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Bounty Target Suggestion; Make some Targets
Topic Started: Jun 6 2017, 03:55 PM (698 Views)
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If you would like to create some targets this will be the place to do so. Creating a target and not following the proper format will result in Forum Warnings and Suspension from being able to participate in Bounties. Also don't spam this with like 100 Targets. Be selective and creative.

What you need to add:

Name of Target:
Picture of Target:
What is the Target Wanted For:
What is their Race:
What is their last known Location:
What is the Threat Level:
What is the Estimated PL of this Target:
A brief History: (Not over 500 Words)
A Professional Tip: (Strengths and Weaknesses of Target)

If your target is picked you can also make a tech list and gear list and maybe even get to control them. Chosen Selections will also be granted a slight reward.
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Name of Target: Jeremiah Gero
What is the Target Wanted For: War Crimes, Illegal Genetic Modification, HAX (Human/Anthro/Xeno) Rights Violations.
What is their Race: Human
What is their last known Location: Somewhere on Titan Moon(Sol System)
What is the Threat Level: Tier 2
What is the Estimated PL of this Target: 10
A brief History: Shortly after being put on probation by Capsule Corp., a young Dr. Jeremiah Gero, nephew of the infamous Dr. Gero, was recruited by the disgraced former General of Earth's Military, Gunter Blue.

Jeremiah took part in the subjugation of the peoples of Penguin Island during Blue's short reign as the Island Nations Xenocidal dictator/conqueror. He is confirmed to have experimented and killed an unconfirmed number of anthro and xeno beings before fleeing, after Blue's sudden disappearance.

An attempt was made to take him into custody, but he unleashed a group of Modified Saibamen on the Police, killing most of the officers involved, injuring others. Dozens of civilians died in the ensuing chaos.

His location was lost until very recently when a routine patrol ship picked up suspicious energy signals emanating from near Jupiter. Further investigations have confirmed that he is working from one of the decommissioned and now Defunct UN Bases on Titan.

All efforts should be made to CAPTURE Dr. Gero, so he can face trial on Earth. (Read: So the equivalent of DARPA can put 'em to work for them).

A Professional Tip: Jeremiah Gero himself is quite weak. Not much of a threat himself. The problem is that you won't ACTUALLY be fighting him. Instead, you will be fighting a 3v1, or 3v2 if you bring a partner, battle against a 200,000 PL Evolved Saiba, and two 100,000 PL Elite Saibamen body guards that he has.
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Name of Target: Axel Cash & Reno Cash (Twin Brothers)

Picture of Target:

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What is the Target Wanted For:

Criminal and gang activity, such as murder, theft, distribution and sales of narcotics, and terrorist acts against Avalon Protectorate.

What is their Race: Human

What is their last known Location: Cactaylisma

What is the Threat Level: Tier 1

What is the Estimated PL of this Target: 125,00 each

A brief History:

The criminal underground of Cactaylisma was where these two men grew up. Their past was harsh, with an abusive and alcoholic father, and a druggy for a mother, Axel and Reno found their home in ruin for their entire childhood.

The two turned to street violence at the age of 13. Their attitude and toughness increased in mass as they became leaders of a small street gang by the age of 15. They would sell drugs, steal, and even kill people just to get their hands on some zeni. At the age of 18 both boys joined the Star Wolves and quickly made a name for themselves by earning their Band of the Wolf.

With their crew behind them, a guild of space pirates as their brand name, and an almost unlimited income of zeni from jobs and drug trade, the two young men became infamously known as the Cash Twins. They soon began terrorist activity at the age of 21 by attacking the Paladins at the Dojo of Ganr. During the attack, they had stolen countless unique weapons from the Paladins in order to sell them on the black market.

The Avalon High Council has put a bounty on their heads for anyone willing to bring them in for justice. Their last known location is their mansion on Cactaylisma. Please, someone has to put an end to this.

A Professional Tip:


Their fighting style is a mixture of both street brawling and unique weapon capability. Axel wields a sword with energy stealing ability, while Reno wields daggers with toxic properties. Their speed is immense and if not watched properly will be your downfall. They are strongest together and should not to be taken lightly when fought as a pair.


