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Locked Topic
NWFT Scenari Shop
Topic Started: Jul 3 2017, 01:17 PM (1,173 Views)
Yan Cass
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Damaskian RP Guide
Limit to buy only ONE of each item.
(Note, anyone with Scenari can purchase, but the following discounts only apply to those actually in the event.)

Gracelander Tonic - A special tonic only found on Grace. Gives 25 DP on using. (1 Scenari)

Medicinal Bag - Usable in Combat. Heals 20% damage, 10% Vitality, 10% Stamina, and 5% Ki. Usable once per battle. Once used, it will need to be replaced. Androids may not use this. (1 Scenari)

Anyone who entered Battle Mode gets 3 scenari off
(Zyren, Vlad, Beerus, Whis, Shaoran, Cooler, Cell, Juch)

Gavel of The Faithless - Equipped as an accessory. A very large two handed Level 4 hammer. Increases strength by +800 + 7% base strength in battle. Attacks with this weapon deal 12% additional damage. Once per turn can add a Poison crit chance. (10 Scenari)

Lash of The Faithless - Equipped as an accessory. A Level 4 one handed whip. Adds +150 and 5% of base strength in battle, and +4% bonus damage. Can be dual wielded with another weapon. May use Thorn Lash one additional time with this weapon. Attacks with whips increase speed by +10%  (10 Scenari)

Claws of the Faithless - Equipped on the arms. Increases damage done by physical and hybrid attacks by 10%. When wearing these gauntlets, you may use Daichiretsuzan once per battle at no ki cost, regardless of alignment. If you already know Daichiretsuzan, increases max use by 1. (10 Scenari)

Blade of the Faithful - Equipped as an accessory. A Level 4 short sword able to use both sword and dagger techniques. Increases speed and strength by 600 and 3% base in battle. May be dual wielded with another weapon. (12 Scenari)

Anyone who started in St. Vincent or Querenci get 3 Scenari off
(Juch, Daji, Hayami, Bassolarr, Chaos)

The Titan's Favor - Equipped as an accessory. A small ribbon blessed by the Titan Grace. Increases mediation training by +5 all stats. In battle allows one extra Telepathy dodge (max of 4), and +100 int. Can be equipped on top of another accessory (max of two things). Limit to carry one. (5 Scenari)

World Breaker Gem - Allows you to use Barrier and Body Shield once per battle at no ki cost.. (5 Scenari)

Debilitator - Equipped as an accessory. You may use this item once per battle to decrease your opponent's power level by 50% for 3 actions. (10 Scenari)

Anyone who started in Kaino gets 3 Scenari off
(Zyren, Vlad, Cooler, Haki, Shaoran)

Kaino Lucky Charm - A lucky charm purchased in Kaino. May be attached to anything that can be inscribed with a Level 3 Rune, and increases said rune's crit chance another 5%. Changes the item's name to include "Lucky" (Example: Lucky Freezing Katana) May only use 1 per Rune. (5 Scenari)

A Trinket from the Past - Either a small toy, a worthless jewel, or otherwise something relatively benign, this item tells a story with few words and no sounds just by holding it. Increases your weekly training gains by +15 to one stat of your choice per week as long as this item is in your inventory. Limit to 1. (5 Scenari)

Military Vessel - Holds 3 people. Can hold a Rejuvenation Tank, Ultra Gravitron and up to one of the following: Luxury Rejuvenation Tank, Training Center, Jump Drive, or Mark IV Anti-Personnel Warhead. (5 Scenari)

Anyone who started in Eri gets 3 Scenari off
(Cell, Beerus, Whis, Cell, Yan, Kaiya)

Guide: Through Necropolis - A guide to traveling through the afterlife. After reading you will be transported to any place in the Next Dimension for two weeks, regardless of alignment. Any travel time from where you start still applies. Takes one week to read. Limit of 1. (5 Scenari)

Lost Text of Reflection - While in your inventory, increases base gains of meditation training by +50% (stacks with demon bonus) (5 Scenari)

Ancient Text of the Lost - While held in your inventory, increases meditation training by +5 all traits per week. Alternatively, you can return this relic to the great Academy on Kelioux, where they will reward you with great insight and power (+250 all stats, +250 all traits). (5 Scenari)

Tactical Military Manual - Adds one Advanced technique slot or one Build slot, chosen at time of purchase. Limit to purchase and own 1. (5 Scenari)

As of 9/11 this is closed.
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