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Suicide Wolves

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Suicide Wolves - A Star Wolf Quest

Difficulty: Medium


Admiral Harlock is staying on Cacta for the time being, overseeing the building (or stealing) of a new Fleet. He's dispatching you, Vice Admiral, to help achieve these ends.

Harlock has already sent 2 corvettes and an Odin ahead of you to the Ruins of Cauldron. They're flying under false IFF Codes, so Siberius should have no clue what's about to happen to him. Two years ago, Siberius reneged on a deal reached with a Cacta Pirate Prince. That put production on new ships behind for quite a while. It's time to learn that Ivory Popsicle bastard a thing or two about treachery. Wreak havoc, but know that you have to move quick- every ship in System will immediately turn on you. This isn't just a revenge mission. Spies have reported that a refinery has gone down. Shuttles chock full of fresh mined precious metals are sitting in orbit, waiting. Capture as many as you can WITHOUT losing that Odin. Try to keep the Corvettes safe too, but they are easily replaced.

Reward: +500 zeni, +5 DP, +40 all stats, +5 Rp Credits

Bonus: +10 DP, +1000z if you return with the Odin and at least 2 shuttles full of raw material.

Requirement: Skull Adorned Vice Admiral Insignia & A Large Space Ship
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