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(I am going to preference my opinions on the Subtitles. I don't know much Japanese so if something is mixed up in translation if I ever bring that up let me know. I do like learning too)


So I wanted to jump in with the Tournament of Power Arc that is going on right now.

Goku has basically with his actions seemingly set up the destruction of 11 of the 12 Universes. The fact that he is probably only alive at this point because Beerus and Whis need him to fight against the other Universes now opens up a great deal of advancement going forward. I am interested to see if Goku finds a way to save the other Universe's or if this is really going to end with just 1 Universe.

This entire arc also is a great introduction of so many new Characters that will be added.

Universe 1,2,3,4,5,8,9,11,12 = Destroyers, Kaioshins, Angels + 10 Warriors each!
Universe 10 = All the above - Gowasu, since we know the guy that caused Zamasu
Universe 6 = They still have 5 new Warriors to introduce as well.

That would be minimum of 134 new Characters! You can assume some are not going to be major players, but still just from what we have seen from the Deadly Trio you can also assume they are going to not just be plan boring characters.

They made it clear in this weeks episode that Omni King hasn't really made up his mind on rules yet, so I think we still might be a little bit away from the tournament actually beginning. In my mind I see the Gohan Fight, Then probably 2 episodes of a Goku Fight and then once both Omni Kings are happy they will have to go assemble teams. For me I am still interested in that as well. We know the teams from the preview, but I think they could have a little fun with selecting them.

Example would be: with so much on the line does the idea of bringing Frieza back under the agreement that if he participates in this tournament and actually helps that he will get another crack at Goku? I think that could be fun, but I also don't see it happening.

How does 17 get involved? I am interested to see how they get him and reintroduce him.

Also how does Beerus explain to Goku that Monaka won't be in the Tournament. If Goku thinks he is the strongest, no way they can keep him from a tournament with such importance. It seems like they are going to have to tell Goku the truth.

Another thing I am interested in is how they are going to balance out the powers. Goku and Vegeta are on an entirely different level than everyone else on Universe 7s team. While it seems power levels aren't nearly a huge of a thing as they used to be, but still in my mind we all know the difference in what those two are capable of. I think they are going to need to have some explanation on how Tien, Roshi, Krillen, 17, 18 and even Piccolo get to the point where they can compete with someone that would also possibly have to compete with Buu, Goku and Vegeta.

I left Gohan out because it looks to me like between his motivation to look strong in front of Pan and protect his loved ones and this match he is having next week he will go back a little to the SSJ 2 vs Cell style of Gohan and not the book worm.

Ok now on to Zeno's Exhibition Matches and what is going on:

First: Buu is not fair in a fight situation like this. He doesn't have enough intelligence to give up in a fight and he recovers from basically every injury unless you actually destroy him down to his molecular level or even further I don't even know. With no Ring Outs either yeah he can't be beat. That Universe 9 guy today had no chance in hell.

Still when Buu's eyes opened enough that you actually saw the eyes and he clenched his fists after Satan got hurt... both those moments I went oh shit he mad now! It was cool to see and a nice flashback to the Buu Saga and when he was Invincible.

Universe 9 Kaioshin: Dude is a dick. He asked for reward when they won, he talked shit and seemed rather odd for a Kaioshin. At the same time the Destroyer seemed rather calm so far, Could be something fun to watch as they mix around roles in other Universes.

Basil: He was entertaining. His laugh was cool and his style in combat was fun as well for me to watch. He basically danced on Buu's head at one point with kicks and that was pretty entertaining.

On the preview for next week and the title it seems Gohan as mentioned above gets back to badass Gohan. I think that will be real cool to see. Part of me died a little watching him get wrecked in a tracksuit against Frieza. Frieza was a bad ass, but still first form and he just completely violated him.

I am going to guess that if Gohan reawakens his fighting spirit same as Krillin did, that his opponent is going to have no chance in hell. No way Gohan goes bad ass and gets beat right after.

That leads me to the Universe 9 team in General: With Buu winning and guessing that Gohan will win as well that leaves only Goku. Just an little guess, but Goku isn't losing in this fight. Not with all the witnesses and both Omni Kings present. That means Universe 9 brings the Strongest and most ruthless Warriors to this and they get rocked by Universe 7. A Universe 7 Team without Vegeta who is assumed to be the 2nd strongest (see later post about if that is the case or not?). They basically are jobbers from the looks of it. Will they fight better if the fights are team based? Are they going to have a period of time to improve? Are rules that are going to be put into place going to help them?

Then we have Toppo and the Pride Troopers. From the character reveals I have heard he seems to be the leader of the Universe 11 Hero's. He is the Goku of Universe 11 and has been scouted to be God himself from what I hear. First he gets to come to this event that only seems to have Kaioshins, Angels and Destroyers (outside of the warriors fighting and Hercule). He seems to be built as a main badass from the look of it. Obviously we don't know yet, but he grabbed a powerful blast from Basil that Buu struggled to deflect with 1 hand and dissipated it with ease that even made Champa acknowledge he was a bad ass. I am going to be interested to see what these guys can do going forward.

Alright that is all I have for now.
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