Separation, the two haven’t been without one another since birth, if ever separated they wouldn’t know what to do. Their bodies are not in any way prepared for heavy damage, hard hits will make them think twice about leaving themselves open. Energy attacks are not their strong suit and it will surely throw them off guard to be hit by one.

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Some ideas came up on discord so bumping this if anyone wants to come up with an NPC bounty
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Unu'kato & Ar'kati

What is the Target Wanted For: Disruption of PTO operations, Destruction of PTO property (mostly slaves), Disturbance of the Public Order, and Inciting Rebellion in the Indigenous Population.
What is their Race: Android
What is their last known Location: Mortoseth
What is the Threat Level: Tier 3
What is the Estimated PL of this Target: Various readings between multiple encounters vary wildly, between 300,000 and 500,000 for each of them.

A brief History:
Word had spread to top PTO executives located on Mortoseth that excursions into the boiling deserts of the planet had upturned some manner of ruin in the long-untouched sands. Following reports and research into the idea that in the ancient past, the planet had actually rotated, the PTO had been eager to see whether there was an opportunity beyond the exploitation of the famed Mushroom farms to turn a further profit on its hold on the planet. One excursion into the first uncovered location of an ancient city buried under centuries' worth of dunes had led to the discovery of some semblance of early machinery. However, when the slaves and their drivers in charge of the excursion brought these objects topside, they reacted to the beaming sunlight almost instantly, and activated - so said the lone survivor of that initial encounter.

Since then, the pair have been treading on the PTO's hold on Mortoseth, acting like they very much own the place. Strangely, enough, they seem to have no intent on harming the Vagril native to the planet, but any outside influence on the indigenous population is met with firm and swift retaliation when the two are nearby. The PTO has gotten increasingly worried about Vagril parties intending on leaving their assigned posts at the mushroom fields to escape towards the desert in hopes of finding one of those they've started referring to as 'Guardians' among themselves. Some of them manage to get away.

Recently, with the growing number of Vagril lost to their escapes into the desert, PTO guards and militia have started sending in reports of multiple consecutive sightings of the two in a very short time frame, with most of these visits being reported from mushroom farms that have suffered documented losses in production after successful Vagril escapes. Just last month alone, Mortoseth's profits have turned south as a result of the destruction of PTO installations overseeing production and the apparent targeted liberation of groups of Vagril assigned to those posts. Assault teams sent in chase have either reported insufficient information or not returned.

A Professional Tip:
Fragmented reports and questionable accuracy in the information presented have led to the following properties of these beings being documented:

  • Their destructive and evasive capabilities seem to be much more effective and efficient in sightings closer to the ruins where they were uncovered.
  • They have not been heard to communicate either with themselves or the Vagril they've unchained, however their movements appear to be completely in sync with mutual intent.
  • They have been seen to interrupt the offensive in order to provide support or assistance to any nearby Vagril they understand to be in genuine danger.
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Name of Target: (The?) Tundra
What is the Target Wanted For: In relation to crimes - Murder and kidnapping. However, the creature has been known to be hunted for other reasons.
What is their Race: Changeling
What is their last known Location: Frieza, in the dark cavernous depths in the mountains of the Paradise of Death.
What is the Threat Level: Tier 4
What is the Estimated PL of this Target: 1,500,000
A brief History:
The creature known as Tundra was once an ordinary Changeling whom sort power above all else. Its lust for strength consumed it. It is said that the Changeling surpassed its ancestors, achieving a form unlike anyone had ever seen, but at a cost. The unrelenting power of the form cost Tundra his livelihood, reverting him to a primitive, beast-like state. The creature rampaged through the Planet, laying waste to all in its way, before finally settling in the depths of the mountains, where it lay dormant for many years.
Hundreds of years past, and so tales of the beast turned to myth, and myth turned to legend. Many rumours surround the mystery of the behemoth. According to legend, slaying the beast and feeding on its flesh is said to gift the warrior great power.
A Professional Tip:
Tundra's rage and lack of control remains its greatest weakness, though its power is vast, it struggles to channel is efficiently. Allegedly its countless years spent dwelling in the dark has heightened its senses to near supernatural levels, however, cannot stand light.
Edited by Captain Ginyu, Feb 21 2018, 08:30 AM.
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