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Ticho vs Whis (c); Gem/discord spar
Topic Started: Jan 11 2018, 08:15 PM (61 Views)
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Ticho: Combat Rune
Whis: Combat Rune, Telepathic Link

Ticho - Today at 5:28PM
As Beerus faded from the astral plane, the scholar decided to try something different. Normally he was automatically ejected when the other person left, but he decided this time to attempt to will himself to stay. Sure enough, the broken landscape that the destroyer had left still surrounded him. Curious, he decided to attempt to call out to another being.

Beewhis - Today at 5:37 PM
The Attendant had a connection that even if he was in the mortal realm he could sense when Lord Beerus was in other places causing destruction. He could feel the blast that was set off in the Astral Realm and shortly after he felt a call out for another from that same place. Whis couldn't help himself as he took the call, fading his subconscious away and manifesting himself in the exact spot that the destroyer had been in moments prior.

Ticho - Today at 5:44 PM
No sooner had Ticho reached out with his mind than did an odd looking gentleman appear in front of him. Judging from his appearance one could speculate that he too was a divine being, but the scholar knew better than to make assumptions.

"Greetings sir. I am called Ticho. And you are?" the saiyan inquired with a respectful bow.

Beewhis - Today at 5:47 PM
Whis returned the respectful bow, "I am Whis, Attendant to the God of Destruction Lord Beerus." He looked to the destroyed area and shook his head, "He has such a way with people I just was coming to make sure that he hadn't simply destroyed a section of the Astral Realm or whomever he found here. He has some strange habits."

Ticho - Today at 5:54 PM
The scholar gave a light chuckle, partially at the comment and partially because he'd met 2 divine beings in one night. "Pleasure to meet you. Can't say he did anything particularly strange while I was here. He was simply giving me a friendly demonstration. I don't think he's done any damage that can't be easily fixed."

Beewhis - Today at 5:56 PM
Whis began to smile a little as he head what Ticho had to say, "That is a good thing. He can be rather angry from time to time and it can cause many issues that aren't easily resolved." Whis glanced off intot he rest of the area, "This one is minor at best and in this realm no one may ever find this particular section again to know of what happened. It is still my job to check on him though and make sure he doesn't get too far out of line."

Ticho - Today at 6:03 PM
"Guess I caught him in a good mood then. He did seem pretty interested though when I informed him of my association with the Keliouxian Scholars."

As those last words escaped his lips, he suddenly remembered his commitment the following day. "Anyway, it's been great but I gotta get up early tomorrow. I promised one of my professors to help with some research."

Beewhis - Today at 6:08 PM
Ticho had spoken of being a scholar, the same as many others that Whis had heard of in the growing organization. He smiled, but before the conversation could get to far it felt like an internal clock in the Saiyan went off. Whis gave a respectful bow, "You wouldn't want to be late that would be a bad thing. I hope you enjoy your research Ticho."

He made a mental note of the man and if Lord Beerus hadn't destroyed him clearly he was someone that might have been deemed important to some level at the very least.
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