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Knock on Steel 2; Very Easy; Bassolarr and Jutters
Topic Started: May 14 2018, 04:51 AM (36 Views)
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It was a little difficult to keep up with her way of talking to people while prying off pieces of the wreckage and salvaging them--well, by salvage, it was mostly just piling them into a pile for the PTO crew members to start hauling things into a transport, and while the King of the Ring would help with the heaviest pieces, the PTO crew managed to bring in their own haulers--apparently, they had at least planned for something like this to happen.

"Made, eh? Ya look 'uman enough, gotta say," he piped up, but he remained mostly silent as he tried to watch her various words and explanations. Some of it he really didn't understand, but for the most part, he figured he didn't need to--she was standing right there in front of him, so that was good enough, right? Of course, when the subject went to the state of his home world, he heaved an irritated sigh after he chucked another piece of metal into the hauler. His expression was not hostile, but it was pretty obvious that the topic at hand wasn't something he liked talking about.

"I ain't manipulatin' anythin', lass--see, used to be King o' th' Koopa! THE EXTREME KING, I'm called, eh? But then some Changeling woman what'd go by Siberia invaded my planet and fought with me--n' I lost," he said, grumbling his throat a little at that. Clearly, that was a feud that had yet to fully play out--he fully meant to get his revenge in round two of their rivalry. "Only reason I'm wearin' this uniform is 'cause I have ta--that's what she said. I serve with these codgers, n' she doesn't destroy me home n' people. So long as I keep my nose clean, they get to keep on livin'," he said, clearly an aspect of the 'agreement' that he hated. The fact that he had to sacrifice his own pride and honor in order to keep his end of the bargain...!

He shook his head. That was a road he had already been down a lot of times before, and it wasn't going to help in visiting them again now. "But it ain't ova', see? Gonna be buildin' me strength n' body until it's time to take 'er one again n' get me planet back! Gotta be buildin' up troopers n' resources n' the lot, too, but fer now," he said, gesturing towards the work they were doing here on Juno, "I gotta be these scrubs' muscle n' fighter. Worse ways to make a livin', n' at least I'm still makin' a name for myself out 'ere in the galaxy. But I still miss me 'ome, got it? Ain't nothin' gonna keep me from it!"

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Was Juturna’s absent reply at his immediate assumption. It wasn’t that she minded the assumption itself, but her time with Yan made her somewhat of a devil’s advocate, especially for assumptions. Nothing was ever as it seemed, and taking things at your own pace without trying to push to find a definite truth was not wise. Yan made assumptions about people all day, but loved to be proven wrong. He pushed his truth to bring out the real one. Absently mumbling your view and steeling it in your mind was just asking for trouble.

Juturna frowned as Bassolarr continued, playing back his words from earlier: “Ain't nobody usin' th' Koopas--'cept me, I guess--” What he said didn’t completely match up with that, which annoyed her in a way, but she let it go, thinking of Mister Cass, and listening to the rest of the story. It only fed into what she had said earlier that he denied. The PTO had taken over the planet and was now using the Koopa as they saw fit, or at least Bassolarr.


came across her screen somewhat pointedly.


She paused after saying that, remembering that people responded differently to different things. Her words weren’t untrue but they could be painful to hear causing aggression or hostility. She had ‘spoke’ without really considering these matters, calculating her correctness instead. His correction earlier had sparked it, because as she stated before, the Koopas, or just Bassolarr, were much like the kassacks. They were thrown out into battle, and while they enjoyed it, ultimately they were being used and controlled. For Bassolarr, his chains and tranquilizer were the threat to his world.


came across her screen at the end, while she watched Bassolarr closely with more consideration.

Edited by Juturna, May 15 2018, 04:06 PM.
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he had barely caught her first statement, looking out the corner of his eye at her little screen as he worked. He didn't catch all of it, causing him to pause and squint at the screen for a moment before he snorted out his nostrils, a clear sign of his annoyance--he really did not like being reminded of his own predicament, but since he had said as much with his own mouth, he couldn't quite fault her for it all. "Tch--that's right," he said gruffly before he put both of his hands on the wrecked ship they were next to and ripped out a whole chunk of plating before throwing it towards the pile they had started to make. The chunk of steel stuck into the ground with enough force for it to stick halfway into the ground, clearly a sign of his annoyance--not at her, but at himself. He wasn't strong enough to beat Siberia, and now...

