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So it has been a couple months since I got on this, but figured I would do it again since I have been trying to put all the pieces to the puzzle together. Still containing spoilers if you haven't caught up with Japan episodes don't read. If you are somewhere else in the story than up to date and want to discuss it add a reply with that as well. I will try to answer without giving spoilers away to how it gets to where they are at.

One thing that is clear. Dragonball Super is going over 100 Episodes and that is pretty sweet. With everything they are adding in these other Universe's it seems they are opening up plenty of lore and expansion possibilities. Which leads us right into the Tournament of Power.

Tournament Rules:
The 8 Participating Universe's will get 10 fighters each. Universe 1, 5, 8, 12 are exempt for high Mortal Levels.
No Killing.
No Weapons. Whis has said this also extends to Senzu Beans and things like that.
No Flying outside of the massive arena that The Grand Priest is building.
You are eliminated by being tossed from the ring only.
Team with the most fighters remaining when the time limit is done survives. The others are destroyed only the Angels get to survive from the destroyed.

That seems to be the main points.

So far the Important Players:
Universe 2:
Universe 3:
Universe 4:
Universe 6 (Cabba was told to get more Saiyans. Champa asked if Hit had 9 brothers and sisters)
Universe 7 (Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Buu, 17, 18, Piccolo, Krillin, Tien, Roshi)
Universe 9: (Deadly Trio)
Universe 10:
Universe 11 (Pride Troopers. Jiren seems to be the most Built up guy so far. He is going to be the Hit of this Battle Royal probably)

So overall since Universe 7 owned Universe 9 in the Zeno Exhibition Goku has been recruiting. First obviously was Vegeta. Whis just magically pops out Bulla from Bulma's stomach. Interesting when Goku saw Bulla and Vegeta agreed to join he seemed to know that they weren't going to lose the Tournament. Could this be a lead to Vegeta getting another power surge or form or highlight sequence like when he cleared out Universe 6 outside of Hit? Maybe it is just wishful thinking, but Goku seemed more confident at that moment even knowing about Toppo and his threats of Jiren.

Then they recruit 18 and Krillin. We learn here that Krillin is being built as a technical battle master. He can come up with plans to defeat someone seemingly at a moments notice. He even defeats Gohan with his experience and his powered Solar Flare. He was obviously no match for Goku in SS Blue, but then 18 gets involved and Krillin even claims that he has a plan for them to be able to beat Goku if they work together. Then Goku wants to find 17 which leads us to where we are at now in Universe 7. He does run into Buu along the way who is skinny, faster and stronger according to Goku. He also manages to devise a plan with his unique body to ring out Goku. While it is nice to see Buu this improved, Mr. Satan doesn't want Goku to get eliminated that easily. Makes sense. Dende seems to help Goku find 17's location which leads into the next week or 2 episodes.

That is it for Universe 7 so far. In Universe 11 though we got to see some world building as they showed more of the Pride Troopers and Universe 11. Again clearly Universe 11 is being built up as the biggest threat. The Kaioshin and Destroyer are both extremely confident because of the Pride Troopers it would seem. They even watch Goku beat up Toppo who said he probably couldn't beat Goku and they are still that confident. Jiren must be a complete bad ass. Again it is the hype but it is really getting interesting.

And then you have the meeting of the deities. The Kaioshins meet, ignoring Universe 7 to come up with a plan to convince Omni King to reverse his decision. It is brought up just as was said in Universe 7 that it would more than likely just lead to instant destruction or erasure. They then all talk shit about winning and leave. It seems not even the God of Creation are above some shit talking and bragging.

Also the God's of Destruction meet. They want to punish Goku from the sound of it. It is brought up either during this or after (by Vados I believe) that if it wasn't for Goku giving Zeno the idea they wouldn't even have the chance for survival in the tournament and would just be erased. Still they don't like the way Goku acts around the Omni King, but shouldn't they be smart enough to realize if Zeno didn't like it that he would simply erase Goku? They have a bond that even if you didn't know them would seem rather obvious by the way they interact and how much they fear Omni King.

Oh well we will see. I want to do an evaluation eventually of Universe 7's team to go over strengths and weaknesses of the team. I think they actually have a better team than is obvious already. I want to do that before the Battle Royal begins.

That is all for now.
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