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Alex is the worst

Posted by Uriel (Members) at Aug 8 2018, 03:40 AM. 11 comments

Happy Birthday, boss man! :D

Dragonball Super

Posted by Alex (Administrator) at Aug 2 2018, 07:26 AM. 5 comments

Who is your favorite new character in Dragonball Super so far? I haven't seen the show at all yet but just bought all of the DVDs so I am going to start watching it soon. I know there's a bunch of new characters and was curious who everybody liked? Don't give reasons why (spoilers) but just reply here with which characters you like and which you don't.


Posted by Chaos (Roleplay Guide) at Aug 1 2018, 11:50 AM. 8 comments

Life has 24d you.

Happy birthday bum

Bye Bye Cbox

Posted by Alex (Administrator) at Jul 28 2018, 08:45 AM. 12 comments

The cbox inspired. Now that we've moved over to Discord I felt it would just be a waste of money to renew it as nobody even really used it anymore. I embedded a Widget to the discord on the main page of the website if anybody needs it. I don't think I'll put it above the forum though since it looks bulky.

Happy Birthday Asami!

Posted by Joseph Wiltshire (Members) at Jul 19 2018, 06:42 PM. 4 comments

Posted Image


Posted by Bassolarr (Monitors) at Jul 16 2018, 12:36 PM. One comment

Voting ends 7/22

*Redo due to mistake

Prize: +50 DP, +150exp
Preferred: The ideal member of the season is an individual that is consistently contributing to the board both in and outside of roleplay. They are generally respectful toward the rest of the members of the community, and put noticeable time and effort into their endeavors on the board. It is preferred that this person is actively posting in the forums with other members of the community, rather than solo, and constantly looking for ways to improve not only their reputations and their writing, but to improve the site as well.


Posted by Bassolarr (Monitors) at Jul 15 2018, 09:57 AM. 0 comments

Voting ends 7/22

Prize: +150 All stats, +150 exp (Given to each participant)
Preferred: The fight of the season must be a battle or spar. It should be a thread that predominantly involves combat rather than social roleplay. Good sportsmanship, minimal metagaming, and tactical ingenuity are all desired features of a great fight. It must be a completed thread that reached the required amount of posts for full gains. If a fight wins and a member of it did not get full battle gains due to insufficient amount of posts, they will not receive this award. This award can include tournament battles, but specific participants need to be determined; a tournament and all of its participants cannot win as a whole.


Posted by Bassolarr (Monitors) at Jul 15 2018, 09:57 AM. 0 comments

Voting ends 7/22

Prize: +50 RPC, +150 exp (Given to each participant)
Preferred: The roleplay of the season is focused primarily on story content and delivery quality. (This does not necessarily mean grammar!) There is no minimum or maximum word count required for a thread to qualify. It can be a quest, personal saga, personal roleplay, official saga thread, or a spar that is focused primarily on social interaction and character development over combat. This award can be given to both solo and group roleplays.

Site Map

Posted by Uriel (Members) at Jul 14 2018, 07:18 PM. 0 comments

Yamoshi - Vegeta

Whis - Vegeta

Sharon - Vegeta

Okra - Vegeta

Kotarou - Vegeta

Mr Satan - Vegeta

Bardock - Space to Vegeta

Victoria Braumley - Cactaylisma

Chronoa - Cactaylisma

Violet - Cactaylisma

Kaine - Earth

Joseph Wiltshire - Earth

Gohan - Earth

Uub - Earth

Lord Slug - Earth

Goku - Earth

Jeice - Traveling to Lucifer's Empire 1/2

Jared Miruzuki - Dekalb

Kasume - Dekalb

Hiiragi Junior - Dekalb

Jordan - Dekalb

Raiosu Kirishi - Dekalb

Anzu - Freiza

Cooler - Freiza

Aria - Freiza

Buu - Yadrait

Azazel - Yaidrat

Trunks - Namek

Uriel - Namek

Vegeta - Namek

Limax - Namek

Garlic Jr - Namek

Vash - Damaska

Hayami - Damaskia

Cell - Damaskia

Grimlock - Damaskia

Kilborn - Damaskia

Leivana - Damaskia

Beerus - Damaskia

Bulma - Damaskia

Yan - Damaskia

Walid - Damaskia

Kale - Kelioux

Juch - Kelioux

Chaos - Kelioux

Levana - Kelioux

Ticho - Avalon

Daji - Avalon

Tarble - Avalon

Broli - Avalon

Pryde - Avalon

13 - Avalon

Bebi - Avalon

Hit - Avalon

Dabura - Avalon

Janemba - Avalon

Lilly - Avalon

Yamato - Avalon

Goten - Avalon

Elena - Avalon

Asami - Avalon

Vlad - Avalon

Tien - Avalon

Brianne de Chateau - Avalon

Android 17 - Avalon

Juturna - Avalon

Elemento - Mortoseth

Garou - Juno

Let me know what I fucked up, if you care.

Happy Birthday Jordan!!

Posted by Azazel (Administrator) at Jul 3 2018, 02:00 AM. One comment

Hope it's a good one man. Cheers!
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