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New Years Event; Holiday Event
Topic Started: Dec 26 2017, 11:44 PM (4,352 Views)
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Cast of Characters

Universal Senate: Senator Noir is the host of the party looking to gain political standing with his diplomacy he also is looking to gain the support of the major organizations to help keep him in a seat of power moving forward and maybe even a place where he can actually create some good changes.

The Avalon Protectorate: An Elder Celestial Female Paladin. She was part of the defense team on Avalon itself during the multiple invasion against the planet during the Great War. Her once golden locks have faded to almost a pure white now and her name has long since been forgotten. Most simply call her The White Knight. With the struggles the Avalon Protectorate have been having lately they are hoping that The White Knight herself and her presence can help with the restoration of the once proud Protectorate.

The Damaskian Shadowguard: Peach is a young up and coming demon/alien hybrid agent of the Shadowguard. Her powers are even unknown to herself. The only thing that is known for certain is that she is dedicated almost blindly to the Chaos Council and the Shadowguard. Even though she is young she has a way with people, almost like a sweet innocence. She has a way of manipulating people that is unique for someone of her age and she doesn't care who she hurts or helps to get what she wants. She was the perfect choice to see to the needs of the Shadowguard.

The Star Wolves: A Pirate Captain renowned for her unique interest in fame/infamy more than even the treasures and prizes that come with it. She has risen in the ranks of the Star Wolves and her and her crew have been given a seat as Pirate Lords. Captain Peacock, a birdlike alien hybrid, has a rough charm about her and will stop at nothing to have her name spread as far as any ear can reach. She believes no publicity is bad publicity and the more your name gets out the more influential you become.

The Order of Saljuk: Many used to believe the demon/celestial hybrid Madame Rose to simply be a fortune teller, but overtime it has become clear that she is actually a true telepath. Her ability was mastered with years of training with the Order of Saljuk. She was sent as their representative to the party simply due to her knowledge and ability to know what people are truly after.

The Saiyan Empire: When the Saiyans need someone to handle diplomatic things they often have moved to a 2nd Class Saiyan who is known more for his intelligence than his overall power. Greenie has long been associated with Saiyan Diplomacy to whatever degree it is handled. He can be ruthless and fair, but the end result is he normally finds a way to get what is in the best interest of the Saiyan Empire.

The Planet Trade Organization: Mustard is an Alien Enforcer for Lord Frost himself. The top man in the Planet Trade Organization was pulling no punches in his attempt to lighten the load that the Senate has put on him and sent this Alien to make sure the desires of the PTO Leader are fulfilled.

The Keliouxian Scholars: An Elder human/alien hybrid professor from the academy itself. The wise Sage Plum was sent to gather a detailed recording of the events. On top of that he is well versed in Universal Politics and himself has been thinking about seeking a seat on the Universal Senate. He has just not yet found the right opportunity to do so.

The Galactic Patrol: Lieutenant Gray has been sent with a few other Elite Galactic Patrolmen to ensure the safety of Senator Noir to this event. He runs an extremely tight ship, but will also follow the instructions of his superiors without question.

The Bounty Hunters Guild: Many hunters fight for the challenge, others for the hunt itself. Then you have some who simply are hunters because it is something they are good at. The Scarlet Lady is a human that is known for being one of the very best hunters in the known Universe. She also understands that with the recent surge in bounties and hunting activity that things will be more than likely harshly regulated going forward. Murder is still frowned upon and while she is a known killer, no one would dare challenge her in this setting with her most loyal soldiers at her side.

Unknown Organization Representative: This Celestial/Human hybrid simply goes by the name of Monsieur B It is hard to tell how him and his men even found out about this party, but he is clearly here for a reason. For the most part his men and him have been enthralled with the party aspect of things, but occasionally it seems like the mystery group gathers together for brief periods of time only to disperse among the crowds.
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The Sacred Grounds of Lord Beerus’ Temple had been opened to mortals that had decided to come to the social event of the year. It was still unknown how Senator Noir managed to pull the strings, but to get such an important location to be the home of his event was impressive nonetheless. His display of connectivity as well as his overall influence was on full display with the Mansion of the God of Destruction on his own planet being where he would have all these dignitaries meet. It was events like this that made it a certainty that he would be re-elected and even find a way to ascend in his power.

The Mansion of the Destroyer was a place that was beyond explanation. The architectural design was to a level that no mortal would have been able to recreate it and that was only the first part of its beauty. The interior looked as if it had been designed by the greatest designers in the entire Universe and even the common pool chairs held a level of comfort that would exceed most people’s expectations of comfort. Still for the most part the inner workings of the Mansion itself were off limits to the guests to the party; at least when it came to the main building of the massive structure.

To the southeast of the Mansion was the area that had always been designated for social gatherings. Normally these gatherings included those of the divine nature and because of that no expense would have ever been ignored. Status was everything amongst the divine so the gathering chambers still didn’t cease to impress. The building itself had two floors worth of rooms and a tall domed roof decorated with intricate artistic designs. The inner part of the building was where the party would be held. The outer hallways circled around the building that was nearly a half a mile in diameter. Kitchens, Brewing Stations, Restrooms, a Massive Dining Room, Exercise Rooms, A Library, a few Studies and even a medical center take up most of the rooms.

The real fun would be held within the opened area of the party hall. A massive swimming pool is large enough to be considered a small waterpark on its own. Diving Boards, water slides are just some of the additions on top of a normal pool. Tables are set up with delicious foods and drinks from all over the Universe prepared by the best chefs and brew masters money could buy. A booth for a disc jockey was currently playing requests from the guests as well as randomly mixed in top songs from all around and yet he found a way to professionally mix it all so that everyone seemed to be having a good time. Ninety Five or more percent of the guests mingle, socialize and are having fun on the first floor while a few walk around the walk ways on the second level simply watching what is going on below.

Lord Beerus and his Attendant Whis were sitting poolside with a lovely lady wearing a red dress enjoying any number of foods brought to them by the servers as they traveled around. For the most part it appeared many of the organizations tried to stay away from him, but a few of the dignitaries did have plans on speaking with the destroyer for one reason or another.

Senator Noir was one of them, but he would save the destroyer for after his grand speech. For now he grabbed a glass of Keliouxian Wine, smiling as he looked out at the party and thinking about how well he had done to put all of this together. He walked out to the party goers at this point glancing around before he saw Lieutenant Gray waiting for him. He walked up to the Elite Galactic Patrolman and the two began sharing some words.

Faction Dignitaries Currently:

The White Knight: She is even at such an occasion wearing her gold plated armor, holding her helmet in her left arm. She at the request of Whis and Lord Beerus had checked her sword at the door. She is currently speaking to another man, near a gazebo a few dozen feet from the end of the pool area. The man appears to be a Paladin himself. She only came with a handful of others and the rest of her group has found themselves out and about trying to enjoy the situation they have found themselves in.

Peach: A child at heart, upon seeing the waterpark she changed out into a seductive swimming attire than would have been expected from a dignitary and immediately went for a swim. She has recently gotten out of the water and is currently drying off with a handful of Shadowguard Soldiers around her. A few dozen others that she brought with her are mixed between the pool area and simply enjoying the free food and drinks.

Captain Peacock: Her and her entire crew are on the scene. While the Captain is standing poolside mostly watching over her crew, the majority of her crew is enjoying the swimming area while going back and forth for more drinks. She has a large mug that can only be assumed to be filled with either Rum or some other strong Mead.

Madame Rose: She came with only three local Kanassan’s for support. She is currently setup at a table located strategically in the middle of the DJ Booth, Swimming Area and the food and drink area. While others are taking the time to enjoy, she is seemingly still at work giving out fortune readings to any that come around her and sit down. The three Kanassan’s, while still psychic are more of warriors and seem to be her guards as she collects whatever zeni she can.

Greenie: The 2nd Class Saiyan seems to be enjoying the festivities as well as anyone. Having spent time earlier in the night going around and trying to open up lines of communication with the others he now has found his 2 dozen men spread out between two specific locations. Some of them are at the pool doing what appears to be training combat exercises while the other is enjoying strong drinks near the DJ Booth listening to dancing to whatever music is playing. Greenie finds himself currently sitting a bar, his stool turned so that he can keep an eye on both groups and still enjoy the evening as he desires.

Enforcer Mustard: The Alien arrived with a grew of nearly a hundred soldiers. Per request of the Senator and Whis those numbers have dwindled down to only a few dozen. Having found the party to not be the trap he was suspicious of he gave his soldiers the time to relax and many of them are drinking and dancing the night away while a few swim in the pool. Mustard himself has been seen leaning against the DJ Booth as if the music doesn’t bother his hearing and simply rotating his view clearly looking and studying the other dignitaries only turning away when he suspects he has been seen.

Sage Plum: The Sage used this event as a chance to bring a few prized student to an event unlike any they would have ever seen. Having visited the Library with Whis earlier in the event, he is walking around with a large book in one hand and a glass of Wine in the other, having just left a discussion with the Attendant before he realized he might have been bothering Lord Beerus with his talk. His students have dispersed almost blending in with the crowds as they swim, drink, eat and dance the night away.

The Scarlet Lady: Bounty Hunters keep only a few close allies. The Scarlet Lady came with only five others. The hunters were also forced to leave weapons behind, but many have been keeping a skeptical eye on them suspecting that a few might have been missed. The Scarlet Lady is walking around with different bottles of Beer throughout the night, leaving her allies to simply enjoy the night however they see fit.

Monsieur B: The man is wearing an extraordinary suit that fits him perfectly. He has been sipping on a glass of scotch for some time. No one knows how many came with him as many more people than invitations that were sent out have made it to the party. He was about to approach the God of Destruction just as Senator Noir came out, but as he did a group of five other men came up to him and began talking in secret. He is not exactly poolside, but he is still close enough that he clearly was stopped just before making the final push to Lord Beerus himself.

Senator Noir and Lieutenant Gray: Currently interacting with one another. And won’t respond to any PC’s attempting to talk with them.

OOC: Ok, now everyone can go in whatever order you desire. You can RP conversations with the unnamed extras as you see fit. However, any conversation with a named Character needs to be done on Discord with me so that their reactions and words can be accurate. I won’t need to see the RP, but you can simply go like, *Approached The Scarlet Lady having seen her drink was running low and brought her a new one, handing it to her I said, “Hello, ….”* You can interact with any Named NPC, but only 1 at a time unless you are going around specifically with a friend. Clearly trying to cause a scene in a situation like this isn’t advised, but do whatever you think is best for you. Just don’t be upset if you get ejected from the party or worse for it. Any questions ask.
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The party was already extremely lively, the dignitaries, their escorts and confidants, all the various guests, as well as the hosts themselves enjoying the various foods and festivities being provided on the strange and beautiful world that had been set aside for Lord Beerus’s personal use. Daji had only seen this many people in one place before on a few occasions, namely those festivals on Earth or Grace, particularly the fall festival feast back in Querenci. To be in a place like this though… it was far more fascinating than even the independent city in Grace’s holy land, with its other-worldly architecture and fantastical landscapes.

The Kitsune found himself wide-eyed and enchanted by all the different people and races that had arrived at the God of Destruction’s home, wondering if—perhaps—Asha’s advice to the deity about making more friends and being more open to people was finally starting to get to him. The Fox Master, perhaps partially, suspected that the God of Destruction was mostly allowing this as a ploy to have people placate him rather than him visiting them for the guests’ treatment—in this way, he could certainly express his own superiority over others, something Daji knew the deity would smirk at. However, Daji pushed the thought aside, not wanting to issue ill-will like that to a party of this size and magnitude. Instead, he preferred to just thank both Beerus and Whis for being such good hosts—but that would have to be something for later, as the two of them would likely be incredibly busy during the course of the festivities.

Daji was dressed in an elaborate Kimono, fastened with a golden-and-black sash around his waist. His outfit was inlaid with silvery embroidery, mostly of symbols of running Foxes and the silvery flames that they could conjure to defeat their foes. He did not arrive with weaponry—he did not need any, really—but nor did he feel any real threat in a place like this. His hair had been recently brushed and it seemed to shine in the light a little as he looked around the gathering, wandering around the area set aside for guests. He found himself enchanted by the various people that had been gathered here today, with some alien races quite fantastical to see.

As he wandered around, however, he looked across to see an individual of a more avian origin, noticing the garb upon the person and recognizing them as some sort of naval officer—well, naval as in space naval—but the Kitsune was unfamiliar with the iconography. He felt his curiosity quickly pique before he approached the guest, his tail swaying excitedly, and he made his way towards the avian guest. He made sure to keep any gesture of hostility away from his stance and expression, bowing respectfully to the guest before speaking up with a smile on his face.

”Happy Day to you! Are you enjoying the party? My name is Daji of Grace, Master of the Dojo of the Fox—a pleasure to meet you!”

Captain Peacock was enjoying the overall party, but what good pirate didn’t? As she looked around she saw an interesting being coming towards her. She took a swig of her beer from her oversized mug before speaking. ”Hello, Daji. I am Captain Peacock of the White Lightning,” she declared before taking another swig of her drink. Grace. That is the traveling planet, Right? That would make for an amazing Pirate Vessel!” She stated, as if the thought piqued her interest greatly.

”Pirate Vessel…? Wouldn’t that be really hard to do that with such a big planet?” Daji asked, one of his ears flopping to the side for a moment as he thought about the statement before he nodded his head towards the Captain. ”But yes, Grace is indeed a planet that can move to different places. There’s still a lot about the planet I’m still learning myself, but it seems to have no shortage of wonders. The White Lightning… I’m not familiar with ship names, but that has a really nice ring to it. How much of the galaxy have you seen with it?” the Kitsune asked, curious as to the Captain’s various adventures.

Unfortunately, her eyes squinted as she listened to Daji, clearly irritated for someone to not have heard of her ship, her crew, and her own accomplishments. A slight look of anger came over her face for a moment, but she stifled it with another swig of alcohol before responding. ”You clearly aren’t familiar with much of the Star Wolves actions, then. I have been to many worlds and have done many things. This—this is but another step. That senator is key to my next move,” she stated, and though Daji picked up on the possible hint—as well as the irritation on the Captain’s voice—he tried to continue the conversation all the same.

