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Ai vs Trumpet Part One [c]; Alliance | Discord | Gem
Topic Started: Feb 19 2018, 01:05 AM (48 Views)
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Ai: Combat Rune + Telepathic Link
Trumpet: Baba's Crystal Ball

Trumpet hoisted up a heavy timber beam, holding it in place while a couple of builders nailed it up. He was surprised to see how primitive the building of the library was, but they had insisted that the library be a simple place of learning, not a hi-tech museum. Just before the builders were finished, the namekian let go of the beam. He didn't reach for it again. His body went still while his mind was transported to the astral realm.

Ai was hastily taking a shower with Pipette when disaster struck. She was in quite the rush to go out and play, so the little guy was giving her a hand. He was washing her long pink hair while she was taking care of the rest of her body. All was going well until Pipette tugged at her head, having somehow got his paws all tied up in her hair. The bar of soap in Ai's hands squeezed free and flew into the air. She scrambled around comically trying to catch it but with her eyes closed all efforts were in vain. Instead, she slipped around with her arms flailing until she fell over and bumped her head on the side of the tub. She woke up a few seconds later in the astral realm and grabbed Pipette by the ears. "What're you trying to do, kill me!?" she shouted while giving him a good shake.

A familiar sound reached Trumpet's ears as he looked around. He was in a busy marketplace. People of all shapes and sized, races and colors, hustled around completing their shopping lists, or simply browsing the wide selection of wares. Even over all of the noise, he recognized a voice and quickly pinpointed its location. As expected, he saw Ai shaking her bear around. "Hey you, quit causing a scene!" he called to her.

Pipette could barely manage a reply to his mistress while she was shaking him around. She didn't even realize the fact that they were surrounded by such a large crowd until she heard her name being called. Ai glanced around searching for someone she might recognize among the masses. "Oh hi Trumpet," she yelled after spotted a familiar face. "Where'd you come from?"

The namekian looked around. "Well, I'm not sure. I thought I had gotten pulled into the astral realm again, but this is a little different than usual," he replied. He'd never come across a place like this in the other world. Was he really even in the astral realm at all?

"Huh? So you didn't make this?" said Ai as she placed one finger on her lips and thought about the situation. The only thing that came to mind was the words of Vera from earlier in the day. They were supposed to go visit the marketplace together but Ai forgot all about it. "Oops, maybies it was me who made this place. I was going to go shopping today but I forgot," Ai confessed in embarrassment.

Trumpet shook his head. As she almost always was, Ai was airy. He wondered what she would be like in a serious battle. He almost wished he could have seen the one she'd had on Kelioux, but he'd had his own troubles to deal with at the time. "So how goes things on your end?" he asked.

"Oh right! This stupid little guy almost killed me," she said as she turned back to Pipette and started grinding her fists into his head. "We were taking a shower together and then he pulled my hair and I fell. Then I woke up here," she continued. It was only after explaining to Trumpet that she finally realized that the last things she was wearing were bubbles. Before she could even check to see if the suds came to the astral realm with her, a cool breeze gave her the answer. "Ah!"
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