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Uriel v King Cold; Complete
Topic Started: Feb 20 2018, 06:42 AM (28 Views)
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Justice's Hammer
The angel headed from the bridge back to his quarters. He popped open a couple corps tablet open and survey his now the barren suitecase with a sigh. He had to sell all of his suppiles to buy the ship. One of the first things he had to do was find some work to get them all back. A purple glow eminated from his pocket. Frowning slightly, the winged man retrieved his gem of telepathy. It had been less than thirty minutes since he was last in the astral realim.

"Well," he said. "I could probably use another workout. Sure, lets see what they have for me this time."

The celestial closed his eyes and focused. He opened them and saw a large, destroyed temple around him. Unlike the previous torn down places he had been, there seemed to have been battles long ago. Uriel senses perked up. He was not alone. There, in the distance stood a massive, horned beast.

King Cold - Last Sunday at 3:36 AM
Rubble continued to avalanche from the broken rocks as a result of Cold's explosive rage. The Changeling had not long since rediscovered his preferred form, and with it brought renewed hope from the trauma that had befallen him.
In his periphery, the Frost Demon noticed a twinkle amidst the debris. "You there," the King pointed, ordering one of the few servants he had left. "bring me that trinket,"
The subordinate quickly hurried along, fetching what appeared to be some kind of gem.
"Well, I suppose this planet isn't completely devoid of value," Cold thought to himself as he gazed upon the gem further. As he did so, he noticed that the clear cut ruby began to glow a deep crimson, vibrating between his fingertips.
In mere moments, King Cold felt the world shift around him, warping and altering the terrain. He soon found himself in what appeared to be the ruin of an old temple. In the near distance stood an unknown gentleman.
"You there! What is the place? How did I get here?"

Uriel - Last Sunday at 4:00 AM
Uriel floated towards the angry voice. It appeared to be a changeling. A long, think tail lied past his feet. He didn't have much experince with his kind. Criminals and mercenaries. Still, the android, Vlad, had shown him that you couldn't judge an entire entire people. However, he wasnted a fan of the mutant's tone.

"I'm not sure what planet we are on," he answered evenly. "But this place is known as the astral realm. It's where people can spar, or battle throughout the universe. Are you a fighter?" the angel questioned, trying to provoke him a bit.

"Astral realm, hm?" King Cold continued to examine his new adversary, sizing him up to determine if he would of any use to him. "Well that's a relief," the Frost Demon thought to himself. "And I suppose this would be an ideal time test just where I currently stand compared to my previous power,"

The Changeling King failed to prepare himself for the upcoming tussle, arrogantly deciding that even in his weakened state he would be far superior to whomever stood before him.

"Very well, I'll allow you to try and entertain me,"

Uriel - Last Sunday at 4:23 AM
Uriel smiled at horned creature. He drew his drew his large blade his black, spiked hammed.

"Glad find a good workout for me," the angel said, as he tossted his sword to the mutant. "I'd like duel, I hope you know to handle a weapon."

He powered up a small bit and fly at the other fighter. He wasn't sure how strong was, so he better start slow. Uriel just short of the the purple being, swinging mighty hammer sideway across his chest.

King Cold - Last Sunday at 4:48 AM
King Cold was surprised to see his foe gift him a blade. Due to his already large form, the sword was somewhat dwarfed by his size. He could only just about grasp the handle in his huge hand.

Before the Changeling could become accustomed to how the weapon felt, his enemy rushed towards him, the distance was closed far quicker than Cold would have thought. The spiked hammer swung towards his chest. The Frost Demon almost instinctively took a few steps back, staggering almost, narrowly avoiding the mighty blow. Cold retaliated, swinging his new found sword downwards, attempting to knock the hammer downwards and with it, its wielder off balance. The King followed it swiftly up, thrusting his hand forwards and unleashing a wave of energy at almost point blank range.

Uriel - Last Sunday at 8:18 PM
Bells rang when the two fighters weapon collided. The angel's hammer blow glanced the mutant's rented blade. Uriel didn't have time to admire the deflection. The horned beast blasted a ki wave at the the winged man directly in his face. Grunting a little bit, he let momentum carry him a farther away.

"That was a skillful deflection," he said with a bit of respect in his tonre. "I'm not sure if you've had any weapons training but that was an impressive opening defense. Now," Uriel continued. He raised his hammer with both hand, high above his head. "Let me show you some of what you can do with practice."