”Senator…?” Daji repeated in a query, tilting his head to the side a little. He had heard of someone with that title attending the party, but he had yet to meet with them yet… and if nothing else, it sounded like the Captain would want to meet with the senator as well. Daji did not know much about pirates but… no, it was time to change the subject. ”Oh, no, I—I haven’t travelled to much of the galaxy—but what can you tell me of the Star Wolves? It sounds like quite the adventurous group!” he asked, his ears twitching as he smiled to the Captain, trying to learn more about this organization she was from.

Captain Peacock looked to the side, eyeing over towards the Senator as Daji seemed to question a few things, but when the conversation changed, she continued to listen for a moment before taking a swig of her drink before continuing on. ”You should travel around some more, Mr. Daji. Calling any place a home as you do can clearly hinder your views of the outside world,” she said, causing the Kitsune to grunt quietly at the statement—she had bypassed his questions to make a statement of her own. Things had certainly soured a little… but this was a party, so there was no sense in souring things.

”Hrm… I think I will do just that. Thank you, Captain! I wish you luck in your endeavors!” the Kitsune managed to say before offering the Captain a bow in departure. From there, Daji was able to retreat from the Captain and her crew for a moment, heaving a small sigh. She was certainly an interesting, foreboding person… he wasn’t sure if she had been insulted or not, but he would have to make sure to watch what he said in the future. Regardless, Daji decided it was best to move on, continuing to look around at the various guests that were in attendance.

TL; DR: Daji meets with Captain Peacock, and while the conversation seems a little rocky, the Captain appears to be very interested in Senator Noir. Daji managed to retreat before he insulted the Star Wolf Captain any further!

Daji WC: 882
Narrator WC: 304
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A party? Well... she could hardly allow herself to miss out on something so extravagant and important such as this. In her time, throughout her life, she had come to know the importance of such gatherings--gatherings of such incredibly powerful and potent individuals. Two of them in particular held her fascinated interest; they were the ones that seemed to hold the ultimate fate of this galaxy in their hands, flying about hither and thither based upon orders from above. She knew them well--the God of Destruction and the Celestial Attendant that saw to the upkeep and stability of one that held so much power. The Grand Priest's own son, dedicated to the preservation of this galaxy, as a whole, while maintaining the attendance of the God that would see to this universe's... trimming, so to speak.

Beerus and Whis. Ah, she knew them both well, even if they had never truly met. She doubted someone of her caliber would have passed beneath their radar for so long, and if she had, well... all it meant was that she was doing something incredibly right in this instance, but when it came to Celestial individuals--especially Whis--it was hard to not assume she had gone unnoticed. And yet, they were throwing a party, the likes of which were certainly unheard of in the last few centuries--a party she would be lax to miss. When she first heard word of such a thing, that it was being hosted by this Universe's very own God of Destruction, well... she made sure to summon her daughters, seamstresses, to pick out the perfect outfit. As much as she wanted to dare, as much as she desired to be bold, propriety was, at least in this instance, utterly necessary.

Would there be a deception? She did not see a reason for it, even if there were delegations from nearly all corners of the universe in attendance, even if many that would be visiting would know of her or know her personally... yes, there was no reason to hide her true self, even if it meant having to wearing clothing for the event. She did not see an alternative in this regard; in short, she would need to impress the other delegates with her charm, her looks, and fashion sense in order to get across to their minds. Using her full power of seduction, on the God's home turf? Ah--she would have relished the chance to provoke him so, if he did not possess all the cards in this instance.

No, she would make sure to play by the rules, this time.

It took many hours, going through pattern after pattern her daughters presented her with, going through dress after dress after dress--nothing seemed impressive enough, save for a select few she had set aside as 'possibles'. And only one of them truly caught her eye. A midnight-black dress with golden trim, designed to provoke the eye with how much it revealed, yet enough to be seen as at least a little 'dignified'. She was a Queen, after all--she would need to make sure to look the part, even if she preferred to go au naturale. Once the dress had been selected, she set aside another pair of dresses for her attendants--two would do nicely. Herself and two others, 'guards' perhaps, but 'attendants' made much more of a fitting statement to her.

And once they were ready, she made sure to enter the area with pomp and circumstance, a fan in her hand, though it was folded up at the moment while her two attendants made sure to see to whatever need she desired. But of course, the first and proper thing to do was, as always, introduce oneself to the host. Besides... she would hate to be overlook amongst all the masses that had decided to attend. With a sway of her hips and an air of demonic confidence, she nearly danced her way towards where both the God of Destruction and his Attendant were seated, making sure to bow to them with the courtesy she could muster, even if that arrogant snicker upon her face never dwindled.

"A pleasure of mine, to but look upon thine forms--I am Lilim, Queen of Demons, to make thine acquaintances," she said, her voice as lyrical and inviting as always, her full lips shining in the light of the planet, glossy yet beckoning, as she made her introductions. "'Tis a rare sight, verily, for beings such as thine to host such festivities. I pray mine presence intrudeth not upon thine cheer?" she asked, already looking for their graces at her presence--they would either rebuke her or begrudgingly accept her presence. From there, she could mingle, but first, she would but have words with the greatest powers of the Universe--the God of Destruction himself. "The mighty Beerus--I hath heard much n' more of thine exploits."

WC: 816
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The android had been called by the paladin order with a request, tho he operated more like an FBI agent or general intelligence operative as well as foreign relations unit then the usual knights, agent Vlad accepted the summons.

Sounded interesting, the white knight was going to be there as well, she was sometimes in and out of Vlad's company as he attempted to hold off the steel legion and get the civilians to the extraction zones, a remarkable degree of skill in martial and tactical prowess if he recalled correctly. And her armor was stunningly uniquely made, practical as well leaving little indication she was female as typical for armor to be made unisex.

Tho other figures of note were there that spiked the androids interest, as a member of the order himself Madame Rose was next on his list of encounters after he seen to his main objective reporting to the white night and seeing if his assistance may be of use to her or her objective. May not function as most paladins but the android did share the protectorate's guardian of the people view they used to communicate, tho the war took a blow to it, the order should have been a force of reason in that engagement.

Vlad purged the idea from his mind. Others he intended to meet Perhaps Rose could help him find why there's a roof on his progress, Alexander spoke of a software limitation. Could it be so simple, was he right to agree to the planet jumping to correct the error with his strange ally? Also intent to offer his aid should it be valuable.

Lieutenant Gray another figure he had files on on a budding organization, one that struck a cord of interest with the android, it could utilize his talents as a peace keeper to potentially in the future, he has been struggling with his secular ideal of galactic humanitarianism not having the talent to do so from the protectorate standard, potentially this could be a future of his occupation. Not knowing if or if not the patrols are understaffed he could offer his aid as well, or provide refreshments at least.

The scholars was also an organization he would like to learn more of but potentially he could socialize with members not troubling the heads, as they no doubt were very nose in the book sorts, but their membership was surprisingly numerous for an organization so recent to open its gates.

Objective... an android could be said to weigh heavier on it but it was a party as well, a time to mingle and socialize. The floor will no doubt be full of interesting sorts to interact with

the grand support station that was Jack's lab landed as Vlad warped up mental preparations and priority arrangement

Vlad was hugged by Lila, they both agreed it would be best that she stay on the ship with Jack, who was already receiving requests from various organizations for equipment.

Vlad hugged and wished Lila and his creator well, both smiled albeit with jacks being reserved as usual.

Alexander however was something different

Jack and Lila had lab gear on and would look rather out of place and busy, Lila was being left behind as she had lingering pleasure protocols inserted by Gill overpowering to her conscious mind, this was not a place to break out into a potential regression when they been making such progress pushing her beyond that default, Jack busy as always, but Alexander was impeccably dressed for it and no visible thing keeping him from attending.

“I am waiting on progress reports and I have a few significant vid conferences to attend, the merriment will simply distract me and I cant risk missing them.”

“No rest for the wicked, eh?” Vlad teasingly gave a bit of an old joke for the over worked intellects of both Jack and Alexander.

Eyes hidden by a glorious hand crafted mask glowed with sinister clarity, sadly beneath Vlad's optical penetration, all he could see was the mouth erupting into a controlled series of chuckles “Oh,my friend, you don't know the half of it, I have ordered enough to double the food available projected, I contributed sufficiently to this to satisfy myself.”

Vlad opened his mouth to protest but...the saiyans had a reputation, besides better in principle to overstock rather then under-stock. Preservation methods would assure the contents would be eaten for years if needed.

Alexander nodded “Enjoy yourself, my friend”

Vlad disembarked and entered a bus ship to take him to the destination. Would he meet any interesting sorts on the bus? Jacks station was... a station of a ship, too large to be invited into direct airspace,so Jack had a hired transit waiting.

Vlad was understanding more and more about organic anxiety for major events, he had his frame as decorated as he could make it in stylish, no doubt if he still had hair he would be concerned with its formation in such powerful and major galactic players company.

Good thing as a robotic being he could hide nervous states easier then most but one look into his mind one could see such major events were not in the androids catalog of comfortable positions

<calm down, Vlad, you met powerful martial and galactic players before... not in so great a number, yes but still... not-that-new>

some androids sat on the transport with him, he proceeded to communicate to them within the data exchange medium they need not speak for.

It-helped- to calm his social nerves. He wondered on encountering familiar faces.

wc 937

ooc: just keeping something of continuity with the crew on the station/ship and not having the station/ ship land near the area as its of significant size so to be thoughtful hired transport to transfer. (also potentially a nice way for others to make an entrance as well)
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The glass of champagne in her hand was still untouched. Slightly distracted she observed how the little bubbles made their way to the surface, as the afternoon sun reflected in the fine glassware. No cheap plastic imitation of course, the real deal. The clearest and most expensive crystal in the galaxy even, without any doubt. A mild sarcastic smirk formed on her lips. Only the best of the best was good enough for the God of Destruction and his noble and less noble guests.

She took a sip of the sparkling liquid as she strolled along the upper gallery that looked out over the swimming and party area below. She wore a marine blue dress with matching pumps for the occasion. Stylish but still comfortable all the same. Except for her feline features, she almost looked normal now. She almost looked like she could fit in. And with her power level still suppressed around thirty thousand something she would more likely be assumed to be someones plus one, rather than a half blood Saiyan warrior.

She had to admit she was pretty impressed with the Keliouxian retainers work, especially at such sort notice. Unfortunately it also took away her only good excuse to not attend this party, the fact that she had nothing appropriate to wear. So it left her without much choice but to take professor Zentaro’s place, as he insisted on it for some unclear reason, and accompany Juch and the rest of the Keliouxian guests on this trip to Beerus Temple.

The flight there had been short and uneventful. She had briefly greeted Sage Plum and his entourage when boarding the ship, before he seated himself in a more private corner with his elite students. However, with her sensitive feline hearing, she could not help but hear him explain about all the representatives of the different fractions across the galaxy, whom were expected to be at this party. Some names sounded somewhat familiar, others she had never heard of before. But at least it gave her an idea of the people around.

Her bright blue eyes curiously looked over the crowd below as she took another sip of her glass. Now let’s see if she could actually identify some of the guests she had heard of… Soon she spotted a female in bright golden plated armour, her helmet kept firmly in her left arm. A paladin known as the White Knight most likely. Levanas gaze went on and a moment later she noticed a bird like creature enjoying a drink near the pool. Her striking features made it easy to guess that this had to be the Pirate Captain Peacock, member of the Star Wolves.

She was about to continue her little search game when she noticed the young man who was currently talking to the Captain. His features resembled her own rather well, except for the different kind of tail which showed him to be fox like and not feline. Was that Daji? An smile curled on her lips. Yes it was the young kitsune indeed. Well, it was good to know that there was at least one other person, besides Juch, who she knew and could have a conversation with later on.

WC 530


tl;dr: Levana travelled from Keliouw to Beerus Temple together with Juch and the representatives from the Academy, though she did not actually talk to Sage Plum. She is looking out over the party area from the second floor and just spotted Daji talking to Captain Peacock.

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A codec ring buzzed through with a call message. The call was answered swiftly at the second pair of pulsing notes that ring. The person on the opposite side wasted no time to speak as the voice came in distorted.

“Make your way to Lord Beerus’ Palace for Senator Noir’s meeting of the major universal factions. Interact if you like, but get a feel for the place and make observations. Madam Rose, The Scarlet Lady, Peach and Captain Peacock will be some of the chosen to represent their factions, if you were wondering. Do not reply back.”

“But wa--!”
The android was cut off at the pass before he could utter a single word in. The caller must have known fairly well of his inquisitive nature and usual obscene humor.

Helios frowned from being shut down, but his eyes widened to unimaginable size as he read the attached encrypted message sent directly to his ship’s computer. The link between El Sun Chariot and his brain was one in the same. He smirked as he perked up to get ready for yet another party with Cat Daddy. This time it was at his place rather than that strange, young female guarded planet Grace. Helios’ spine jittered as he thought about the female that showed him a thing or two about his own mistakes in stalking from a distance. Androids were not one hundred percent undetectable at times.

The tinkering he was involved in with his ship’s Mark IV Anti-Personnel Warheads system was placed on brief hold as he accessed a few personnel files in his half organic half synthetic brain. The full details of the mentioned females were at the ready for the android to look over as a refresher before making his appearance. His Order of Saljuk and Bounty Hunter connection were secondary obligations to keep him busy; however, the Cosmic Lord was interested in a pair of affiliations he heard about during his standby bounty work.

Despite the rise in universal crime and his moderate existence in their crew, business was slow. Madam Rose was known yet even Ja’vei never brought her name up. The Scarlet Lady was only whispered about and nothing past that. Captain Peacock and Peach were more of a crush for the lonely android. His constant solitary time gave him plenty of reading, experimentation and astral realm interaction experience.

The red alloy frame of a man split his concentration fifty-fifty between his tinkering and education. “Hm! Looks like I will need to bring the best attire I can put together. Should be a friendly atmosphere, but with these big wigs anything could go amiss. Kind of a strange celebration with all of these important folk cruising in. Hm! Oh, well,” the android pondered mentally. “I suppose I should finish this quickly and get dressed for the occasion. El Sun Chariot, start the engines and head towards Planet Grace - I mean, Cat Daddy's Palace!.”

