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Also Super has ignored a good amount of power scaling. You are going to see Android 17 stand up to Goku more than likely in this weeks episode. He won't be as strong, but he will be able to hold his own. Just as Krillin did and just as Android 18 managed to knock away the Blue Kamehameha.

The tournament is about strategy and teamwork. It will be utilized greater with Universe 7 because they all already know one another, have been in fights with or alongside of each other and share similar goals. This is also why Universe 11 is focusing on the Pride Troopers. They are a team so teamwork will be one of the ways they present the greatest challenge to Universe 7.

You can say, "It is stupid". But you can make that argument the same as Trunks suddenly getting false god powers and being able to stand up to Rose and Zamasu and then beating merged by himself. He somehow summoned up enough strength to actually do what Blue Vegetto couldn't do.

Don't worry about 'zomg what is his power level'. Power Levels haven't really been a thing since Freeza anyways.
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