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Korra; The Legend Continues (spoilers)
Topic Started: Dec 26 2014, 05:39 AM (1,272 Views)
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The story so far...

From Vengeance
Korra and Asami travel the Spirit World together at the conclusion of Season 4. While in the Spirit World, Raava shows them to a portal leading to "another time and place." The two companions travel through the portal and Korra ends up on Roshi's Island alone. Roshi promises to help Korra figure out more about the connection to this world and the Spirit World, which he thinks might be the Next Dimension. While searching for Asami in a town, Korra comes across a woman who's husband was just murdered. She helps the woman put aside her grief and turn away from vengeance. She returns to Master Roshi without any word from Asami, aware that at some point down the road she might have to face the woman's husbands murders, the Blackheart Clan.

From Why, O' Why?
Korra stays with Master Roshi for a week continuously searching for Asami in the nearby city during the day. One day she happens across a bulletin board that has a picture of the Water Tribe, eluding to Korra's heritage. Korra also spots a bounty of a murderous swordsman who is attacking dojos. Just as she is formulating what to do about the Water Tribe note, the nearby dojo becomes the swordsman's next target. She interviens only to get utterly beaten by the swordsman. She is saved by a daring student who is almost cut down until Korra goes into the Avatar State and disarms the swordsman. She traps him and the police take him away. She finds out he is a demon, and thus learns a little bit more about this world. Meanwhile, back at the bulletin board, she places a picture of all four elements, known as the Avatar Symbol, so that Asami will known she is looking for her. Roshi explains to Korra that there are many worlds and the idea of the galaxy. Korra is starting to realize that this world and possibly all the others are out of balance and she is here to fix it.

From Roshi's Trial
Asami came through the Spirit Portal near a Capsule Corporation building. She was found by the building directed named Kara, who took her in and promised to help locate her missing friend. Kara soon found out that Asami knew much about technology and had her help in the development of vehicle engines. Asami finds the Avatar Symbol and leaves the Capsule Corporation address on the bottom of it. Meanwhile, Korra continues her intense training with Master Roshi and her Power Level has tripled since she came to this world. She eventually goes out and sees the address on the Symbol and soon after Korra and Asami are reunited. Korra has realized during this time that her feelings for Asami go far beyond friendship and its time to express them, however, Asami expresses her feeling for Korra first and the two begin an open relationship. A few days later Korra learns to master the Kamehameha Wave and use it in the same way she bends elements as well as bending elements like she uses the tech, giving her great versatility in battle. Korra and Asami prepare to leave Earth in search of other masters for Korra to train under.

From An Alliance is Formed
Korra learns from Roshi that a good friend of his named Master Adel lives on a planet called Kelioux. A friend of hers named Turles loans her his space ship in order to travel there. Days before her and Assami are schedule to leave, another student of Roshi's, by the name of Allen Walker, arrives. Allan seeks more training and Roshi ask Korra to take him with her to Kelioux. The three of them leave a few days later. Korra and Allen spar daily on the ship as they make their way to a new master.

From Where the Shadows Lie
Korra and Allen Walker arrive on Kelioux, where they are shown their rooms. During the evening the two are escorted to dinner to meet with Master Adel's wife, Ravora. During the dinner an alarm was sounded and the group fell under the attack of a scientist who was under some sort of possession. Korra held the scientist off while Allen drove the demons out. Apparently Dr. Ben Yahweh was conducting research in an ancient forest and happened upon very dark rituals. Apparently there is a temple of the Lost in that forest, but the doctor did not give much more details. His mind has been broken by what he has seen.

From Adel's Trial
Korra and Allen Walker split up after almost completing their training with Master Adel. Korra has been searching for a way to fulfill her purpose in this galaxy. While trying to figure it out, she is overcome with the burden of so much resting on her shoulders, but Adel's test helps her make it through. She know heads to planet Vegeta to seek training under the King of Saiyans.

From The Saiyan Monk
Korra, now able to cope with the weight of the galaxy on her shoulders, encounters a pacifist Saiyan. The two spar with words on rather or not violence can ever be used for good, which challenges Korra's nature. Her training under Master Tenzin gives her the insight that violence used in self defense is good and useful to the galaxy. Her resolve stronger, she is eager to continue her training.

