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Android in the Dojo; Joseph&Cell gem Spar
Topic Started: Feb 16 2018, 11:46 PM (96 Views)
Joseph Wiltshire
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Champion I

The metaphysical plain of the Astral Realm manifested itself in the form of a dojo room for the young child. The room had wooden floors that glistened as if they had just been polished; there were a number of mates arranged on the corners of the floor and were roughly the size of the average adult. There were glass windows hanging on the walls of the training room; the room also had a number targets much like the kind used to practice archery.

There was also an assortment of training dummies called Mu ren Zhuang(some may also know them as the wooden man). They were akin to punching bags but they were made for different forms of striking in mind. There were three in this room each one a different type; The Ching Jung which had a single straight arm protruding straight in the front and two middle arms protruding in an outward v.

The Ma Jung shaped like a horse that had the main body of the heavy log carrying two frames, a tall one in the front and a short one at the rear. Each frame was mounted with a horizontal crossbar which was perpendicular to the log. When pushed back the dummy would push forward.

The Sui Sai Jung, which was the one Joseph was practicing in front of(and was made to be the shortest to suit Joseph who was still growing and not yet big). had a swinging arm around shoulder length. The arms were coordinated so that striking the swinging arm caused the rotation of the swinging arm and vice vera. Joseph struck this dummy at different points and hitting it with elbows and open palms, and moving his arms and feet to block the simulated strikes.

WC: 292
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[Cell has Combat Rune]

Another Astral Realm encounter? Cell scratched his chin as he looked around, there appeared to be a Dojo of some sort in front of him, the city street outside was all but empty as most Astral Realm locations were. Pondering what brought him here and why more often then not he was subjected to random encounters Cell heard some commotion from inside, his senses reaching out he felt an energy source. This was rich, it was not as common to just come across your intended target so easily. From what he felt though, this fighter was weak…and it irritated him.

Exhaling slowing the Bio Android moved steadily toward the dojo entrance, he could not afford to let the first reading be the true judge of someone’s capabilities. There was so much more to it then that. Pushing the door open Cell ducked slightly to allow his tall and wide frame slide into the building. It was indeed a dojo, mechanical machines placed about the place in just the right spacing for people to train.

How very mundane he thought, why would anybody want to use these toys to train? Anybody of significant enough strength would tear these devices apart and leave them for the trash that they were. While he hadn’t ignored the training fighter upon his entrance entirely it was clear he was not a real threat even in this world. The fighter had evidently not even sensed his presence yet, how unsafe Cell thought as his tail swished lazily back and forth. If only he could actually absorb people in this place. Cell almost chuckled out loud at his own thought but stifled the laughter, his well defined arms crossing over his muscular chest.

“Clearly we can find a better way to spend out time in this place then in here.” Cell mused aloud, his eyes flashing a dangerous intent as he waited for the training warrior to acknowledge him.

WC: 322
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Joseph Wiltshire
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The child turned his head over to the direction of the Bio-Android's voice. "Hello Sir," the child simply said as he turned around to face him. Joseph's pupil's jotted around Cells form starting from top to bottom to take in all he could from a comprehensive glance before making eye contact. He could tell that this figure had violent intentions and he wasn't surprised. Meeting for combat was one of the most common uses for this metaphysical plain.

Joseph then changed the setting from a dojo to a rocky field; a canyon of builders and mountains of rock. It was an evening like setting and the sun looked as if it was going to set soon. Joseph decided this was a good setting more spacious than the training room than the training room.

The child extended his two arms forward both with a palm positioned vertically, his left arm was extended all the way forward while his right was bent and held close to his body. He stood with his legs spread out, his left foot forward waiting for the android to make his first move. “May I have your name? My name is Joseph.”

WC: 195
TWC: 487
Edited by Joseph Wiltshire, Mar 4 2018, 02:35 PM.
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