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The Galactic News Network; Earn rewards, fame, and glory!
Topic Started: May 13 2017, 10:57 PM (569 Views)
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<div class='gnn-title'><br>GALACTIC NEWS NETWORK</div>
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<h1>The GNN</h1>
The Galactic News Network (GNN) is a place on the forum where stories come to life. Through the efforts of the community, we have established what is basically a running canon here on the site. However, with so many threads to go through, it's difficult to read through thousands and thousands of words. The solution? Making a report on your story in the GNN! Through our various channels, you can make a report on your story and have it included in the Official Timeline! Your events will actually have an impact on the site as a whole. You'll be remembered in the hall of time for all eternity.<br><br>
However, this isn't just for making your threads canon. You can also roleplay reporters in other threads as well for the fun of it, making crazy gags or off-the-wall short stories based on their adventures. This comes with some guidelines, but we'll get to that in a moment.
<h1>How To Report</h1>
Firstly, you need to determine if your report is Canon or Non-Canon. To easily distinguish this, follow these guidelines:
<li>Were you a participant in this thread?</li>
<li>Are all participants okay with having their actions being covered by the news?</li>
<li>Does your thread fall under one of the five categories?</li></ul>
If your thread meets all these criteria, congratulations, your report is considered Canon and will be added to the Timeline! If it doesn't, fret not, your report can be Non-Canon and still get the full rewards.<br><br>
After you have determined whether or not your report will be Canon, it's time to actually write it. Will you go from the perspective of a reporter on the scene, have it covered from afar, or will you let your character tell the story? It is completely up to you! As long as your report is over 300 words, you'll receive the full bonuses for your report.
<h1>Where To Report</h1>
Now that you've made your report, we need to figure out where you're going to put it. Is your report on a Personal Saga with your friends, a spar between rivals, a battle to the death, or a noble quest? There are five different threads you can utilize to figure out where you make your report based on the threads they cover.<br>
<h2>Monday Night Smashdown</h2>
Threads To Cover: Battles<br>
Report Reward: +10 DP, +5 RPC<br>
Weekly Report Limit: 1<br>
<h2>Adventurer's Guide</h2>
Threads To Cover: Quests<br>
Report Reward: +25 EXP, +5 RPC<br>
Report Limit: 1<br>
<h2>Clash or Pass</h2>
Threads To Cover: People<br>
Report Reward: +50 all stats, +5 RPC<br>
Report Limit: 1<br>
<h2><a href='http://forum.alexsdbzrpg.com/index.php?showtopic=75361'>The Champ's Highlights</a></h2>
Threads To Cover: Spars<br>
Report Reward: +5 DP, +3 RPC<br>
Report Limit: 2<br>
<h2><a href='http://forum.alexsdbzrpg.com/index.php?showtopic=75360'>The Stories Behind the Fist</a></h2>
Threads To Cover: Personal Sagas / Roleplays<br>
Report Reward: +25 all stats, +5 DP, +10 EXP, +5 RPC<br>
Report Limit: 1<br>
<li>You can do reports at any time, but reports for the week will be due when updates are due!</li>
<li>There are two types of reports: Canon and Non-Canon. If you don't want your report to be added to the Timeline, please say so at the beginning of your post.</li>
<li>If the thread is reported by one of the people writing within it, it's considered Canon. If it is reported by someone outside of the thread, it is Non-Canon unless express permission from the writers within.</li>
<li>Don't copy / paste reports. While formats may be easier, it'd be good to add a little spice to them.</li>
<li>This is a per user policy, not per character. This means, for example, you can only make 1 Report in Monday Night Smashdown across all characters. Post the report with the character you want to receive the rewards with.</li>
<li>You can reach the report limit in each channel, meaning you can make 1 report in each channel per week (barring The Champ's Highlights).</li>
<li>You can report on yourself if you like. This is encouraged to make a more stable timeline and allow everyone to have their events recognized.</li>
<li>If events directly clash against one another, refer to me and we'll work to solve it. If we can't, we will hold a poll to see who has their event stay canon.</li>
<li>If an interview is included and it's not the person doing the report, the person being interviewed also gets half the base bonuses for their participation.</li>
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