Her next statement on her little screen caught him unawares, causing him to pause, his mouth slightly agape for a moment as he tried to take in the implication. He was being used and manipulated, sure, but now--now the idea of that bitch enslaving his people the same way he was now enslaved really got to him, one of his fists piercing into the machine beside them like it was butter--he let out a dangerous-sounding growl in his throat at just the hint of that concept.

"I ain't seen no othah Koopas in the PTO, yet--and I ain't gonna let it 'appen neither, see? Even if'n I gotta bribe n' cheat ta do it, I'll git 'em in my Force, where they belong. Ain't nobody deserve'n this kind o' humiliation," he growled, just loud enough for her to hear and probably take in the threatening tone in his voice. But what if Siberia was just exploiting them on the planet as it was...? It was hard to bear, he didn't like hearing it, but it was something that he had to take into consideration. He pulled his arm out of the ship, holding onto... something that once looked salvageable, but his fingers had crushed it into something unrecognizable now. This, too, he tossed into the pile, barely controlling the force behind it as it caused other pieces to scatter in various directions.

"All th' mo' reason ta get stronger n' beat the tar outta 'er," he said, as if more to himself than Jutters, but it was clear she had pushed a rather sensitive button--so much so that he didn't want to look at her little screen any more and just keep on with the work at hand.

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As she expected, though a bit late, her words very obviously upset the Koopa King. She wasn't like Mister Cass was she? The monkey could say and do as he pleased without fear of hurting anyone or getting hurt. He made himself not care enough that he could get through every mistake. Even if guilt plagued him he was always able to carry it, could she say the same?

After her experiences on Vegeta and Valhalla she still wasn't sure how she felt about pain. She had no connection to this body, not really, but it allowed her to feel things differently than when she was a ship. If Bassolarr had punched a hole in her hull she would be much more upset than if he punched a hole through this chassis' stomach, but she wouldn't feel it physically as the chassis would.

Pain was...unpleasant? She remembered an argument between her creator and Yan about how she should perceive it. Yan wanted her to thrive in the adrenaline, to be able to pull from it to get herself out of any situation. Sei Edgen worried this would make her prone to violence and destruction. Her creator did not trust her from the beginning, and now after being under Mister Cass' influence so long trusted her even less. The only reason she had this body was the monkey's smooth manipulations. Juturna was Edge's creation and the scientist could not abandon her now or throw her back into a closed network. She was alive and she needed to be allowed to live.

In the end, Juturna's creator tested her. They asked her what she wanted and it seemed strange because it was not something a normal living creature got to choose.

To Edge's relief she did not want to be like Yan, lusting for pain and the high of battle. She didn't want to be the lead character in a shonen manga who craved a challenge. She wanted to be Zoro. Zoro wanted to be strong because he found a dream, and it was fueled by emotion. He withstood any pain for this dream and his own code. He made friends and for them and their dream he withstood a pain that should have killed him ten times over. This didn't mean she liked pain, but she could handle it. If Bassolarr punched her she would be able to withstand it if she could stand by her words.

The problem was she wasn't sure she could. She wasn't like Yan. She couldn't carry guilt. If she cared she cared and there was no denying that. Seeing the dinosoid flustered and hurt was something that bothered her, and thus she had to make up for it. Withstanding his punch to make up for it was maybe something she could do.

He didn't punch her though, and explained further instead. He too, was Zoro. He was bending over backwards accepting whatever fell upon him for his friends, his captain in the form of his planet.

He wasn't looking at her and she had a feeling pinging or making a bunch of noise wasn't really gonna encourage him to make an effort so he hopped down from the metal she was balancing on and stopped right in front of Bassolarr's face, pressing the screen there so he would see even if he did not really want to.


was what she wrote before her eyes closed in a genuine smile.


Whether she would get punched or not, she could stand by these ones.

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