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Jeice; 2 Fast 2 Furious
Topic Started: Dec 24 2017, 06:24 PM (265 Views)
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Race: Alien (Zoteran Species)
Affiliation: Planet Trade Organization
PTO Rank: Bruiser
Alliance: New Empire

Goals: Jeice currently has no distinct goals. He is living by the seat of his pants.


Jeice was born on a tiny planet called Zotera, in the same system as Brench but with a wealth of natural resources. Zotera was a utopia, with powerful connections within the Avalon Protectorate. Their scientific advances were unrivaled by anyone and as reward for sharing their knowledge the Protectorate was sworn to defend the planet. For years that promise kept Zotera save, despite being deep in Planet Trade Organization territory. They watched as Brench was taken and enslaved by the PTO, but the threat of Avalanian intervention kept Zotera from harm. One day, unbeknownst to the Zoteran people, a deal was made between a high ranking PTO official and someone in the Protectorate government. Storm troopers took the planet and all but wiped out the people.

As far as he knows, Jeice is the only Zoteran enlisted in the military. He knows nothing about the rest of his people, nor the fate of his planet. He believes he is the last of his people and has made no attempts to look for others.

Growing up, Jeice was bullied often for his size. Most Zoterans were a little over six feet tall, but even full grown at age 14 he stood at a meer 5'4. He never excelled in much in school, being neither the toughest nor the brightest of his peers. That distinction belonged to his best friend - Jeena. She was two years younger than him, and still she was the smartest student in his school. Everyone knew her and everyone loved her. She was the pride of the Zoteran people and many expected her to one day run the Zoteran Science Guild. When the PTO attacked, Jeice saw her get killed when an explosion went off in a crowd of people.

Taken captive, he was forced into the service of the Organization. For a couple of years he was a simple slave-laborer but troop shortages resulted in many civilians being conscripted into military service. Initially he was a dismal recruit, scared of his own shadow and just trying his best to fly under the radar. That was hard though, when he couldn't even fold his clothes or march correctly. One day his Division Commander called him during a march through the city and a Grunt named Burter looked to teach him a lesson. To his amazement, he held his own against the Batabeurra with his raw strength and speed, two traits he never knew he possessed before. Following their engagement, he took control of his life and steered his budding career in a new direction, becoming one of the top graduates. During hold-over while the new graduates awaited their first permanent duty orders, he was chosen along with a crew of five others to answer a distress call in a remote northern part of the planet. Though losing two men, Jeice displayed significant leadership ability as well as earning the respect of one of his peers, a Kakaturan named Teka. He also peeked the interest of the Cold family Lordling, Frieza.

Still awaiting his permanent orders, Jeice ended up standing guard detail for a speech by Lord Frost. Together with the help of another changeling by the name of Hellfire, he managed to quell small riot. He and Hellfire exchanged contact information afterwards and the Zoteran considered him among his few allies. Afterwards he received orders to the local garrison on Planet Frieza #79. There most of his time is spent accepting daily orders from the Personnel Assignment office. One of those contracts ended up putting him on baby-sitting duty with none-other-than Burter. Together the two Grunts managed to make the mission a success despite some issues with the other Grunts on the job with them. This time Jeice and Burter parted as fast-friends and potential partners.


Jeice is a gung-ho individual. Despite his struggles, he is a positive individual. He spent his entire childhood a failure, and as a result he hates the idea of failure now. He will fight against the odds because he now believes in himself, just as his friend once did. He has no problem letting people in because he knows if he doesn't, he will be alone in the cruel PTO. He is fiercely loyal to those he calls friend, but if he is crossed he will pull no punches in retaliation. He takes great pride in his natural speed and stamina, using it more often than not to overcome a challenge.

Jeice does not consider himself a natural leader, but in a dire situation he will not shy away from the responsibility of one either. He questions his superiors to the point of earning himself more trouble than need-be but if he believes in an order or task, he will see it through to the end.





Burter - The blue Batabeurra holds the credit for turning Jeice into a fine soldier despite his rocky beginnings as a recruit. After teaming up on a mission that earned both soldiers the rank of Bruiser, he considers Burter to be a reliable ally and even a friend. Burter is one of the few soldiers he has come across who's speed rivals his own, though he personally thinks himself still faster. The big alien is probably the better and more motivated soldier, but Jeice looks up to his unwavering commitment to the PTO and hopes to one day find such commitment.

Frieza - The Cold Lordling impressed Jeice with his fighting ability during a mission involving a rabid horde of Ice Wolves. He hasn't had further contact with the changeling, but does intend to ask around to discover more about Frieza, who seemed to take an interest in him as well.

Hellfire - Another changeling, Jeice worked with him during a simple guard duty assignment. Hellfire handled himself while the duo dealt with a small riot, but what really impressed was that he didn't spend the whole time bragging about his family name or wealth, unlike most changelings he'd come across.


Lilim - A mysterious demon queen that the Zoteran encountered in his first brush with the astral realm. He was intoxicated by her presence and her beauty, and found himself susceptible to her desires as well as his own. He discovered further use of the astral realm only after using the gem of telepathy to look for her again.





Teka - A Kakaturan that went through bootcamp with him, Teka has become a close friend to Jeice. The pair often train and spend the majority of their free time together. Teka is a huge guy, standing at eight feet tall and 750 lbs. He fights like a berserker, often with little regard for the damage he takes in exchange for laying waste to most opponents. His raw strength is unrivaled at his rank. Despite his size, he is more reserved than Jeice outside of combat, preferring to let his friend do the talking around others. He is intelligent, though he does not flaunt it leading many to see him as the strong-and-stupid type.
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