[wc: 489 | twc: 489]
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Rather than Jeice, Imma be RPing my NPC Gelidus. He is a very-high ranking changeling of the PTO.


Gelidus' tail swished behind him as he strode down the ramp of his ship. At the base, his crew met him. Braca looked him up and down and offered an approving nod. "Looking good, Sir. Should we keep the engines warm?" The changeling looked back at his prized ship - the PTS Absolution - and shook his head.

"There will be no need, this time. There are far too many important figures here for any real ruckus to break out. In fact, I want you all to enjoy the party. It is rare we have such an opportunity to relax, but if there was every a time that a fight as unlikely to occur it is under Lord Beerus' nose on his personal planet."

His six-man crew glanced at each other with wry smirks. Their leader chuckled to himself. They were the finest crew he'd ever worked with, and they deserved the break more than anyone. "Don't cause any trouble, and I'll see you all later." He waved to his men as he walked off. Not far away, there was a massive structure that housed the entire party. To his right, he saw the incredible mansion that was Lord Beerus' home, and sprouting from the top of it - the awe-inspiring Tree of Life. With a low whistle, he stepped up to the door. To his surprise, there was no doorman but then again, in his own words, there was never a less likely place for something haphazard to occur.

When he walked into the building, the were already a wealth of people around. There were members of all sorts of races, some he recognized and others he did not. Most were milling about, drinking and chatting it up. None in particular caught his attention, until he laid eyes on an alien face he knew all too well. As one of Lord Frost's reknowned Seven Stars, he knew all of Lord Frost's personal men, even if they didn't know him. Enforcer Mustard was a good soldier, quick-witted and good at following orders. Fortunately for Lord Frost, he wasn't much for thinking on his own though, so the changeling lord could be sure his man wouldn't ever plot against him.

With a twinkle in his eye, he grabbed a glass of wine from a passing serving girl's tray and walked to a high-top table. There he sipped casually on his drink and watched Mustard closely. He wasn't sure why Frost had sent him to this gathering, but he was certainly curious. There could be a chance to gain lost favor with his Lord if he kept his wits about him.


tl;dr: Gelidus is a well-known changeling praetor. He knows Mustard but not personally. He is standing by a table in the corner, keeping an eye on things.

Words: 440 / 440
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The first thing Yan did was go exploring. The mansion was so incredibly massive that even the open floors spanned a ridiculous length. He forgot for a time that he was there to look after Peach and Beerus, and keep Beerus from becoming in any way unhappy with Damaskia while Peach was free to make the moves she needed to. Such things could wait, he figured, even though he knew Beerus’ quick temper and how fast things could go straight down hill, so he instead studied the interior design.

Not many people knew that side of Yan. He was reckless monster who killed things for fun, but when that lost it’s flare he had fun with the arts. He made clothes, and the reason Juturna’s interior changed so often was so he could fiddle with building and designing things to test different spaces. Looking through these rooms set his mind abuzz with new ideas, even if he no longer had Juturna to play with. He supposed to could disrupt his Shadowguard friends and redesign his new ship Ambellina but he kind of felt he would get in trouble and accused of using military funds for it because he totally would.

He took the time to survey the place, studying the stations and the libraries. He found a nice glass of Keliouxan whisky that suited his fancy and sipped on that as he went about, reaching the party hall eventually. His first action probably should have been to greet his hosts. He really wanted to talk to Beerus and see how he was enjoying or not enjoying all the company. An excuse for all the food an merriment was something Beerus usually liked, but having this many people in his home was a risk for ire.

He was about to head over there, skipping any line or hesitant guest, when someone beat him to it. He couldn’t fault her it. He couldn’t fault her anything. Instead he was lost for a moment simply watching her, but no haze could delude him of her purpose. She was there undisguised to make and gain an impression. If he interrupted his closeness with Beerus would likely overshadow her, and that was the last thing he ever wanted to do. It was best he stay put for now. Hopefully the cat god would not fault him for it. He knew that really would depend entirely on his mood by the time Yan reached him.

He let his gaze linger on Lilim a while longer, before he let out a soft hum and sipped his drink. Beerus was occupied. Lilim was occupied. He did not see Juch--Was that Levana? Daji was here too. He hadn’t seen him yet but the monkey could pick out his aura in a crowd of people easily, even people like these. It had been awhile since they last met, and the pup had not reached out to him once! It was probably better he let him mingle. He spotted someone else, and met her gaze with a smile.

So many options, so many people, but at the end Yan's gaze fixed on the other woman of the hour. Peach. She was sliding out of the pool without a care in the world, and that was exactly what they needed wasn’t it? Someone who fit in with the party atmosphere and kept things light and fun, at least until they weren’t. He suspected this girl would even be able to befriend Beerus, and that would definitely spread the god’s interest a little further away from destroying Damaskia. Yan and Sosa did their best, but Beerus was suspicious of Sosa using him and wasn’t dumb enough to think Yan wouldn’t. A different party altogether would be nice, and Peach had proven herself quite the delegate.

”Are you having fun?” he asks, coming in from the side, and leaning forward a little to catch her gaze, an easy smile on his face. The Commander/Chaos Council Member was well known for almost always keeping a smile on his face, and that it was difficult to tell when he was messing around or deadly serious. He had risen in the ranks in a very unorthodox manner, but after stopping a different council member’s attempts at treason, he had gained the respect of even previously suspicious officers. ”It is a party~”

She was drying off when one of the many guests approached her. At least she knew who this one was and it was actually someone she could respect. She wrapped the towel around herself sending a smile back his way, "Commander Cass, I heard you would more than likely be attending this event as well. I had my eyes on a few things before everything was done here," She looked around first at Beerus, Whis and Asha, then over at the Scarlet Lady before turning and glaring over at the Senator himself, "Still I couldn't pass up a chance to have a good time. Did you know Lord Beerus had such an amazing place like this?"

Yan’s smile grew wider when she told him she expected his presence, and then he immediately followed her gaze curiously. His passed over Beerus and Whis without much pause. Their female companion was more curious, and then of course...the Paladin, then the senator. He wasn’t sure he liked this senator, but then, the man was such a politician, it would take some time to warm to him.

”He has multiple,” he answers, letting his gaze flicker back up, ”though this one is probably the most extravagant.” It really was quite the place. ”Lord Beerus is a fine example of the power and rewards being feared can grant someone.”

The conversation turned more towards the destroyer and with that so did her gaze, "He certainly is. Something we should all strive for. I almost believe that is what everyone here is after anyways. Just a way to gain power, rewards and fear. I guess that could be everyone's goal at the end of the day." She moved her towel up drying off her hair before motioning a guard away for a moment, "Get us some drinks. It isn't a real party without something to drink!"

”Isn’t that the definition of politics?” he asks with another sly grin. Power, reward, fear, they came wrapped up together in politics, especially on Damaskia. Like Beerus, Pendragon knew how to keep people in line, even if his sway only affected the State and her colonies. It was something he found admirable, especially from a mortal, if you could still consider Clark Pendragon mortal these days.

”Is that your goal?” he asks, as he nodded as well to the guard to show he wanted another drink. ”Power, rewards, and fear?”

She laughed, "Always remember Commander, Poli means many, Ticks are blood sucking creatures, that is all you need to know."

She then listened with more intrigue to his next couple of words. It was sudden, but at that moment she turned away from friend playful girl to serious diplomat, "I am just here to look out for the best interest of the Shadowguard. No matter what that might require. In the end, if outcome can lead to any of those things you mention, then it is an added perk for sure."

Her reply made Yan let a puff of laughter through his nose as well. That was a very, very good definition of it, he had to admit, and his smile became a little more appreciative. When her mood switched, swift and careful, it grew wide again. Her answer was proper and exactly what she should have said, and he had to respect her ability to answer with such ease.

”I wish I could say that’s all the we require,” he says in turn, leaning in once again. ”But looking and getting are two different things, no?”

She flashed a satisfied grin at either what Yan had to say or that her guard had returned with two drinks as requested. She took them both before she replied to what he had to say, "You know how things go, from the stories I have heard about you, it appears that you have dealt with a number of unique situations. I know that you understand that it takes a special kind of person to rise from the most chaotic situations, but when they do they are granted something that is hard to quantify." She extended one of the drinks to the Commander as she finished the serious version of her just as suddenly vanished and the more party girlish mentality returned, "But that talk is boring, Drink up and have fun. That is what the reward of coming to this event is right?!"

Oh, he liked her. He wasn’t sure what stories she heard, and it made him curious, but asking would be a tad egotistical. It would simply have to be an absent mystery while he was glad whatever she heard left her with the impression it had. That was it, wasn’t it? His reason for staying in the Shadowguard so long, even after his original purposes had turned to ash. It took a special kind of person to rise up from chaos, and he loved it. He loved chaos, and order through chaos was what sat the best with him. Tomoko had seen that from the beginning, though he did not like her to have that much credit.

She offered him a drink and as her serious mode vanished so did his, his easy smile returning. ”It is,” he agrees taking the drink, his gaze flickering back to Lilim before into the crowd at noone in particular. ”I should continue my greetings,” he notes a bit reluctantly, but then grinned again quite happily. ”It’s rare to get a gathering of this many unique people.”

Her eyes moved around the same people once again as Yan mentioned the unique people around, finally coming to a stop on the Senator once again, "It certainly is and it opens up a number of doors that we would be fools not to take advantage of ourselves. I wish you the best in your tour of the people Commander. I am sure I will see you around!"

He caught her gaze back on the senator, the most important man in the room, if you ignored Beerus. It was a good focus to have. ”Oh, definitely,” he replies with the tiniest air of flirt before he lifted his drink in a small salute, and wandered back into the crowd sipping it.

Yan: 1,256
Narrator: 437

TLDR: Wandered about before reaching the party hall, where Yan approached Peach first since Beerus was already occupied. They both showed interest in the god as well as the senator, then chatted a little about Beerus, and the rewards and power that come through fear. Peach asserted she was there to look after the Shadowguard’s best interests, appealing to the idea of rising from any kind of chaos. Her attention fell back on the senator as Yan moseyed back into the crowd again on good terms, happy to be approached by anyone else, his next target otherwise unchosen.
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Shin missed her sword.

She had been told ahead of time that no weapons would be allowed and thus left it back on Grace. It wasn’t that she didn’t trust Beerus’ people, she just didn’t...trust Beerus’ people. It wasn’t like the sword really fit with this setting, but as she once described to the beautiful Jantellovene, it was like another limb, and without it she felt off balance. She wished she could say it didn’t go with her outfit but damn, if that sword didn’t go well with everything.

She was dressed quite nicely. Despite the wild child she often appeared, she cleaned up very well and had a taste for fancy clothes and dresses. The one she chose for tonight was a soft grey embroidered with flowers and frills. It’s top was in the style of a corset showing ample cleavage and skin. She made up for that with a black necklace that fit like a collar, also graced with many miniature details. Her earrings were set to match while her wrists and fingers were also covered in very unique jewelry including a bracelet shaped like a skeleton and the Westwood rings she liked so much that went over the knuckle. The dress did not quite reach her knees, with a soft flowing fabric, fringed in white. Her legs we covered in dark stockings while all the black and white tones were accented by blood red boots with a decent sized heel. She kept her hair down for this occasion, but it was completely tamed despite its length.

Despite her almost delicate dress, it was very obvious to anyone who knew her where to find Shinaki Honjo. She was in the place with the most delicious food and drink, and already munching and drinking while she people watched. She saw Beerus, Whis, and Asha and fought the urge to go over to them. The dragoness’ dress was exquisite and needed complimenting, but she could see the people passing stares and showing intent to visit the trio, including a goddess.

Wait, that was probably insulting considering the woman was very clearly a demon but hot damn. Shin sipped from her glass a bit more slowly as she watched the woman move with an air of dominance to her friends, before having to shake off the haze Lilim gave her in that outfit without the demon’s aura even reaching her.

She wasn’t the only beautiful lady. There was Peach slinking out of the pool, a woman with snow white hair and soft catlike ears, and an absolutely stunning pirate. Shin had to snicker at herself, and quickly moved to drop the lecherous eyes before she made anyone uncomfortable. Rubbing under her nose, she peeked up more innocently, but she was still people watching and made clear note of how handsome Daji looked before her gaze froze.

Somehow, it was always pulled to him. No matter how big the room, she would find him. She didn’t understand it. She was a finder, and her power worked strictly on things she wanted and he was the last thing she wanted ever, but she always found him. Her happy expression darkened noticeably, and for most that would be the first time they had ever seen her affected in such a way. She was known for her carefree lifestyle, her admiration in every type of person, killer or angel aside, and her general happiness no matter what the situation. Seeing whoever she saw however seemed to almost disgust her, and she had to pull her gaze away and return her attention back to her food to shake it off.

She was still pouting a little when she looked up again to see Daji almost hurriedly pulling out of conversation with the pretty pirate. The kitsune never failed to bring a smile to her face, and refilling her glass and plate, before grabbing another glass, she headed towards him.

”Shishou! They have bonbons!” she says happily, attempting to pass him the second glass, before sipping her own and looking back over the crowd. It really was an amazing place with so many interesting people that she almost felt bad running to the most familiar.

”Talk to her next,” she says instead, realizing Daji was of the same mind in trying to meet new people and learn new things. She was pointing of course to the woman who stood out perhaps the most: The White Knight. She had to have a story. ”She’s like Queen Eriksgata!” The Judif queen was also rarely seen without her armor, as it was her family’s pride. Eriksgata was quite a bit younger, but it was somewhat like looking into the future...maybe.

”I have to duck Madam Rose and the Galactic Patrol,” she adds, her cheerfulness returning in full despite her words. While the first one made some sense, Shin had been on Kanassa a long time at some point, enough that she showed more familiarity with that planet than any other, the second was...worrying as it was hard to tell if she had already done something bad or was just being rebelious ducking the police. Her wide grin didn’t ease such worries.

