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Ticho vs Dabura pt 2; Planet/AIM spar
Topic Started: Sep 13 2017, 07:44 PM (31 Views)
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Ticho's icon
The saiyan took a basic stance as he landed and allowed the demon the first move. When Dabura stopped suddenly mid-swing, he knew something else was coming. He swiftly leaped aside to avoid the kick and followed up with an amber beam from his right index finger aimed at his fellow scholar's midsection.

2:24 AM
ADBZ Dabura's iconADBZ Dabura
"Oomph!" The air left his lungs at Ticho's attack hitting him right,in the ribs. So typical trickery would not be enough it seemed. Under the guise of catching his breath, Dabura filled his lungs anew and lit them in Ki. When next he breathed,out, he belched forth a geyser of fire at his opponent.

5:04 PM
Ticho's icon
The saiyan allowed his friend a moment of reprieve. His attack had packed a punch, but then it usually did. In the lull, Ticho failed to notice the expansion of the demon's chest. Without additional warning, he was engulfed suddenly in flames. Ticho retreated from the inferno, scorch marks all over his body. He opened his mouth to respond...and did with a ki blast from his gullet.

5:13 PM
ADBZ Dabura's iconADBZ Dabura
Ticho came out of the blazes hardly phazed and responded in kind. Dabura had expected some momentary confusion, but instead was force-fed a mouth blast. He invoked the Flames of Hell, but drew them into himself, hardening his very flesh and bones as he crossed his arms and tucked in. The demon peered out from underneath his crossed arms, a grin clearly visible. Save for the stench of sulphur and seared arm hairs, he was as before. He allowed the inferno to seep out once more and his crimson aura reappeared. Dabura fanned the flames harder, engulfing him in a protective Flame Shield. "Come then," he said. The demon was curious to see Ticho attempt to navigate it.

5:49 PM
Ticho's icon
A curious look appeared on the saiyan's face as the shield of flames appeared. Most would reserve such a technique to block an opposing attack. Nevertheless, he raised his hand and fired a large blast that would hone in on the demon wherever he went. As the attack approached Dabura, Ticho seemingly disappeared and reappeared beside the demon. "Don't mind if I do," he responded as he let fly a pair of jabs. The flames singed his hands, but he was curious if he could exceed the fire damage.

29 mins ago
ADBZ Dabura's iconADBZ Dabura
Dabura's eyes had been tracking the blast heading his way, intending to deflect it, when Ticho darted into the corner of his eye. Acting on intinct he immediately pivoted on his feet and flicked both jabs away from their target, but caught the homing beam squarely in his back. The demon king was hurled forward over Ticho's head and faceplanted on the mountain's rocky surface. Bruised and cut Dabura pushed himself slowly back on his feet. In his frustration he tossed his earlier gallantry aside, and muttered the spell. In a flicker of venomous green energy his hands had filled: a crude braided whip in his left hand and a runic Ulfberht sword in his right. Dabura snapped the whip, intending to catch Ticho's arm with it, as he swung the blade overhead. He'd be fine, Dabura assured himself.

16 mins ago
Ticho's icon
His attack had worked, perhaps a little too well. "You ok big guy?" the scholar inquired as the demon got back up, now brandishing a pair of deadly weapons. "Check," stated Ticho as he leaped aside to avoid the snap of the whip. Thinking fast, the saiyan shot his palm out towards the side of the oncoming blade, pushing it aside only barely and letting the force exerted push him back a couple of feet as he shot another quick blast from his mouth.

1 min ago
ADBZ Dabura's iconADBZ Dabura
Ah. He had been ready, and again Dabura found his offense missing the mark. With great effort he raised the sword at Ticho's attack, cleaving the beam in two and allowing both halves to pass by his head harmlessly. Still, he was tired, sore, and honestly near the brink of defeat. "I must be getting old," he said with a chuckle. "Let's call it quits here, huh? You've clearly got my number."
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