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The Guide; God Moding|Auto Hitting|Stats
Topic Started: Nov 23 2011, 03:32 PM (3,348 Views)
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God Moding

One of the major site rules is no god moding. But what really is god moding? God moding is when you write your character to be so tough or so powerful that nothing hurts them. You evade everything and things that do hit you don't harm you. It is quite a subjective thing. Some people have different interpretations of what is acceptable and what is not.

The site has been built so that true god moding, in its purest form, is almost impossible. You have refs, you have stats and limited actions in battles. These all contribute to keeping a person from doing whatever they want.

But, just because you take a hit doesn't mean that you haven't god moded. It's how you translate that hit in your writing that counts. If the strongest member is 300,000 power level and the weakest is 3,000 power level, number wise the strongest is over x100 more powerful. Does it mean they are suddenly invulnerable to the weaker person's attacks? Nope.

If a small child walks up and punches you in the stomach, it doesn't hurt bad. You still feel the impact though. If that same small child punches another small child, they will probably start crying because it hurt them bad. Power is relative, even in reality. You are much stronger than a little kid, but the impact was still there. It still hurt a little bit, but your pain threshold (toughness) is much higher then when you were a small child.

The point is, show that it effected you somehow.

Vegeta laughed at Krillin as he threw pitiful punches into his stomach.

That is what you shouldn't be doing. You are showing that Krillin is weak and has no effect on you. That isn't true, he may not be as strong as you are but his punches still hurt.

Krillin landed several punches on Vegeta's stomach. Vegeta fought the pain back with laughter. "Is that all you got little man?"

See, in that example I did the same thing, except I showed the punches hurting Vegeta. They won't do a ton of damage because Krillin is a small fry. But, Vegeta felt them. Yes, he still acted like an asshole, but by showing that Krillin had an effect on him, Vegeta is not god moding.

But, it's rare that the strongest member and the weakest members fight. Most of the time you fight people who are near your own strength. If you remember that all punches hurt, even those of someone who is a hundred times weaker than you, than you should never have any trouble with god moding.


Another thing you should not be doing is called auto-hitting. An auto-hit is when you declare something happened, not your intentions to do something. If that is confusing, I'll show you an example.

Trunks punched Gohan in the face.

That is an auto hit. Here is what it should look like:

Trunks threw a punch aimed at Gohan's face.

The minor difference in description means the world. The first one is stating that something happened. The second one is stating that Trunks was aiming to hit Gohan. Choose your verbs wisely, my young padawans.


Your stats are scores not measurements.

Having 10,000 speed when your opponent has 5,000 speed doesn't mean you can move x2 faster than him. It is a relative score.

But, Brian, it's a score? I don't understand!

I shall explain my padawan:

Think of it like a game of hockey. If you have 3 goals and your opponent has 2 goals, you win. The same thing applies here. If your speed is higher than your opponent, you have more initiative and are faster. But the actual difference in scoring doesn't matter so much as the victory itself. It doesn't matter how many goals you score in a hockey game, a win is a win. Think of it like that.

To Our Refs

Remember, a battle must last 12 posts and each post must be 200 words. We shouldn't be seeing people getting defeated in 1 or 2 posts. There may be certain circumstances that crop up (like someone blowing up a planet on their first turn,) but with some creative roleplaying this can be avoided.

There may also be circumstances where players will use finisher techniques, abilities with Critical Effect: Pierce, and surprise attacks or other advantages to attempt to kill early on. As long as these abilities are roleplayed well, they can be allowed by the ref and death may ensue.

Also, a player can declare themselves dead before 12 posts. Keep in mind this is put in place so there is no auto-killing or instant killing.
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