Shin: 866

TLDR: Eat. Drink. People Watch. Get annoyed at seeing someone specifically. Eat and drink more, then bring Daji a glass of something to his fancy though still alcoholic, and mention that he should go speak to the White Knight. She also says she is dodging the representatives of Kanassa and the Galactic Patrol for reasons not completely specified.
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"There's little point to a diving board when one can fly..." Anat confessed. If ignorance was bliss, then what was weakness? The Supreme Kai did not recognize anybody here, for quite obvious reasons, yet he did take mental notes. It seemed everybody here was powerful to some degree. Of course, to be invited to the God of Destruction's own planet, one would have to be. Nobody here would know the true bliss of leaping atop a diving board ever again.

Anat was sure that didn't stop Lord Beerus from trying, however. The sheer amount of slides were testament to that. The Celestial continued walking until he spotted the feline lazing about near the pool. Unfortunately, it seemed as if another guest had been quicker and was currently chatting with the God of Destruction. Anat simply smiled and waited his turn. In the grand scheme of... well, eternity, patience was simply one of the many virtues the Kai had to pick up along the way. Privacy was another. Anat made sure to stay a fair distance away so as not to eavesdrop. Meanwhile, his nose took notice of some delightful smelling delicacies. It stood to reason a garish mansion such as this would shelter such decadence, but this was more than that. It was heavenly-- and that was coming from one divine being to another.

Once an opening presented itself, Anat would walk alongside the other guest and face Beerus. "I didn't take you for a flirt," he would jestingly say whilst glancing at the Demoness. "But I also don't take you for a fool. Instead of going about this under your nose, I came here to inform you of my presence in this universe. I will be here until further notice, but I will do my best to stay out of your way." Anat motioned his hand in an arc, showcasing all of the festivities. "I don't think that will be an issue, however." Lord Beerus definitely liked to entertain

Word Count: 338
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The vocal taps of heels against incredible limestone flooring was hardly able to be heard over the sounds of conversation between the many guests of the Destroyer’s mansion. This would mean that the blue haired hunter would go unnoticed, just like so many others in the crowd of people. The way she blended in, by dressing for the occasion in a neat thigh length dress that matched the color of her hair, and similar colored heels as well, didn’t allow for many to notice her. What also helped was how silent her image was in media and the grapevine.

Surely, she would be known by a few in the saiyan ranks or maybe through the Cosmic Empire’s radio chatter, but overall within the universe she was just a black dot in the dark canvas of space. Even so, Bulla Brief found herself at such an event to meet the Destroyer once again. As she had told her mentor Aria and her bounty hunting partner Jarell, she was not interested in the politics at the present moment.

Bulla was interested in the kind of world that surrounded a destroyer. She did not do much of her research before popping onto the scene, and decided that the fun started when she got there and figured it all out through interaction of others on the scene. Bulla stopped, a foot or two away from poolside and began to absorb her surroundings and pin pointing key interests, other than Beerus who was currently tied in conversation with a rather pretty woman with others around him that she did not know of.

It was then that another person, wearing such a godly presence around his form, approached Beerus and his crew piquing the hybrid’s interest. Bulla could not hear what they were saying, being just out of ear shot, but just him talking made her feel that he was out of place. Did he belong here? She decided to begin taking steps toward Beerus, he was the only other person here that she knew after all, and Bulla wondered if he would remember her.

WC: 349

TL;DR: Bulla is here and really is just here to experience Beerus' life style. Got interested in Anat and Lilim immediately and is now walking toward them.
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So many people.

With drink in hand, Juch's cane led him out of the library and back towards the main attractions of the night. Music and chatter alike blended together to ease the passage of social discourse, but the professor wasn't as keen to take part in them just yet. Given the invitation, there was no reason for Juch not to attend. If there was anything about galactic politics, then he would be remiss to miss it. Even if he wasn't the official representative, he was there to ensure that things went smoothly for Sage Plum and the other scholars--whatever that entailed. His arrival with the rest of the scholars was not enough for his presence to linger among them--they, including Levana and Plum, all scattered about soon enough throughout the vast party halls.

And the professor helped himself to a vague tour of the impressive architecture as well. The sheer scale of the place was quite new for Juch indeed, but his attire remained its old look. Now that he had seen the layout of the party halls, Juch returned back to the second floor of the incredible building. He wasn't one that particularly enjoyed the blaring music and ripping up the dance floor, as it were, and it seemed like he wasn't the only one. While it was much quieter, the android passed a few idle guests here and there before his gaze spotted Sage Plum. Hm, he wasn't ready for mingling just yet. Walking up to the Keliouxian, the professor gave a small bow of his head, "Sage," he greeted, "Enjoying the party so far?"

Sage Plum had been enjoying his conversation with Whis and yet he felt it was time to leave. He began walking around, still holding the book he had acquired from the Attendant. It shouldn't have been a surprise but he does immediately saw Juch coming towards him. He stopped and smiled as the doctor stopped him, "Getting a chance to speak with Lord Beerus' Attendant has made this party well worth my time. Have you gotten a chance to ever check out the library here? It is amazing!

"Mm, indeed," Juch nodded with a light chuckle as he turned his eyes down towards the party below. The mingling of the guests had grew into a chaotic mixture, making it all a blur from the second floor, "I just came from there--it certainly gives the Academy a run for its money, no?"

The doctor raised his own glass of beverage up into the air, giving Plum a silent toast before continuing, "I was curious, however, about our gracious host. He had no doubt taken great efforts to see this party happen--but to drum up political support, would representatives from even the Star Wolves and the Bounty Hunters Guild be useful to him? Since you are so well versed in these matters, I thought I would consult the expert on this subject."

As Juch changed the conversation to more about the Senator a slight change in the happy expression of the Sage appeared. It was something either about the Senator or the Senate itself, but he seemed rather sour on the topic, "Every faction in this Universe plays a major role in Universal Politics. Even groups like the Star Wolves and Bounty Hunters have a huge impact int he day to day operations of the Senate. He is simply making a power play to try to gain favor with them all or at least make them believe they have his ear. He clearly doesn't think he will be giving up his seat anytime soon."

It was a small change, but if Juch noticed the dampening of the once ecstatic expression of his fellow Keliouxian, he didn't wear it on his face. However, his following chuckle might have contained a note of embarrassment as his gloved fingers caressed his chin in thought, "Ah, I see, I see," the professor looked back towards the Sage; the Senate was a fascinating organization itself. He'll have to look more into it later on, but it sounds like Plum's feelings on Noir wasn't exactly...stellar. Giving up his seat, hm? "That makes sense. Does that mean that he doesn't have many supporters right now?"

The Sage gave a slight sarcastic chuckle at what Juch had asked, "It is the opposite. He got this party together because of his support. He just wants to create more. It is more than likely a power play. One that at this point might not be able to be stopped."

"Ah, so that's what it is," Juch had a thoughtful frown on his face. He took another sip from his drink as he leaned on his cane. What did Plum mean, that this power play could not even be stopped? It seemed a little cryptic to the professor. Still, he decided not to press any further. But from Plum's assessment, it seemed that Noir was quite the popular fellow. That was interesting indeed, "I was curious; but let's talk about something else. Did you find any books that piqued your interest at the library, Sage?"

The Sage looked to the book that he was still holding, "Did you know that Whis and Beerus have a history that tells stories going all the way back to the time of the Titans, the Divine Wars and so much more? It is amazing. This is one of so many of those books that Whis let me borrow. It is amazing!"

"Sir Whis is a very generous soul," Juch nodded in return as his gaze glazed over the book in Plum's hand. Such records were items that historians could only dream of. No wonder Plum was so excited with the library--and it seemed that that book wasn't the only one that Whis had allowed the scholar to borrow, "I did not know they have books of even this caliber, however. I'm sure this would contribute greatly to your research."

"I shall leave you to it then, Sage. You still have much to record, after all. Do let me know if you have any findings from those books, won't you?"

Plum nodded back to Juch, "I will. I do think my studies are over at least for today. It would make me look bad if I just sat around and studied at a party,"

With a nod, Juch headed back down the stairs, back to the first floor, circling around the opened area--merely observing the festivities for now.

Juch Word Count: 729
Total Word Count: 729

Narrator Word Count: 357
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The hustle and bustle was nothing new to the young scholar. Still, it did make finding specific individuals more difficult. Ticho had tagged along with several other scholars of note in hopes of meeting beings outside of the bounds of Kelioux. With any luck, he might run into one or two of the main representatives who were attending.

Specifically of interest to the saiyan were others of his own race. He'd met only one or two other saiyans though his interactions with them had been interesting. Most had taken place during Magma 3 though, so it wasn't the best place for pleasant conversation.

Surveying his immediate surroundings, Ticho could see a few other saiyans about but they all appeared to be preoccupied at present. Not wanting to impose, he continued to shuffle through the crowd.

With a sudden stroke of luck, the young scholar spotted who he believed he recognized as Greenie, representative of the saiyan empire. He appeared to be drinking and observing his men, but was otherwise unoccupied. Carefully, Ticho made his way toward the suspected person of interest.

"Greetings. I understand you're the representative sent by the saiyan empire. I am Ticho, a saiyan member of the Keliouxian scholars. Pleasure to meet you."

The party was certainly going well and hitting its full stride. Greenie kept an eye on his men to make sure they didn't get out of order. He looked up at the bartender who had just filled his mug with more of the mead he had been enjoying. As he turned back a Saiyan that hadn't come with him was standing before him. He got a slight smirk on his face, "A Saiyan that is a scholar huh? That is an interesting mix our race isn't really known for being the scholars of the Universe."

Ticho gave a slight chuckle, partially in agreement and partially because he felt such didn't have to be the case. The scholars, though somewhat elitist were generally at least somewhat accepting of anyone who could learn. Despite some of the stereotypes that floated around, saiyans were quite intelligent in certain respects.

"Perhaps not. My membership was circumstantial. I crash landed on Kelioux as a baby. No idea where I was supposed to be headed though."

Greenie listened to what the scholar had to say, taking a swig of his drink as he did. He finished the swig before responding, "So you are crash landed, huh?" He asked seeing this as a chance to get information himself, "Do you have any memory of your time before that landing. Do you have a name? I might be able to find someone who can get you that information about where you were heading."

The scholar's eyes lit up at the opportunity to learn more about his past. He suspected the the saiyan empire to be the best source of information on the subject, but was pleased to find out it might be this easy.

"I don't recall anything prior to the landing as I was still an infant, but 'Ticho' was the name engraved on the tag around my neck. I assumed that was the name assigned to me and the Keliouxians seem to agree."

The diplomat certainly had connections, ones that might actually help the lost Saiyan, "Well my first suggestion is to travel back to Planet Vegeta. Truthfully, here I don't have all the resources I have at home, but I would guess that I could either find out something or find someone who might know more. How does that sound, Ticho?" He said taking another drink of his mead as he said the boys name in order to remind himself of it once more.

"Sounds good,"
the younger saiyan replied as he grabbed a dark colored drink from one of the passing trays. He knew a coffee flavored drink when he saw one and wasn't about to pass this one up. "It maybe a little while before I can make it out there. I have a few things that still need my attention before I can leave Kelioux long enough to pursue anything, but I will definitely pay my homeworld a visit when the opportunity arises."

A Saiyan who didn't know his home and didn't have a rush to go find it. Clearly Kelioux had changed him. Greenie huffed a little before taking another drink, "So if you aren't one of my men, do you know the Sage that the Scholars sent are you just a guest of the Senator?" When he mentioned the Senator he turned his attention towards the man, his eyes narrowed slightly as if he was trying to figure something out that he didn't understand completely.

Ticho noted the apparent disappointment in the representatives voice at his response. Regardless, the diplomat appeared to still have some interest left in the conversation. Ticho took a quick sip from his cup before answering.

"Can't say that I've interacted with Plum as yet. I'm a sage myself, though have only been so for a short while. Still, it was enough to receive an invitation of my own."

Greenie got a little bit of a grin on his face as he heard what Ticho had to say. It was starting to make a few things rather clear for himself, "Well then you must be rather important to those scholars if they made you a Sage. That seems to be a pretty important position or at least that is what Plum made it sound like." Just then a few of the Saiyans that had come with Greenie began making their way over to the bar where Ticho and the diplomat were, "Well if they are coming over here in a group they want to start the heavy competitive drinking. You can stay if you like, but know they do get a bit crazy."

While not normally one to turn down a challenge, becoming inebriated would've been heavily counterproductive to Ticho's interests. "I appreciate the offer, but I must decline at this time. It was nice meeting you." With that, the scholar gave a respectful bow and made his way back into the crowd.

Ticho WC: 563

Narrator WC: 460

Tl;dr: Wandered about looking for other saiyans and stumbled upon Greenie. Conversed with him about how he had crash landed on Kelioux and his association with the scholars
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It was another boring day for the Cosmic Princess with nothing to do. She took to dressing up her cuddle bear in various cute outfits and watching him prance around her bedroom for entertainment. To anyone else it might have been embarrassing but Pipette was content to please his mistress at any cost, even at the expense of his own pride. She lay on her belly while floating around her room, kicking her feet lightly as she watched him dance through the piles of clothes that littered her bedroom floor.

Her chin rest happily in her palms as she thought of what outfit she could dress him up in next. Everything was fine until the sound of footsteps coming from down the hall disrupted her teddy's concentration causing him to stumble. He fell flat on his face in a mound of cloth before the bedroom door swung open, pinning him upside down against the wall. Ai couldn't help but break out into a fit of laughter when Vera walked in the room, oblivious to the unfortunate incident she had just created.

"Ai dear, what's all the ruckus for? Why aren't you ready yet?" questioned the head servant as she stepped inside and noticed the huge mess her mistress had made. "And how is your room so filthy?"

"Huh? Pipette and I were just playing. Well, until you just crushed him in behind the door," replied the Little Miss after she took a few moments to calm down. "Ready for what?"

"Don't tell me you already forgot?" Vera scolded as she released her hand from the door, freeing Pipette from his confinement. "You have a party to go to at Lord Beerus' temple. It wouldn't do well to keep the God of Destruction waiting you know," she continued while handing Ai her party invitation.

"Awe... but I don't want to go to the party. It probably going to be filled with a bunch of stinky old weirdos," she cried, cringing at the thought of being approached by some the dignitaries.

From her point of view, they always appeared to enjoy getting too close to her during their greetings. Like touching her soft skin with their wrinkly lips or patting her head with their sweaty hands. And they always seemed to carry around with them a musty scent. She found the whole ordeal quite disgusting and would revel in the chance to avoid a situation like that entirely.

