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It is called the Tournament of power, but it isn't all about raw power. You have to eliminate your opponents from the stage. The idea of Goten and Trunks being in it, while they are more than likely stronger, they fight head on and make mistakes because they lack battle experience.

This goes back to their fight in Martial Arts tournament, the fight they had combined with Super Buu and things like that.

Androids can get stronger (we will see this next week when Goku fights 17). It has been stated before so expect 17 and 18 to be much stronger than last you saw them, but again this tournament is about strategy just as much as raw power. We have seen when 17 and 18 work together that they have all kinds of good combinations.

It is experience and battle smarts that is also why Roshi will be a good idea. The dude knows how to eliminate people from a ring. It is one of the easiest ways to win in the World Martial Arts Tournament. I am slightly surprised that they didn't bring that up as one of the things Mr. Satan could actually teach Buu. Satan is weak, but he is the Champion of the World for a reason.
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