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DP for IT massive parties anyone?
Topic Started: Apr 16 2018, 02:32 AM (63 Views)
Well its that time again, time where I come to the people with a plan to work with others.

I got a healthy sum of DP I am willing to cough up upwards to 20 for a one way ticket on an IT express to a planet/ vistas

Condition has to have people willing to potentially group up. reason for grouping mainly sick of slumping along solo.

well lets get to the options.

suicide station on the ruin world- not much a world anymore more a vista for the worse in the galaxy, including Vlads target thanks to Mr Alexander Ozymandias graciously informing him of this dark net baddy. murder, slavery, prostitution, drug trafficking, name the crime he is done it no less then 4 times but he is notoriously difficult to get a hang of, those who wish to join can be those who also look to put dark net scum away or those looking to indulge their dark side.

Avalon- paladin and Saiyan meeting a massive gathering of the protectorate and warrior race, happy day, until a cyborg Saiyan comes with designs of executing the ambassador and all those in his way! suddenly fallowing the heroic struggle of the paladins against the cyborg the cyborg is cut down in a few swift motions by a mutant looking native of Avalon but things are not as they appear he then turns the blood soaked blade on civilians pulling organs out of them and collecting their blood, its the leader of the blood wing bound,they are an an age old boogieman tale in the dark net and among the paladin order.. the heck-tick universe forgot the tale since the war, no nursery stories to tell the kids with the protectorate struggling to keep its stitches together, but here the dark truth is the ghost stories were true and the dark order came from the darkness to feast on the blood of Saiyan and paladin alike, the long splintered faction of the order disgusted at the technology and wholly weakness of their former breatheren now they come to gorge themselves on the blood of those that gather on Avalon, the sheep of the protectorate will be feasted on so the wolf of their order can grow strong enough to slay the lion of the Saiyan empire. the virtuous fight to save the people, the mercenaries fight for a pay day, the saiyans fight to save their kind and the sport, but everyone fights for their very lives against these lethal foes who waited oh so long to feast and to give blood to the devil god they gave everything to for their power.

Damaskia-powerful high tech crime families begin to fill the streets, they are strictly business sorts so the major powers monitor in quite a limited interest, they step too far out of line the forces of the empire can smack them down for target practice.... but seems another player joined... a powerful one far more then the others, dealing in all the markets, weapons smuggling, android production of war models well above the regulations set after the steel legion. drugs powerful in their kick but with debilitating withdraw, sex droids gods and goddess to satisfy all desires of romance and lust for rent, exotic goods from across a billion worlds. Its Gill, its no question, it has to be! what plots and what pawns does the dark nets mortal god have in store for the formerly most humble empire in the galaxy? it must be power and control! he never makes a move without some measure of securing more power even if its simply greater knowledge or control even if its merely of one aspiring senator,but things are at a boil, this probably Gill figure cut into all the major criminals business and things look like open street war is quite possible, Vlad failed to end his reign in the final days of the great space war, he failed to end this menace so many times before that, now he can rectify that error but he is way outmatched, the person bribed many powerful supporters, to face down this Gill on Damaskian soil means cutting into some of the most wealthy and influential figures on the planets bank, he will have some of the finest tech warriors in all the galaxy emping him until his head resembles a light bulb in a microwave if he does anything. positive relations with the paladins as a supplement to the order put him at the thinnest ice of their mercy as it stood, this would require collaborative efforts including with those with pull in Damaskia

Juno- A deceptively unremarkable world can hold many secrets, many -lost- treasures. what good is treasure hunting without a massive party to share the bounty with?

Namek- Vlad has... been getting nightmares if it would be adequate to call them that for a being that dreams in digital as he does, seeking guru's guidance he undertakes a pilgrimage to ease his mind but finds dark forces plotting, too great a number and too dangerous to tackle alone.

Mortoseth-the darkness calls to all and great nightmarish works in the making to turn the population into tasty meals for vile beasts. a solo android cant hope to hinder the progress of the dark plans.

Ippen- a mass gathering of aspiring flyers and speedsters look to perfect their arts, Vlad is no exception, the benefits of competition play themselves out in this tale, one will earn glory of a fight well won but all will benefit and grow anew from this.

ND- an expedition into the other world? for science? as a creation of science how could Vlad pass it up? good thing he is in company of fellow warriors.... something is causing the darker sides of other world to sturr quite violently in fact.... is that the hand of a greater litch breaching the clouds of heaven?!

Arlia- Vlad's realized frame outfitted with the improved plating is a war machine, what place do you substitute war for if not the arena? And what better arena to break in a battle bod then the insect like gladiatorial arena?! But the test may well be short lived an invading army amasses outside the combat arena!

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