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17 still the master of cool, one of the best fights in z. no stamina drain, that shield technique, and a decent blend of power and situational awareness as shown in his episodes. A well rounded member I think, glad to see that, may be cool to see 17 and 18 team up against a tough warrior and show their (in this case not so because rules) lethal teamwork.

Roshi to will be interesting and I agree he is tactical and highly skilled with many techniques, would not surprise me if we learned he has fought a fair number of greater powers before and won, skill and experience to the table, Tien and (perhaps as it would be interesting and really speak for the change in time) Piccolo would likely be willing to aid if he gets over his head and likely be up for tactical approaches with the master making them a tough team to beat brain and brawn for all three.

Gohan its a nice thing to see him at least come back as a strong reserve unit, likely still to put family and furthering future inverse above fighting but at least now may renew that gym membership so to speak. and if he teams up with Roshi combining brawn with brain bet a good many would find that a hard tag team to overcome.

the survival arch will be quite the spectacular display and a fine coming together for characters who have gotten so little spot light in these past years.

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