"Can't we just say the invitation got lost in the mails?" pleaded the Little Miss as she clasp her hands together and assumed a begging posture while floating in the air, flashing Vera her puppy-dog eyes.

"Absolutely not, young lady. As a Princess of the Cosmic Empire you have no choice but to maintain proper relations with the dignitaries of the galaxy," said the head handmaiden before glancing over to Pipette as he wobbled out from behind the door in a daze. "Now hurry and clean this room up before you leave. And you should dress suitable for the occasion little missy, no swimming naked like you usually do. I'm sure Lord Beerus doesn't want you gallivanting around his mansion and terrorizing his guests in your birthday suit."

"You mean there's a pool!?" shouted Ai as she perked up and landed on her feet next to her cuddly companion.

"Of course, the party is being held on a planet graced by the gods themselves, you should expect nothing less. And I'm sure there'll be all kinds of tasty food for you to eat as well," replied Vera, providing further encouragement for the Cosmic Princess to attend the special event.

"Alright Pipette! Lets take care of this mess and get out of here!" she roared with joy as the little guy took a deep breath and sucked up all the clothes off the floor and swallowed them in one big gulp.

He then spit out a pink two piece bathing suit with small white frills around the waist of the bottoms and a small, matching, polka-dot inflated tube. Ai quickly tossed off her garments and jumped into her swimming attire as she began searching with her mind for a powerful presence. It wasn't long before she sensed a divine ki signature which she assumed was belonging to lord Beerus himself. With Pipette in hand she vanished in the blink of an eye before Vera even had the chance to stop her.

"Cannon ball!" shouted the Twilight Mistress the very moment her body materialized on the planet.

Unfortunately, she missed the pool by quite a bit and instead landed abruptly on a hard surface. It wasn't enough to hurt her bum but it still came as somewhat of a shock. As Ai looked down to see what had interrupted her decent into the water she noticed some baggy white pants and arms covered in purple fur.

"Huh? This isn't the pool," muttered the Little Miss in bewilderment.

She found the situation more than a little odd and looked up to confirm. Before her very eyes was the face of a cat-like creature matching the description Vera provided, belonging to the God of Destruction. In all her excitement to leave in a rush, Ai unintentionally teleported herself far too close to her target and was now sitting in the lap of Lord Beerus himself.

"Oops," she said, realizing her mistake and the minor inconvenience she was likely causing him. "Want a cookie?" she quickly continued while removing a hand full of baked goods from Pipette's belly pocket and holding them in front of Beerus' face as some sort of peace offering. If she was lucky their tasty smell would draw in his fancy and hopefully prevent any undesired reprimand.

TLDR- Received the party invite and dropped in on Beerus, quite literally, with cookies as a peace offering.

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The eldest prince of the Cold Clan glanced around in admiration for the location he found himself in. He had to admit, the god of destruction certainly knew how to live in style. This made even the Cold Clan’s palace in the capital of Planet Frieza look inelegant. There were a large number of dignitaries and other guests that filled the hall and Cooler attempted to make a note of as many of them as possible.

Despite being gone from the world of politics for quite some time, Cooler still knew how the game was played. As such, he had come to the party wearing his regal armor emblazoned with the Cold Clan’s insignia and a cape. He figured that this party was as good of a place as any to figure out just what was happening in the world of galactic politics. So far, he hadn’t been disappointed.

He had made small talk with a few random guests scattered across the area, but he had yet to make his way toward any of the more important dignitaries. Frost’s choice in representative was rather interesting: an enforcer who went by the name Mustard. Cooler hadn’t ever met the alien before, but a quick glance over of his official records had shown him to certainly be a capable member of the PTO and, more importantly, one who was unquestioningly loyal to the Changeling emperor. Apparently Gelidus was here as well, although Cooler hoped to not have to interact much with him, if at all. PTO politics were not the reason he was here.

In fact, he was actually here to make ties with some influential persons across the galaxy in order to gain their support for himself. If he was truly going to strike against Frost, he’d need all the support he could get. Support came in various forms, however, and he knew that even simply attending this event would at least net him some recognition from the major players in the universe.

The question now became what would need to be prioritized… Would he attempt to satisfy his own curiosity? Or would he actually use this opportunity to make maneuvers to strengthen the position of the Cold Clan’s future new empire? He spent a few moments pondering the decision before finally deciding to make his way toward Captain Peacock, who had just finished conversing with a young man who appeared to have a fox tail.

TLDR; Cooler has been engaging in simple small talk with relatively unimportant people before starting to make his way towards Captain Peacock.

WC: 405
Cooler WC: 405
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So this was the mansion of Lord Beerus the Destroyer. Cell looked around rather unimpressed as the material objects prized by so many mortal and humanoid beings did not appeal to him. What impressed him the most was the planet itself. From the moons to the sprawling training grounds it was a veritable paradise to the glorious tree of life it was something to be proud of. He would have to find himself a world to conquer at some point that he personally called home. Chuckling he moved about his eyes scanning the crowds of people that were flittering about slyly trying to jockey themselves into an opportunity to speak with those of apparently powerful organization throughout the universe. Not caring for idle chit chat or who most of the individuals were at the party presented a problem for the Bio-Android, while he did not care for any of these people specifically he would benefit from over hearing their conversations and listening to the many whispered conversations. Knowledge was power and moving in and out of the shadows would be paramount to gaining that knowledge. People after all always loosened up at parties…or so he heard.

Grabbing a glass of champagne from one of the servant’s trays Cell tried the beverage and chuckled, good surprisingly even though his regenerative abilities would filter out any of the alcohol. It was time to blend in as much as possible given his unnatural look and large stature but try he would. Perhaps he could find allies and potential prey for his evolutionary plans. Cell moved to the edge of the fray as he pondered his thoughts. Hell perhaps he would pay his respects to the Attendant that so freely beat him to a pulp despite his best efforts. It would be the right thing to do at some point along with paying his respects to the Destroyer. Scratching his chin he did recognize a few familiar faces peppered throughout the event, he might not remember their names but he did see them and strangely enough he had seen them in another plane and reality.


WC: 352

TL;DR: Cell has arrived marveling at the sight of the planet itself while traversing in the crowd reminiscing his own thoughts and plans while trying to remain discreet. He is taking in the sights and listening to the conversation.
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Lord Beerus was begrudgingly enjoying the party. It was more of the fact that it was a party than anything else, but good foods, drinks, entertainment and all around fun was something that he was more than satisfied with having. Still he knew the entire situation was one that wasn’t exactly the most comfortable for people to be in. He had been around more and much more active and because of that people, even those closer to him, had a fear that he might eventually erupt in rage. At this point he truly wasn’t looking for that though. Besides his own mindset he was also told by the Omni King to not do anything aggressive unless physically provoked at this event. He wouldn’t deny that request.

Whis sat to his right enjoying the food that they had been almost constantly partaking in so far during the event. It was when the Senator came into the party area that activity seemed to increase. The attention of the people attending the party had been spread around, but they all had suddenly turned to the host. The deity had a feeling in the air that kept him at least interested so far in what was going on, but he couldn’t put a finger on it just yet.

Asha walked up wearing her full length red dress holding more food and was ready to take a seat when another entered the room and without hesitation walked right up to the deity. Her appearance clearly looking for attention and she had gotten it. For Lord Beerus though he sensed something else, a power that intrigued him to look up from his food just before she made it to him. The deity looked up as Whis casually glanced in the direction as well, but Asha stood next to Lord Beerus almost waiting for something to happen at this point.

She introduced herself as the Queen of the Demons. Lord Beerus got a sadistic grin on his face hearing that, ”Queen of the Demons, huh? It is a pleasure to meet you.” He then turned to Whis, ”Didn’t I recently kill the King of the Demons on that bug planet?”

Whis shook his head no, ”Actually you killed a demon Lord, my Lord. I don’t believe that is the same level. I would assume a queen is higher ranked.” Whis then turned his attention to Lilim, ”It is a pleasure to have made your acquaintance. I hope you enjoy the party.”

Lord Beerus watched what he said or did, but mostly he was trying to figure out if this was going to become a meet and greet with the God of Destruction. It was then that a divine power suddenly flashed as he took his attention from the food he had been focused on. It was then that a Kaioshin came up to him as he was awkwardly sitting between a demon queen and a dragoness. It was certainly a strange position for him to be in. He turned slightly to see Anat standing there, but before he could interject at the comment about being a flirt, Whis had suddenly moved and was standing next to Lord Beerus and the Kaioshin.

”Anat, it has been sometime since we saw you. How are things in your Universe?” Whis’ interjection was certainly to try to stop Lord Beerus from being upset with the situation, but he didn’t have much to work with at this point.

The deity’s eyes narrowed almost expecting a destroyer to show up next, ”I don’t think someone introducing themselves to you counts as flirting,” He was about to comment to stand up for his not being a flirt when suddenly a girl dropped out of the sky right into his lap. This was a much younger girl, holding a toy it looked like and seemingly looking to go swimming and simply missed.

Whis’ eyes suddenly widened as he looked to see what was happening. This was clearly not going well already. Asha tilted her head almost in the gesture asking who this young girl was as well. They had gone from simply sitting around by themselves to a sudden party focused around the deity himself.

First the demon queen and then this girl, this was certainly not the best situation for Lord Beerus to find himself in. This is why he didn’t like hosting parties on his home planet. If he destroyed it he would be destroying his own home. He was about to erupt with rage and send the girl that had fallen on him away when she quickly offered him some cookies. Lord Beerus shifted himself to help push the girl off him before taking the cookie. He took a bite… at least it was good.

”Little girl, I believe you missed your target now go swim, but leave some more of those cookies behind,” He then turned towards Anat, ”Do what you need to do here, the 7th Universe is the best after all, so I am guessing you will enjoy your stay.” He then turned to the demon queen, ”Miss Lilim, as Whis said it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.” He then took a deep breath grabbing the red juice he had sitting next to him and taking a sip. His moment away from his food gave him plenty of time sense around the room. He recognized a number of the people and another that was coming right up to him again. It had to be another female too. At least he had reason to remember this one.

Whis remained standing next to his chair with Asha standing behind the deity as he took another sip, folding his right leg over his left before taking a deep breath. This was a favor for Grand Zeno and he wasn’t going to get angry that easy. It was going to take more than that to set him off. He just hoped something would happen to take the attention away from him.

WC: 1000 (500 Whis, 500 Beerus)

tldr: Beerus is sitting and eating. He didn’t get that angry at anyone who interrupted him, but Asha might have. Whis is trying to play damage control. Beerus is realizing how stressful this event might end up being for him.

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”You have to listen to me. The intelligence is good that we have. You are making a mistake if you go out and about without guards at your side at all time!” With everything that was going on it clearly was a just bad timing that the music was in between songs as the conversation with Lieutenant Gray and Senator Noir got a little heated. Anyone even slightly paying attention could hear what was said and even those not paying direct attention to the Senator could hear the disturbance.

The Senator was extremely confident in himself and what had been setup with this event. He shook his head replying back in a much calmer tone that was sent at him, ”I will be ok, but I do appreciate your service. This is a party, feel free to enjoy it, but I have a reason for this event and I am going to make the best of it. Walking around with a guard will not help with that objective.”

It was clear that the Senator and Lieutenant were not on the same page, but it didn’t take long for the host of the party to break away from his protection at apparently his request was being followed. He walked right up to the representative of the Planet Trade Organization that he had invited. He found it interesting that they had a few other high ranking members in attendance. The Senator grabbed a few drinks before walking over to Mustard and handing him one of the drinks. The noise from the DJ Booth would probably allow the conversation they were about to have to be in private. Still he was aware by what he had observed so far that anything could happen in this event.

Meanwhile another set of deliciously cooked foods has been brought out to the buffet table area. It was what had caused the break in the DJ’s music as he was announcing the food itself, his voice extremely excited and yet cool about almost everything that was going on, ”Alright esteemed guests, it seems we have an assortment of foods brought to us by the Damaskian Shadowguard itself!” He paused allowing the food to reach the center area, ”To anyone who brings the DJ some of that delicious smelling food, you can have a chance to control the music yourself. This could be your big chance to show your skills at the DJ Booth!”

Faction Dignitaries Currently:

White Knight: With a number of things going on around Lord Beerus it caught her attention for a moment. The distraction caused her to move closer to the events of the party the man she was speaking to breaking away as she moved a little closer to the food like, but leaning on a pillar like a wall flower.

Peach: She finished drying off, spinning around and somehow her clothes that she came to the event in appeared back on her magically. The outfit looked like more of a school girl outfit than a professional occasion one. Still she found a way to pull it off and look somewhat professional. Hearing the Damaskian food was up she moved to the center table wanting to load up on some home cooking while she was here.

Captain Peacock: Her conversation with Daji left her wanting more. She started looking around looking for someone else to socialize with, but also someone who might be willing to get her a drink as hers just recently went empty. What kind of good pirate would be around with rum for long?

Madame Rose: Her guards start looking around, trying to find someone who might be willing to have their fortune read. So far it has been mostly common thugs and that wasn’t fun. She was looking for something more, someone that would put her skills to a test. The last 4 had all been Saiyan Warriors, but none of them that interesting. They left satisfied, but so far she wasn’t.

Greenie: He has physically written down the name of Ticho to look him up in the future. After doing so he motioned to the bartender who filled up his mug once more. He started looking around trying to see if any other Saiyans were here that he didn’t bring with him. Maybe they would make for good people for him to talk with.

Mustard: The PTO Enforcer had seen Gelidus and was about to approach him when the Senator came at him first. He knew he needed to speak with the Praetor before too long, but Noir was his target to influence. He glanced over at Gelidus before the Senator. After the met up they walked to a nearby table a both took a seat there.

Sage Plum: With his conversation with Juch over he tucked his book away into a satchel that he was carrying around with him. He wouldn’t be accepting as he wanted of other cultures if he didn’t at least try to Damaskian food. He walked up shortly after Peach, subtly trying to figure out what was good by what she took the most of. His actions were not hard to notice though.

