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Yan Cass VS Juch (Complete); Discord Planet Spar
Topic Started: Feb 18 2018, 11:26 PM (35 Views)
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Roleplay Guide
Juch: Combat Rune, Guide: Lost Training Regimen
Yan Cass: Combat Rune

Yan Cass VS Juch
"Whoa, sounds neato?" Jianghue grinned back at Yan as he talked more about the sex dungeons, "You're into some weird stuff there, Yanny boy! Maybe you really did leave Bassy there."

"Well, haven't found him yet, that'sh for certain," Omert heaved himself from the coffee machine while Juch stirred up some actual tea for himself, "Sho, how'sh Damashkia? Only went there oncshe--that time when they got invaded and all."
yarru - Today at 3:53 PM
Yan waggled his eyebrows at Jianghue suggestively, though he didn’t make anymore comment to that, taking a sip of his tea instead. Omert changed the subject and it brought a smirk to his face. Of course, Damaskia getting invaded was a thing of the past. They’d learned a hefty lesson from that one time and managed to keep an almost impenetrable stance in the galactic war, but such things were not easily forgotten.

“They let me blow things up as I please, so I feel at home,” he offers with a cheery smile. “How’s Grace?”
Juch - Today at 4:03 PM
Omert snorted again, taking another gulp of the decaf coffee before shaking his head, "It'sh alright. I only been there like, four timesh now."

"Yeah, and half the time you just sleep," Jianghue rolled her eyes, "You should just cut to the chase and get Sondere to throw ya a slumber party."

The scarred man grinned a jagged smile as Juch broke his silence on the matter, "Things have been quiet thus far, but I doubt Biscopo will be quiet for too long."
yarru - Today at 4:11 PM
“Throw it? She’d be asleep before him,” Yan says with a grin while shaking his head. Juch spoke up though, and Yan’s expression became a little more mischievous as if hoping for a conflict. Another sip of tea though and it faded.

“Haven’t broken their stubborness with trade?” he asks with a tiny bit of amusement. “Ikuto is stubborn~ A formal meeting is probably needed.” His smile became a little smug here, as if to say ‘she likes me, I dunno about you.’ The networks Yan made sure to create and maintain back then remained, though it was completely possible he was full of himself and she didn’t like him either.
Juch - Today at 4:20 PM
"Yeah, truuuuue," the blonde dragged the last word out while she swung her legs around restlessly. Yan had turned his attention back to the android, however, while Omert reached for another cigarette.

"They are stubborn indeed," Juch's smile grew wider as he blew on the hot tea, "So I imagine they aren't too happy with my space station."

"Kettle," Jianghue corrected with an amused grin.



Juch stared at the pirate for a bit, as if studying her before looking back to the Monkey, "At this point, asking for a formal meeting now is almost admitting that Querenci did something wrong. That's not good politics, unfortunately."
yarru - Today at 4:28 PM
Yan covered his mouth to hide a laugh as Jiagnhue tried to correct Juch. "That's the station's name isn't?" he says adding fuel to the fire while still snickering. "Kettle I?" He was likely still sniggering when Juch moved to put the topic back on track.

"If you say so," he offers absently. "I guess my version of a formal meeting was never actually formal since I didn't represent anyone officially," he notes, before his head tilted in new mischief. "Haven't you replaced me yet~?"
Juch - Today at 4:36 PM
Juch tilted his head at Yan as he goaded with a blank look. Perhaps he was amused, or maybe his patience was being tried again. Regardless, despite Yan's laughter, he didn't offer more on the space station's apparent name and instead focused more on Yan's 'replacement'.

"Someone as reckless as you?" he asked back, raising a brow
yarru - Today at 4:44 PM
"Someone as charismatic to cut through this kind of red tape," he counters with ease though he smirked a bit when he said the compliment as if he didn't believe it either. "A formal, formal meeting is a bad political move, but thats what going under the table is for, no?"

What Yan was suggesting could be done by him since he had ties and contacts to Biscopo and the queen already made. His replacement would probably have to be recruited from Biscopo itself to garner the same kind of respect, but the monkey did not doubt Juch's capabilities for such things.
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