The angel brought his hammer down, crashing it into the crimson earth. A quickly moving fissure shot at the massive creature. A shower of rocks burst forth from the ground, right in front of the celestial's face. He eyed one of the larger stones and swung his cudgel tightly like a baseball bat. The steel hammer connected with the rock and rocketed it dead center at the long tailed changeling(edit

King Cold smugly smirked at the compliment bestowed upon him. "Weapons certainly aren't my forté, but I've have received some basic combat training," The Changeling replied, as he briefly reminisced. However, before he could become too deep in thought, his adversary was once again on the move. A giant fissure spread through the ground, like a lethal disease, unrelenting in its path of destruction.

Unfortunately, as Cold kept his eye on the forming cracks, leaping out of the way of its danger, he was blissfully unaware of the boulder flying his way. The large rock soon smashed into the unguarded Frost Demon, breaking apart upon impact, but not before doing its damage.

"Cheap shot...you insolent fool!" The King exclaimed, somewhat impressed, but not wanting to show it. Instead, he rushed at his opponent like a raging bull, seemingly devoid of his own well-being. At the last moment, the Changeling briefly vanished, only to appear in the exact same place, hoping to confuse the enemy, sending a slash of the sword towards his foe's arm, wanting to weaken his ability to utilise the hammer, and finishing with a swift, heavy knee towards his gut.

Uriel - Yesterday at 2:59 AM
Uriel had to supress a smile as the attack landed. It was a great misdirection tactic. The giant changeling raged at the angel but the winged man that insult was of frustation and not true anger. He himself had fall into the trap of poor situational awareness.

The purple mutant charged at him and the celestial braced himself, ready to meet the horned being head on. It never happened. He was caught looking behind and the mutant punished himby slashing him at the wrist.

"Ouch," the angel exclaimed. The wind was briefly knocked out of him as a massive knee drove into his stomach. One hand on his aboment he used the other to tossed a quarter of golden ki orbs at his oppenent and at the same time fly rapidly backwards.

"Fair enough," Uriel conceded. "You caught me off guard." His wrist was stinging from the beast's strike. He probably could have contnued weilding it but had more important business soon and fractured limb would be dangerous. He dropped the hammer to the ground, a loud boom accomanying it.

The angel charged his palms up. Amber balls garthered in his palms. He raised his hands, straight in front of his chest and fired a short, rapid fire energy blast at the the changeling.

King Cold - Today at 4:05 AM
The Changeling spent too long admiring his handiwork, having forced his winged adversary to discard of the large, spiked hammer, a loud echo thundering through the temple ruins as he did so. Cold, too, decided to toss away the blade he'd been gifted, preferring a more traditional form of combat.

The sudden bright light bursting forth from the energy brought the King back to reality, regretting his rookie mistake, and trying to rectify it by jumping back, to no avail. All of the blasts connected with the Frost Demon in rapid succession, making him wince slightly, caught unaware by the force of it.

"Enough!" The Changeling King exclaimed, feeling as though he had more pressing matters at hand, and despising the fact he wasn't able to utilise the power he'd once known. "It's time I put an end to this!"

King Cold brought to fingers to his forehead, momentarily vanishing, transporting out of sight of his enemy as he charged another attack. The King appeared behind his opponent, arms stretched forward and fingers stretched out. Several hundred shots of purple energy exploded forth at once, like a shotgun blast at point blank rage. (IT Flash bomb)

But this was not enough. Rage getting the best of the Frost Demon, Cold shot into the air, flying high above the battlefield. Placing his hands forth once more, King Cold summoned a sphere of dark black energy, as red electricity flowed around it, crackling through the air.

"Be gone!" The Changeling boomed, as the dense ball of energy rocketed towards his foe, leaving a trail black trail of energy in its wake. King Cold brought his arms up to his face, shielding himself from the massive explosion that entailed.

Uriel - Today at 4:14 AM
Uriel's face turned serious as he saw the mutant become enraged. Screaming at the angel suddenly disappeared. The winged man didn't have time to process what had happened. He was pelted with searing energy from his backside. The impact of the blast sent him fly through the air. He finally righted himself and saw the purple creature powering up for another attack.

"Alright, changeling," the angel shouted, swiftly powering up as well. "You want get serious, let me show you my real power!"

The red, fiery helix surrounded him as made the triangle form in his palms once again. White towered to the skies, surrounding the celestial.

"This is what power being power power looks like. A massive, yellow block, many times larger than the one he had just used, soared to meet the horned beast's ebony sphere.
I had way more important things to do then to approve a trivial zolton buy.

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