Lieutenant Gray: Frustration had a moment with his conversation with Senator Noir and he has moved to go get a drink from the bar. He glanced over at Greenie as he got his drink before moving back out to the crowds of people. He moved his free hand towards his mouth where he seemed to be transmitting a message. A few Galactic Patrolmen around the party are seen moving their hands to their ears like they are receiving a secret message or at least an update on the assignment.

The Scarlet Lady: She has found a table and gathered a number of red cups. Setting the table up near the pool she seems to be setting up for a game and looking for someone to join her.

Monsieur B: His adventure to go speak with Lord Beerus was probably well timed as the deity was suddenly surrounded himself with people. He simply moved to another of the chairs around the pool taking a seat, turning it though to face the DJ Booth area and not the pool. His attention seems to be going back and forth from there and the destroyer.
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She couldn't help but continue smiling as the introductions were made, particularly as more of the visitors seemed to crowd in towards the Destroyer and his Attendant so curiously! However, she found herself a little amused that even a Kaioshin would arrive at such a vaunted gathering--she passed the Kai a knowing look along with her small nod of greeting, not quite opening to pleasantries yet--especially since Whis and Beerus seemed to cordial to him. Especially as a younger girl seemed to appear, seemingly out of thin air, landing in the Destroyer's lap and narrowly escaping destruction with an offer of cookies. This brought a giggle to Lilim's lips, especially since... hrm... had she seen that younger girl before...? She looked... familiar?

Lilim could ill-afford to pay the girl any more attention, as Beerus and Whis both seemed to offer Lilim the attention she was seeking, though they did seem to have a conversation about a Demon Lord that Beerus had slain--ah! The hazards of celebrity life, haha--but when Beerus finally mentioned that it was a pleasure, she made sure to dip her head towards the destroyer with an elegant courtesy. "Ah--the pleasure doth be mine, Lord Beerus," she said, once again looking towards the Kai--Anat, as she had overheard--with a sidelong glance and a smirk before she looked towards the woman in the fantastic crimson dress.

"Oh--but I have not met thee anon; Verily, I art Lilim, Queen of Demons--and thou art...?" she asked, though Lilim always had something akin to a suspicion with most of everyone in this gathering. This woman... yes, her aura felt like that of a higher being, an angel or dragon, perhaps, but it was hard to tell in the woman's humanoid form, at least for the moment. And what was a little chit-chat and gossip between women, eh?

WC: 307 / 1123
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"GAH!" the young master startled, jumping a little where he stood before he looked over towards Shin's smiling face. He grimaced towards her in reaction to her surprise, realizing that, of course she would find a way to sneak up on him. She wasn't a shinobi, yet she was grasping the ability to do so... in her own way, anyway. He was about to speak to her about sneaking up on him when his eyes were drawn to her outfit--particularly what her dress didn't cover--just a moment!--before he looked back up to his student. He accepted the glass of some... liquid... but he did not drink from it yet.

"That... that woman there?" he asked, turning towards the direction that Shinaki had indicated. He was a little familiar with the Queen that Shin had mentioned, but they only looked a little alike--as far as Daji knew--but the Kitsune paused when he heard Shin's last statement.

"Wait... the fortune teller? Why avoid her? And... wait..." he asked, his eyes narrowing a little as he looked back towards his student, trying very hard not to look down at her chest again. "Why are you avoiding the Galactic Patrol? What do they even do anyway?"

Daji jumped and of course Shin's grin grew even wider. Despite being a master of the ninja arts as well as king of preparation, Daji was a little too easy to get the drop on. The first look he gave her made her lift her glass to move two fingers away in a V shape. "Ninjutsu!" she said happily. She hadn't actually tried to hide her presence in anyway, but she was happy to blame his surprise on his own teachings.

She almost didn't notice his second look, but since she had she looked up to him expectantly. When a compliment to her dress didn't come her lips pursed into a pout as her eyes narrowed in feigned annoyance. He took the drink from her at least, and her attention easily fell away from his rudeness to the crowd. She didn't actually care after all, it was just fun to put him on the spot, and in this case there were more fun things to do than that.

"Yes!" she confirmed when she was sure he was looking at the White Knight. "Eriksgata always wears armor like that," she explains. Truthfully the Judif Queen looked a bit more Damaskian than the Avalonion, with dark hair and grey eyes in stark contrast, but to every important occasion, the queen showed off her armor. Shin wasn't sure if it was to protect herself or if she just really loved the beautiful and intricate armor. Hers was much fancier than the White Knight's after all.
Daji didn't brush by her other words however, causing the snake to make a face, widening her lips in a flat line shape over a smile, though it quickly shifted into one. Instead of answering the first question directly involving her, she moved right to the last one.

"They patrol obviously," she says grinning at her own joke before continuing. "They're like the police on Earth, only on a galactic scale." It seemed she was learning a bit more about this galaxy, at least... "I think."

He had to admit... she was getting better with every passing day now, though whether that was because she was using the lessons she learned on her own or if he had just managed to get through that head of hers...

Regardless, he avoided the topic of the Galactic Patrol, merely nodding to his numer-one pupil instead. It stood to reason that she had probably gotten into some kind of trouble during her travels to find things, and he was in no position to pry--at least not yet. But he would need to change the subject, and stated the first thing that came to his mind. "Well, you're looking great today--the dress is very nice! It suits your form very well," he said, the full implications of his statement apparently failing to dawn on him as he smiled to her--well, he accidentally smiled at her chest before he snapped his gaze back up--but he shook his head before Daji's eyes turned to look towards the direction his student indicated, the White Knight.

When he looked over, he saw a woman dressed in armor, her hair of white a sharp contrast to the rest of the crowd around. She certainly looked important, and he did not recognize the armor nor the person, sparking his own curiosity, though the comparison Shin had made did make sense. He nodded to Shin once before he made his way towards this White-Haired Knight, making sure to bow to the visitor respectfully.

"Good day! Are you enjoying the party? I'm Daji of Grace, Master of the Dojo of the Fox," he greeted, managing a warm smile on his face as he looked upon the Knight. She was certainly beautiful, but she also seemed hesitant to mingle with the other guests.

"Oh, I was invited by Beerus and Whis--we were companions in an incident on my home world of Grace, so I wanted to support them in such a party," he explained, smiling a bit more enthusiastically as he did so. "But where do you hail from, Miss? I do not recognize your armor," he admitted, albeit with a bit more curiosity than bashfulness.

She was actually starting to grow intrigued with that man as he spoke. A guest of Lord Beerus meant that maybe he was more than he appeared to be. She smiled at his inquiry, "I am a paladin from the planet Avalon. The armor signifies my rank as a master of the order. Only those with the strongest character can reach such levels. What does it take to be a Master of your dojo?"

"Wow... a Master Paladin! I've heard stories about your order!" he saod cheerfully for a moment before he contemplated the question she had voiced to him.

"Well, i just founded the dojo myself, so it's still very young... but I'm managing to attract new students every day," he managed to recover. "The Dojo of the Fox focuses on some magical arts and martial arts of Ninjitsu--the Art of Stealth. Mastering it... can take a lot of work and dedication, but I also instruct people on te basics of martial arts as well--so far, I have only met one student that shows promise," he explained, his smile failing only a little, but he held it up all the same.

She was growing rather intrigued by what this master had to say. She waited for him to be finished explaining his ways in order to be polite before replying, "It sounds rather intriguing to say the very least. I have never been one for stealth as I tend to attack problems more head on. Still you must have some skill to be the guest of Lord Beerus and not here to simply suck up to the Senator like everyone else is."

Daji shook his head, managing to regain his smile. "Actually, I've never met the Senator, nor do I know who he is. People seem to be keeping tabs on him quite a bit, though--a few people in particular seemed to want to speak to him. You mind if I ask why that is? Is he a particularly powerful figure, like Beerus?" the Kitsune asked, rather intrigued and curious about the topic in particular. So many people seemed to want to talk to either Beerus or the Senator...

She smiled at his words, he was so innocent, "He is a higher ranking member of the Universal Senate. While in general the Senate holds little physical power it has a power that is different. It helps control the trade, taxes and zeni throughout the Universe. That is why he is important and why so many are here. The destroyer, people fear and that is why they talk to him. The Senator they just want his favor, that is why he throws events like this to boast his own ego."

Daji's smile faded a little, not quite a frown, but it was clear the implications were dawning on him, at least a little. "I see... that's... a lot of power for the Senate to hold. I can see why so many want to speak to him and gain his favor," Daji admitted, making sure to keep his gaze towards the White Knight rather than search for the Senator. If anything, the Senate's activities really didn't effect him in the long run, but it must have been stressful for someone like... "You... must be under a lot of stress to speak with him, or at least know what he's doing," he inquired, concern on his face.

"I don't stress. I have been in great battles, fought to save countless worlds from evil so speaking with a Senator is no big deal," She proclaimed with a bit of confidence in her voice and a sense of pride that was clear with every word she spoke, "The Senator has his objectives, I have mine. The fact that they require me to be here for the Protectorate means that my mission is of great importance." For a moment her eyes squinted as the Senator sat down with Mustard, "It is just rare that a single member of the senate has grown to have this much power. Very strange actually."

Daji paused once again, giving the White Knight a bit of a starry-eyed look at her accomplishments and valor. "R--remarkable..." he managed to reply, until the conversation turned towards the Senator once again, and this time, Daji actually looked over towards the conversation between the Senator and a Changeling. The Kitsune didn't know who the Changeling was, but if it concerned the White Knight, it was probably worth worrying about. Daji shook his head once more before looking back towards the female guest. "I... see. So he's in a unique position... no wonder everyone wants to talk to him... oh! I'm--I'm sorry for taking up so much of your time, it was a pleasure to speak with you. If..." he said before he lowered his voice a little, still enough so she could hear him.

"The Senator and the Lieutenant were speaking, and I happen to overhear a bit of it... I'm guessing the Senator has a goal in mind, but... I don't know what it might be. If I hear anything... you want me to let you know?"

The White Knight gave a subtle nod at the kindness that Daji had offered to her. A slight grin came over her face, before she leaned back calmly against the pillar. She did have plenty still do before she left this party.

With that, the Kitsune Ninja Master turned to join the rest of the group, seeking the next person to speak to!

TL; DR: Daji is surprised by his student, Shin, before they talk for a moment. Daji then proceeds to speak to the White Knight. There is suspicion concerning the motives of Senator Noir and how he had gotten so much power in the Senate. Daji offers to keep the White Knight informed if he hears anything, but so far, nothing conclusive.

Daji WC: 1077 / 1959
Shin WC: +351
Narrator WC: +493
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Disembarking from the bus the android made his way to the party, wanting to be considerate of others and the ground sculptors of the floor of the mansion the android shelled out a few rare stones he picked up from his travels, who's sell value more then tippled the shews in exchange for a pair of high grade pressure absorbing slip-ons to go over his foot-cuffs.

He was not that heavy, in fact in his current frame he was heaviest without applying an attempt to be heavy at 250lbs, but he did not wish to risk accidentally making the caretakers of the establishment job any tougher.

Vlad noted a request on the wall for entering the party, a request to disarm, Vlad looked at his hands glowing with hard light and watched it go dim as he deactivated the gauntlet weapons system, the air around his hand felt colder, it had been a few weeks, the sensation was different, first time since he got his body was that system deactivated.

Vlads torso buffed for a moment as he suspended his combat functions. It would be a hair trigger pull to restore them if things went south but until then he would gladly comply.

A gradual stroll took him near to the pool area and where the bulk of the party seemed to be, the White Knight was still in her stunning shimmering armor, to his understanding so he felt his “armor” would pass to as.. it was his external frame, he could mask it with a more civilian hologram but that was the long and short of it.

He attempted to reach her via remote communications, but it was clear her com link was deactivated, slightly unnerved he scanned for her, she was a senior officer to him, protocol would dictate that he approach with formality, but this setting was about as formal as a keg party in a collage.

He would meet her in the middle. A simple fist to chest salute and slight bow of the head, but would she even recognize him, he had changed bodies twice since their last communication.

Arriving at the scanned location of the White Knights signature

Vlad approached visibly unsure of how to proceed, he gave the fist to the chest saluted albeit less confidently then the gesture looked in his head, lowering his head in respect a brief moment.

“Agent Vlad reporting in, how may I be of use and is there any mission critical data you have to spare, I received a request to attend with little detail, any ideas, sir?”

he was well aware of the gender but to his understanding many outfits used that as a unisex way of addressing a superior

the intent did not go quite as planned, his superior seemed occupied with another, not wanting to be rude and filled with doubtless if he could have a function in this plan he would be informed, either by her in this party or his own lintel team could advise him after the body, he had an entire sizable team backing him with intel and information their forte. He would pass the data he recorded to them and they could debate on how if the agency would have a part to play.

Even if its only clean up and philanthropic aftermath.

“Geralen...” Vlad called to a paladin near him. The knight approached. “I require an audience with the white knight, at her earliest availability/ convenience. Communications appears discouraged so I will need a direct audience, please inform her and politely request others wait, I am doubtful my issues will take longer then two moments to address.”

“uh sure but this is an informal party, she likely will have little if any need of your direct aid.”

“hence my suspicion I will be like a revolving door. I do not wish to take up more time then needed.”

Vlad smiled a bit “I to would like to experience the party once my objectives and formalities have been addressed.”

Vlad quick but cautiously made his approach to where the host and his friend whom he learned the host was god of destruction from. Whispering a message into an audio unit and affixing it to a capsule.

Vlad got near it and took a bow once to his friend the angelic attendant then a knee to the god. He engaged the capsule that broke into two and when he set the halves down

a small fridge and a cooler appeared, opening the two the audio came in “Great host of this marvelous gathering, a gesture of thanks and good will, I bring a joint effort on my agency and my creator, a selection of nine six pack drinks alcoholic and non alcoholic variants separated by the non alcoholic at the top and nine different yogurts and ice cream packets, all non-dairy and enriched with vitamins and minerals. We hope they prove enjoyable”

Vlad bowed deeply before turning to return to the party “If you require me, send for me, I will aid in any way I am capable, and try even if its out of my league”

not wanting to keep the great hosts longer then he had he slowly walked back to his current objective.

