samson while he lay in the bush by suggesting a good thought for him. This seemed good for me as a writer to do so I felt much joy and was happy to capture my player character's first action in the rpg through the story of Samson/Samsung the celestial.

Now to do some more research about Toffit to double check what I wrote with the bush and vegetation and about my character aligns with what is listed on the Universe page for the planet in general.

-Robert Michael (3:08pm, June 9, 2018)
-End of journal log -

After some feedback, I am considering revising and editing my initial post. In the mean time, I think I plan to catechize myself a bit on the rules of writing introductions and italics, character and scene introductions and descriptions, some pragmatics and narrative flow.
(June 12, 2018. 4:47pm)
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