From King Vegeta's Trial
Korra proves herself against a Saiyan Elite, shocking the king that she could have obtain such a power level in just a under two years. Half way done with her training with the greatest masters in this galaxy, she now heads to a very secret planet...

From Elder's Trial
Korra and Asumi travel to Yaidrat is interrupted by a message from the Avalon Protectorate, who claim to have found out about her from her past masters and are wondering what she plans to do. Korra, however, cautious of their motives, gives little information. They invite her to the planet Namek to train under Guru. When she arrives on Yaidrat she spends an hour talking to the Elder and another who seems bent on destroying her. She minces words with them and during the conversation she learns that the Elder, who can control time and space, pulled her through to this universe. He tells her that their conversation took over two weeks, but his control of time made it seem only a few hours. He tells her to tap into her Avatar power to travel freely to the Spiritual World, or as it's known here, the Next Dimension, to seek out a master name King Kai. Korra hesitates because this would mean leaving Asumi behind. Asumi decides to go back to Earth to help network and understand technology to help Korra in the coming war, which the Elder thinks Korra is the trump card for. The two split and Korra begins to take her first step back into the Spiritual World in over a year.
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Miscellaneous Information

Personal Sagas
1. An Alliance is Formed

Quest Completed
Easy | Medium | Hard
1. Vengeance
2. Why, O' Why?
3. Roshi's Trial
4. Where the Shadow Lie
5. Adel's Trial
6. The Saiyan Monk
7. King Vegeta's Trial
8. Elder's Trial

Quest Level
- 2 easy quest, 6 medium.
- Need 1 easy and 2 hard to level.

Weeks Spent Training with Masters
(1 week = 1 month IC Time)
1. Roshi: 3
2. Adel: 5
3. Vegeta: 4
4. Yaidrat Elder: 5
5. King Kai: 2

Weeks Spent on a Planet
(1 week = 1 month IC Time)
1. Earth: 3
2. Kelioux: 5
3. Vegeta: 4
4. Yaidrat: 5
5. King Kai's Planet: 2

Zeni Earned

Power Level Changes (+IC years)
1. Starting: 4,850
2. Week 1: 5,064 [+ 214]
3. Week 2: 5,566 [+ 502]
4. Week 3: 13,852 [+ 8,286]
5. Week 4: 14,900 [+ 1,048]
6. Week 5: 15,714 [+ 814]
7. Week 6: 16,100 [+ 386] 0.5 years
8. Week 7: 16,366 [+ 266]
9. Week 8: 16,766 [+ 400]
10. Week 9: 18,086 [+ 1,320]
11. Week 10: 19,046 [+ 960]
12. Week 11: 20,256 [+ 1,210]
13. Week 12: 25,694 [+ 5,438] 1 year
14. Week 13: 26,204 [+ 510]
15. Week 14: 27,936 [+ 1,732]
16. Week 15: 32,008 [+ 4,072]
17. Week 16: 32,686 [+ 678]
18. Week 17: 33,110 [+424]
19. Week 18: 34,426 [+1,316] 1.5 years
20. Week 19: 34,846 [+420]
21. Week 20: 35,290 [+444]
22. Week 21: 35,646 [+356]
23. Week 22: 36,002 [+356]
"Still think I'm a half baked Avatar?"

"I'm the Avatar, you gotta deal with it."

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My post contains spoliers :P
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Combat Information

1. Vs. Shinsei Jinzou (Training Battle)

1. Vs. Levana
2. Vs. Turles
3. Vs. Vlad
4. Vs. Azrael
5. Vs. Narvi
6. Vs. Turles
7. Vs. Allen
8. Vs. Alarion
9. Vs. Turles
10. Vs. Revan
11. Vs. Adelaide
12. Vs. Xander
13. Vs. Sai Penin
14. Vs. Gine
15. Vs. Ox-King
16. Vs. Dabura
"Still think I'm a half baked Avatar?"

"I'm the Avatar, you gotta deal with it."

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My post contains spoliers :P
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Biographical Information

Nationality: Southern Water Tribe (Unknown Planet)

Ethnicity: Water Tribe

Age: 22

Physical Information

Gender: Female

Height: 5'7"

Eye Color: Cyan

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Skin Color: Brown

"Still think I'm a half baked Avatar?"

"I'm the Avatar, you gotta deal with it."

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My post contains spoliers :P
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