<ok, Vlad, you were capable of approaching a deity with nerves of steel, speaking with a mortal superior should never approach that unnerving so , be formal but not without informal, be reverent and remember the hierarchy but still so that you seem level headed and professional. The calculations of a first impression,interacting with other mortal world sapients seem so much trickier then a creature of myth or mythical stature/status, why was approaching a god of destruction less unnerving then a mortal?!How could it be? Objective, calm, cool be these things, Vlad.>



TL-DR Vlad arrives on the scene objective in mind, finds the white knight occupied, requests a knight to hold his space so to speak, as a paladin affiliate himself she is top of his list, walks up to the area of Whis and Beerus, offers a gift of health conscious sweets gifts of his creator and his agency. Vlad returns to wait on the white knight uncharacteristically single minded, not acknowledging the curiosity that was the young man who was speaking to his priority interaction.
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Yan was chatting idly with some of the bounty hunters that had come with the Scarlet Lady. It was an absent conversation, hinting to a certain association of hunting that surpassed the Guild. Only one of them seemed to get what he was saying, and he offered her a small wink. She was just giving the others an excuse to leave so she could talk to Yan further about a more secretive matter when the mic dropped, so to speak.

The monkey feigned interest, but took careful note of the delegates. Despite the quite loud argument, none of them seemed to acknowledge it more than a passed glance. They were all here for this man, and their attentions did not stay away from him for too long, but like Noir, they seemed to write off the Lieutenant with ease. It made Yan pause, and turn to watch the officer as he went and got a drink of all things. It wasn’t wise to be drinking on the job now was it? Especially if you thought there was going to be trouble.

He thought about going that way when his eyes caught on Juch. He was speaking to the Kanassan delegate, which surprised him to a degree. The android usually placed himself above things like magic and telepathy, let alone fortune telling, and yet there he was making friends.

He found himself smiling. His gaze continued to scan over the crowd, this time with more purpose. He found Lilim first without fail. She had moved on from Beerus to pick a fight with the destroyer’s most esteemed guest. Perhaps a fight was too strong of a statement, but the dragoness did not seem too happy by the demoness’ presence, and Lilim only found that more enticing.

There was a child that had fallen out of Beerus’ lap, and his interest was immediately peaked as he quickly scanned the room for someone else. The Cosmic Princess was here, where was the emperor? He found no trace of Chaos however, which made him frown noticeably, quite disappointed his drinking buddy was nowhere to be seen. Yan knew what had happened on Quasar. He had been there for some of it. He doubted Chaos took too keenly to Beerus right now. His own broken pride was probably eating him alive.

Yan sighed in acceptance, before looking back through the crowd. He found Daji next. He had left Shin by this point, honing in on the Avalonian. Did he know who she was? The monkey had pushed away the kitsune’s harsh judgements against Damaskia, but the State was still a threat to his beloved. Making friends with their biggest adversary was too wise for Daji however. He was likely just making friends, period. He wanted to tease him for it, to see his excitement after meeting so long but the monkey’s own childishness prevailed. It had been quite a bit of time since his last conversation with Daji, and the boy had not bothered to reach out since then. It was clear to his deranged brain that the boy had more interesting things going on that he did not want to interrupt.

There were a few others he found. Ticho was there, likely with Kelioux. The girl who had been on the footage Sōsa had taken of the Quasar Battle took his interest, but she was also headed to Beerus who seemed like he needed a break. Eventually, his gaze fell back on someone else. She was heading straight towards the food, because where else would she go? He smiled just a tad bit deviously, before he started there as well, but she was somehow sidetracked and he reached there first.

To his luck, he ended up next to the Keliouxan delegate, a Sage called Plum. He was very much the bookish type, seeming awkward out in public as he tried to interact and learn about things at the same time. He was looking at the Damaskian food like it was alien, and considering he was human it probably did seem a little odd. Damaskia had better meat than Kelioux or Earth in Yan’s opinion, so he leaned in close to the Sage’s ear.

”Try the veroast,” he said gently, hoping to make the scholar jump. The monkey would smile serenely to whatever response he got and point towards the meat that tasted a bit like beef, or the similar tiley on Kelioux, only richer and with more umami.

Yan wasn’t wearing his military uniform. It was too stiff, and he didn’t like how it looked. He wore his own formal attire but on his breast pocket he kept one clear sign of who he was. The Chaos Council Sigal was pinned there noticeably, meant to be a brag and almost a threat. He was part of the highest order on Damaskia, he should at least know what food was good there.

Plum was trying to figure out what to eat when a man walked up next to him and gave him a suggestion and a point. He glanced at the man and tried to recall if he knew him at all. He was pretty sure it was a no, but that sigal on his attire made it clear he probably knew what he was talking about. He took a chunk of that meat before turning to the helpful man, "I have to assume you know what you are talking about, anything else I should try to get the full Damaskian experience out of this food?"

“Hm, for the full experience…” he says looking back to the plates. ”You want to try a little of each dish here,” he says gesturing to a small array of colorful dishes. All three had very different flavors, and depending on his tastes he might not like them, but they were indeed staples Peach had probably taken helpings of. “Avoid that one, assuming you have a human tongue,” he adds pointing to a dish that was viciously spicy and could turn a human stomach pretty badly. He pointed to a few more he should try before he turned his attention back to the man in full.

”You’re a sage, right?” he asks, already knowing but wanting to be completely sure before he continued. ”Does Adel still do the thing where he organizes part of his library based on the last paragraph of the book?” A sage should have proper access to the grandmaster’s library, but Yan’s familiarization with it, it was definitely something the Grandmaster did at one time, and the lack of title given to their esteemed ruler was probably a bit striking.

He followed the advice of this man even avoiding what he was told to avoid, he nodded as he looked at the strangely helpful man, "I guess trying a little of everything won't hurt, I just want to save room to try it all throughout the night. I always enjoy expanding my experience and knowledge."

He nodded to the first question and only shook his head at the second, "Are you familiar with the workings of the library? Is that why you look somewhat familiar or is it from something else?" He looked around finishing putting the food on his plate before turning towards the interested man, "Adel likes to do things to keep people on their toes. He changes things to make sure we are keeping up on our research and studies. It is his way and it works. It is why the Keliouxian Empire and Scholars have grown so much lately."

”I am, but it is likely from something else,” he offers with a soft but amused smile. He did not explain whether he was once a scholar, though his answer suggested he wasn’t. How he was familiar then left a question, but Yan let the conversation move more naturally along.

”Yes, I’ve heard of the recent growth in the organization, but isn’t there also a rise in demonic activity?” he asks, feigning concern. ”We have a similar problem ourselves,” he adds, referring to the portal to hell Damaskia now housed. They were making good use out of it though. For Kelioux…

”But after Keifer Prison was destroyed last year too…” The prison he spoke of was once the highest guarded magical prison in this galaxy, challenged only by one of Toffit. Kelioux’s prison had been impenetrable, until it wasn’t, only for it to later be destroyed almost in its entirely, something going wrong with it’s power source. Yan was sure a new prison was already built, or in the process of such things, but the coincidence was a little convenient wasn’t it?

Oh my, was that something he was not supposed to talk about?

The unknown man continued to talk. The best thing any Sage would tell you to do was to simply listen. It seemed he was on a roll even going a little bit further in his speaking as if they were best friends, "Demonic Activity has been ont he rise, but they haven't been hostile. The Library lends itself to anyone who seeks knowledge."

He then tilted his head at the last comments, "Interesting...."[/b he paused knowing they had moved into a topic that wasn't very well known, "You seem rather educated. I see the markings on your clothes, but have you ever thought about being a scholar? You seem to have a knack for gathering knowledge."

Plum took in his last comment with interest, perhaps missing the suggestion that people who had once been housed in Keifer Prison might be on the rise, and instead jumped to compliment the monkey. He wasn’t expecting this, his eyebrows rising before he smiled again. This was a good one, this Plum. He wasn’t sure if he was fit for politics however.

Yan leaned in once more, as if telling a carefully guarded secret. ”That’s why Adel likes me.” Even if he was not a scholar or tied to Kelioux in anyway, whatever relationship he had with the Grandmaster seemed to be a friendly one, because he beamed at that, almost proud. His gaze shifted then towards Peach and then through the crowd, before returning to his new friend of sorts. ”Unfortunately, I am actually very hard to teach~”

He smiled as he continued to do what any student should do, he listened. He then followed the eyes of this man seeing he too moved to Peach who was his target of coming to this table in the first place, "Well if I can give you some help I am a firm believer that you learn more from listening than you do from thinking of the next thing to say." His gaze shifted to the Senator before moving back to Yan, "It isn't always the easiest thing to listen, but it is the best way to learn."

He then shook his head, "I assume with your outfit and the conversation you were having earlier that you know Lady Peach. I was looking to speak with her myself. You didn't come over here to play the role of distraction did you?"

Listening, hm? The way Plum looked back towards Noir reminded him of the earlier outburst. He was going to mention this, but the Sage moved his attentions onto Peach. Yan wondered if the extra quiet conversations between Damaskia and Kelioux had reached the ears of these two delegates, or if Plum simply noticed what could be without realizing it as already being. Yan smiled with ease though.

”You weren’t just looking to eat and enjoy our delicacies to their fullest?” he asks in mock protest, before it shifted into a softer grin. ”I could introduce you if you like,” he says kindly, ”but you might make a better impression by greeting her yourself.” He definitely did not want to cut off this kind of meeting one bit, let alone stall it. Now if it were Avalon...

He nodded taking note of the outfit Yan was wearing once more, "I just wanted to make sure she would be open to a conversation. One of your status with the Shadowguardn would know if I wouldn't be welcome." He then took a bite of the first food Yan had suggested as he tried to get him to react. He let the taste sit in before swallowing it, "The food isn't that bad. I guess I should thank you for your suggestion."

”Well, all I can say is that you shouldn’t be unwelcomed,” he says with a slightly crooked smile. Peach had her own goals in mind for this meeting, and they touched a deeper political tone than Yan was privy to. Her attentions had stayed fixed on the senator, but Damaskia was a tad bit more in need of Kelioux than Kelioux was of Damaskia, considering their current trade routes were heavily taxed by the PTO except to the north, to Kelioux. So she should know to be polite.

Plum tasted the food and Yan made a face. “Wasn’t that bad, eh?” he teases once more but merely nodded to the thanks. ”I suppose I should find my actual query,” he notes more to himself, before looking back to the scholar. ”Good luck~”

He took a few more bites of food clearly enjoying it at least a little bit, "Good luck to you as well...." It was as he took another bite after wishing him good luck that he realized the entire conversation he never got the name of the person he was talking to. Maybe he wasn't as good at learning as he believed himself to be.

Yan had not touched the food while talking to Plum, but once they parted he scanned the area for his target, and finding her nowhere near the food, began to fix a plate. He made sure to include the extra spicy dish he had advised Plum not to take.

Yan: 1,651 / 2,907 / 2
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TLDR: Made friends with some bounty hunters and kept careful attention on everything going on, taking special note of Juch, Ai, Daji, and Bulla. Approached Sage Plum and had a conversation about Damaskian food, Adel, and the rise in activity within the scholars. He complimented Yan but made clear his interest in talking to Peach which Yan was happy to step aside for. He is now at the food fixing a plate of food for...somebody.
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Daji’s compliment to Shin’s dress came late, but she beamed nonetheless, lifting the edge’s of her skirt just a tad in a small curtsy. This lowered her chest even further which made her giggle knowing exactly where the quite innocent fox’s gaze was falling the most. She was a bit flat in the reer, and more muscular in her legs, but her large chest shrunk very little. Alas~

Daji turned his attention swiftly back to the White Knight and she waved him off, taking another sip of her drink. Her gaze scanned the crowd, wondering if she should approach someone. She wasn’t really invested in this galaxy to be bothering any of the delegates. She wanted to say hi to Beerus, Whis, and Asha but they still seemed quite occupied making her sigh. Before she could think too heavily on it however, the music stopped. She was definitely not the only one to turn her attention to the loud voice of Lieutenant Gray. He was almost pleading to the senator to keep a guarded presence, claiming some type of intelligence was out there suggesting him harm. Oh my~! A murder plot!? Shin’s gaze surveyed the crowd with new interest, trying to pinpoint anyone who looked shady. Every one of the delegates seemed unable to keep their gazes off of Noir for long, but the party held a lot of strange people who were more likely suspects. Hadn’t there been a terrorist attack at the last big political meeting on Earth? Perhaps this galaxy was quite interesting after all!

Her attention was immediately taken from this new development as the DJ announced the next course. Damaskian food? She had never tried it, but she could already smell it from across the hall. Her feet immediately started back that way, forgetting any earlier suspicions for the time being. It wasn’t like she cared if something happened to Noir after all.

As she was walking however, she saw a strange looking man sitting poolside. He caught her interest, though she couldn’t say why. She looked to him as his gaze was moving towards Beerus. She followed it, only to look back and now see the man turned his attentions to the DJ booth. Destroyer vs Partier? His gaze flickered back to Beerus again and she suppressed a giggle, but forgot about food for the moment and wandered his way.

”Hello, good sir~” she says with enough mirth in her tone to show clearly she was addressing him this way out of good humor versus respect. ”Would you care to join a lady for a dance?”

Monsieur B was caught in a waiting stage, but he understood his reason for being here had nothing by time for him to complete. He had so many agents running around that he saw no reason that he couldn't take a moment to relax. Still he had orders to follow and things to do. He couldn't completely rest of his mission. In between his glance back and forth he saw a lady walk up to him. She was intriguing as she asked for a dance. He stood up shrugging his shoulders and adjusting his suit before extending his hand towards the lady, "It would be an honor, my lady!" He couldn't pass up such an offer, waiting for her to grab his hand, if she did he would be give it a delicate kiss before escorting her to the dance floor.

As the monsieur rose to his feet, Shin beamed, positively happy he was choosing to accept her proposal. She wasn’t magnificent at dancing, but she did know how to follow someone leading, and he seemed like the type who would lead. He stretched his hand out with acceptance and she took it immediately, blinking as he bent down to kiss it. Oh, how proper! She might get in trouble with this one.

She walked with him to the floor. The DJ was back to playing music that she didn’t really know that well but seemed easy enough to move to. ”Are you here alone?” she asks, as she spun around his hand to face him. ”I must say for a party meant to promote politics, it’s quite a bit more lively than I anticipated~!” She had kind of thought that a party at Beerus’ meant awesome food, and with the way the destroyer ate, knew she could get away with eating freely. She hadn’t expected so many interesting people, so many there just to have fun.

As they made it to the dance floor he shifted his glance off to the side and a man walked over to the DJ Booth and before they knew it a courtly song began to play, "If you have never done the waltz, just follow my lead!" With the music playing they began to dance, she was hopefully able to follow as he moved slowly to start to allow her a chance. As the dance got more intricate she spun to him, "It depends on what you mean alone, I have plenty of friends here, but I didn't come with anyone in particular." The continued dancing for a moment picking up to match the pace of the music a little more. The Waltz was a closer dance so conversation was both easy to hear and yet private at the same time, "As it turns out politics are simply a way for people to show off. They rarely seem to accomplish anything, but these events can certainly be good for some things!" His smile grew, even more charming than before.

As the song changed with only a glance from the prestigious gentlemen she openly laughed, but stepped closer to him without any hesitation. She watched their feet at first but she could sense his movements well enough once she got the basic gist and was able to turn her attentions better to the man before her. It was a simple dance, and yet pleasant, but she had fun with the spins that pulled them even closer together. He answered her then, explaining he had his own people here. It made her gaze shift just for a moment but she knew she wasn’t going to spot anyone that way so she easily looked back. He had many friends and yet she did not recognize him of any faction. There was nothing to discern it on him. Perhaps she was just missing something. It would not be the first time.

As he continued, she turned a little to face him, bringing their faces a bit too close for normal comfort but she wanted to take in his smile, and match it with one of her own. She turned back, following the steps properly now and seeing how they did actually fit with the music and not it’s on one, two, three tempo, she let out a soft sound like a giggle because she was proud of herself.

”Eating, drinking, and dancing?” she asks in almost a tease about what it was good for. ”Or do you mean something of more prestige?” You could drink and dance at most parties, but at this one, there were many important people about, and with them came opportunities that would not arise anywhere else.

He continued to move with her, they had at this point more than likely with their movements matching up and the skill that they were showing with such a dance garnered the attention of others . The closer the moved the more sensual the dance. She continued to converse so he kept up with the conversation even during the dance, "All of that is part of the game. Delicious foods, tasty drinks, dancing, important people and it is all just a way to show your influence and show off. You don't think having an event hosted on the God of Destruction's planet is just for show." He moved his eyes as they moved closer trying to show her what he was meaning as they had grown more and more the center of the dance floor at that moment, "Even when you do something that isn't for show they look at you like you are. These events can be draining if you aren't just here for the food, drinks and fun!" He then guided her into an underarm turn, "That is why I still enjoy the fun more than the politics!"

She knew the game he spoke of, truthfully. She could be good at it if she wanted to be, but only when it was her job. Right now she was here for fun alone, and for a far more interesting game than the one he played, but she doubted he would be able to understand that kind of thing.

He did say something interesting however. As she noticed where they were and how she turned, her gaze flicked farther across the hall where Beerus still remained. She kind of thought it was for show. Beerus would only do this king of thing at the Omni King’s request and what a showing it was the have the King of Everything’s ear! But the way this gentleman spoke, it seemed to be setting a scene in some other more important fashion that she was missing. She remembered Gray and Noir, and her earlier suspicions. A normal person would have felt concern than or anxiety that something bad was going to happen but the worry that surfaced in Shin was a lot simpler than that.

She didn’t want Beerus to have to destroy his own house before they had both gotten to eat everything!

”Poor Beerus,” she says, forgetting his title again despite Whis’ warnings. ”It seems his presence here has become more than he wished it to be.” As the monsieur said, if you were forced into the politics, it could quickly become draining, and she did not wish that on her friend. Instead of being able to enjoy the food and drink, he was hosting more than Noir. ”But perhaps that is what the senator wanted.”

Monsieur B could only smile at the words she spoke to start with. She was wiser than she looked and that made him even more interested in her for now, "I assume Lord Beerus knows how to handle something like this whether he enjoys it or not." He could hear the song starting to come to an end, "I am a man who seeks interesting things. This event was certainly one of them and this senator and methods and resources seem incredibly interesting. Still other things can be just as interesting. You just have to know where to look." He paused for a moment remembering that she had simply called him Beerus, "You speak of Lord Beerus like you know him. Is that the case?"

Shin rested her cheek gently against her partner’s as he spoke of Beerus so he could feel her amused smile. She knew he could handle such things, but she also knew Whis was there to smooth everything over. If it really was an order from Master Zeno, than he would oblige, but that did not mean he would have a good night which was why her smiled faded after the initial imagery.

The song ended, and she pulled back from him enough to more easily see his face, though their hands stayed entwined, while the other had not completely left his hip. She looked at him with her own interest, because a man seeking anything was a man to look upon. What was her dance partner up to in his gazes to Beerus and his interest in the Senator’s methods? She knew nothing about him more than their short dance, so she could not even hope to guess, but she smiled at the mystery of it, knowing it would eventually unfold.

Then he asked about Beerus, and her attention from him vanished as she looked back to that section of the pool, lowering their hands, but still holding his. ”Yep,” she says happily, looking back to him. ”It would probably be too bold to say I am here as his guest, but the only reason I know of it is because a mention was made by him…” She paused there, shifting her gaze upwards. ”Or Asha?” She couldn’t actually remember the conversation, but her and Daji would definitely not know of such a grandiose party without them telling them. Probably.

With the dance over they held hands a little longer, Monsieur B seemed to be growing in intrigue, "Asha, that would be his lady friend correct?" He said as his eyes started moving around in the direction they were facing. He shook his head after her answer, "It has been a pleasure to share this dance, but I have things I need to attend to. I look forward to our next encounter," He turned his attention back quickly, "How rude of my, I never got your name. I go by Monsieur B. Who did I have such a pleasure of sharing this dance with," He said bringing her hand once again up to his lips to give it another small kiss.

Shin nodded, though afterwards she gave a small look as if to accuse him of using her to steal information on her friends. It was only in jest though as she smiled again almost immediately after, even though her partner was scurrying off. She had food to eat still.

He stopped though, catching her off guard. When he introduced himself, if you could call Monsieur B a proper name, she laughed once more at his sudden urgency in both needing to head off, as well as needing to be the proper gentleman.

"My name's Shin," she says keeping her amusement. "Make sure you remember it as something interesting."

He sent a flirtatious grin back, "I will certainly do just that. I hope to see you again before the evening comes to an end!" He moved off as soon as they got even a slight distance from one another a handful of people came up, stopped, said a few words and moved along as B started to move back to his poolside seat.

Welp, now she was alone on the dance floor. Her hand lifted to her belly, but if she was noticed by anyone else she would certainly stop for them.

Shin: 1,568 / 2,772 / 2
Narrator: 821

TLDR: Noticed Noir and Gray’s argument but lost interest quickly. Noticed a mysterious man whose attentions kept switching from Beerus to the DJ. Asked him for a dance which he accepted. He says he’s there with many friends, and explains how political parties are often a show and a game of interactions. He suggests the reason the party is at Beerus’ mansion is for more than show. He seeks interesting things and the Senator and his methods are included in that. The dance ends and realizing her relation to Beerus, he heads back swiftly after introducing himself as Monsieur B.
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With a gulp, the young scholar polished off the rest of the beverage he'd snatched earlier. It turned out to be mildly alcoholic, but the coffee flavor was still strong and balanced it out pretty nicely. He was quite pleased that he'd managed to speak with the saiyan representative so early in the party and decided to take some time to enjoy himself

As he wandered about, the scholar noticed a rather stunning looking woman sitting at a table setting up for some sort of game. Feeling lucky, he decided to approach a seat opposite of her.

"Mind if I sit here?" Ticho inquired with a calm smile on his face?

She noticed the Saiyan as he approached a slight grin coming over her face as he asked if he could take a seat there. She shook her head no, "I was actually trying to set up for a game, I need something to do to entertain myself. With all the rules those Patrolmen put into place it really isn't my type of party!"

"Ah, I can appreciate that," the saiyan replied as he stopped short roughly 5 feet away. Curiosity was one of Ticho's dominant traits and it had just been piqued quite thoroughly. "What sort of game did you have in mind exactly?"

She flashed him a smirk almost thinking that this would be easy money if she wanted, but she also didn't want to start the night off with just taking a fools zeni. She pointed the the pyramid shape of the cups she had put out, "It is called beer pong. You take a ball and throw it into the cups. When you make a cup your opponent drinks the beverage in the cup. When you make your opponent drink all their cups you win."

Ticho looked upon the layout presented. He'd heard of beer pong once or twice, but had never found himself previously in a setting that encouraged games of this nature. He'd just turned down the saiyan representative's offer to join a drinking competition, but decided that if he was to drink, it may as well be in the presence of a good looking woman.

"Sounds like fun," the scholar replied as he took a standing position at the opposite side of the table. "The first move is yours."

He seemed suprisingly ready to compete. This made her interested in what his end game might actually be. Was he being played by a professional. She moved her hand to grab the ball out of the water cup that she also had setup. She decided to slow play it to start with throwing the ball and it bounced off the end of the front cup falling helplessly to the ground, "Well I guess I missed," She said showing a bit of poor failure acting, "You should always dip the ball after you get it in your water cup." She then realized she had no idea who she was playing against, "So what is your name."

"Ah, thanks for the heads up," the saiyan replied in response to her comment on proper beer pong etiquette. He followed her instruction and dipped the ball into the water before making a throw of his own. It was pretty obvious to Ticho that she had purposely missed in order to measure him up and he wasn't about to disappoint. He tossed the ball aiming for center mass, but missed wildly sending the ball off the table entirely.

"This game is more difficult than i thought," stated the saiyan with a nervous chuckle. "I'm Ticho by the way. And you are?"[/color]

He didn't seem that good, but it was still possible she was playing played. She figured it would be best to see if that was truly the case, "I don't really openly give out my real name with my line of business. People just call me the Scarlet Lady." She took the ball and tossed it landing it right into the cup on the back right hand side of the pyramid formation, "Now I made it you have to drink it!" The entire time she hadn't really told him what was actually in the cups to drink.

"But of course," the saiyan stated as he removed the ball and downed the beverage in which it had landed. It had a rather bitter taste to it, but the scholar did his best to hide his distaste. He then dipped the ball in the water cup and gave another toss. This time, the ball landed in the rightmost cup of the second-to-back row. "Your turn to drink...May I call you Scarlet for short?"

She smiled as he made the cup after missing so badly on his first throw. He was clearly playing her, "That is fine," She dunked the ball again, "Normally the game is played in teams it makes it go faster. I guess the goal is simply to drink and have some fun." She lobbed the ball high into the air as it began to fall from the toss towards the cup she didn't focus on the ball only how Ticho would react to such a strange throw. She was always sizing up her opposition no matter if she was on the hunt or playing a game.

The young saiyan watched the peculiar toss his opponent had made as it sailed directly into the cup. He knew she was good at this game, but his eyes widened in wonder at the impressive display. After all, he'd made his last shot on pure luck and was unsure if he could reproduce it.

"I'll drink to that," he replied as he choked back the contents of the cup. He dipped the ball once more and threw it, sending it bouncing from the rim of the center cup and off the table.

The Bounty Hunter looked around for a moment as her opponent missed once more, "Any reason to drink is a good reason." She smiled, "Even if it is a political gathering where they take your toys from you at the door. At least I have a game to play." She winked at Ticho for a moment, "I want to see something," She purposefully drank all but one of her cups leaving only one left. She then tossed the ball professionally to sink another cup, "Game is on the line, 1 free chance to win, Let's see how you do under pressure!"

Ticho's smile widened as he downed another cup. It was getting easier to drink at this point and the challenge he'd just been presented made it all the better. There was nothing like a last minute twist to brighten the mood.

"As you wish," Ticho replied as he focused on the cup. Only now had he considered applying his knowledge of physics to the game. It probably wasn't commonplace, but the circumstances forbade the young scholar from holding back. Having calculated the exact arc the ball needed to travel, Ticho let it fly gently through the air and neatly into the cup.

She got a big smile on her face when he made the last cup. It was obvious that he locked in. She took the last drink, not even caring for the games rebuttal feature, She then moved to side of the table to start setting up for another game to be played later, "You know in my profession sometimes you only get 1 shot to complete the job properly. This game or things like it I have used as a test of sorts for others. I think being able to produce whent he time comes is incredibly important. The bigger part of the game is also being able to produce when it looks like you have no chance at all!"

"Oh? And what line of work is that exactly if you don't mind my asking?" the scholar inquired with a feeling he might already know the answer. Not that he would judge of course, especially as he'd himself been in situations where he had to take similar actions.

She looked almost insulted that he didn't already knew who she was when he approached, but at the same time she understood that maybe that meant that she was doing her job right that others didn't know much of her, "I am a Bounty Hunter!"

Ticho was taken aback, not because of her profession but rather the fact that she would declare it so loudly. Still, his suspicion had been confirmed and he elected to remain composed even if she would not. "Of course, I apologize for such a silly question. I think I met one in your line of work some time ago."

Ticho's eyes almost lit up as he realized what he was saying. He'd all but given up his search, but it certainly couldn't hurt to ask. "Say, maybe you know her. Do you happen to know anyone by the name of Bulla Briefs?"

Ticho seemed rather amazed she had been so honest about things, but she had no reason to believe at this point that this man could do anything about it anyways even if he did know. Still he seemed even more interested after his curiousity had been peaked, "I have heard the name before, but I truly don't believe I have ever met her." The Scarlet Lady paused once more, "In my profession people end up being more of the loner type."

"Ah, I understand. I figured it couldn't hurt to ask at least. Anyway, this has been fun but I'm sure you're eager to get another game going. Perhaps we'll run into one another down the road." With that, Ticho gave a respectful bow and stumbled off, as he was beginning to pay for drinking all that alcohol.

Ticho WC: 815 + 563 = 1,378

Narrator WC: 813

tl;dr: Ticho conversed with The Scarlet Lady amidst a match of Beer Pong.
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