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Basso vs Levana (c); Discord TL
Topic Started: Aug 10 2018, 10:02 AM (14 Views)
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Basso: TL, Combate rune (WC 714)
Levana: TL, Combate rune, Champ2 (WC 903)

The King of the Ring was an impressive opponent with his sheer muscle mass and size—finding a weak point would be difficult on someone as strong as the Dinosoid. Levana might not have ever seen a full-sized Koopa like Bassolarr before, but it probably wasn’t that big of a leap to determine his center of balance was a lot higher than most folks, considering his height—but most humanoid species did not have tails like Koopas did, making it even harder to determine if she could use that against him. The PTO Praetor was used to being at the top of the food chain, so she was going to have to rely on the element of surprise—particularly the fact that if she pushed herself, she was, indeed, faster than her opponent. She would have to use that to get around his massive fists of green muscle! Speaking of which, he only afforded her a moment of thought and respite before he charged forward again with another pair of blistering blows, looking to show just how strong he really was!!

The feline woman knew that she already didn’t look like much of a warrior compared to most ‘normal’, humanoid fighters. So the difference with Bassolar was even several times bigger. For the crowd it must have looked rather comical, that is if it were not some brainless minions to fill up the scene. She now understood how David must have felt when facing Goliath… though somehow he managed as well eh? She wondered if that was a true story… Eitherway, as she would never be able to keep up in strength she would have to try to be faster and more resourceful.

As expected, the dinosaur didn’t leave her much time to recover before he charged at her again. She quickly ducked under his arm, rolled over the sandy arena ground once more and immediately jumped back on her feet. So far so good, but she probably couldn’t keep dodging him forever. She would try to attack him sooner or later. In some not very well thought through moment she lifted her hand and shot a handful of small bright blue ki orbs at the Dinosaur. However she was not in the illusion that they would do much damage, if any.

The blue orbs of Ki impacted against his back, causing him to grunt and shift forward a little bit, but as she might have expected, they did not seem to do more than just stiffen his back a little bit. She was a fast and wily one, he had to admit, turning around on the spot after she had loosed her attack, swinging his tail in an arc in order to try and smack her across the face, but she was already further away than his tail could reach--still looked cool though.
Instead, he let out a growl before he fired a burst of Ki of his own, out of his own mouth at his opponent, looking to see just how tough she was against a REAL attack!

Well, she did manage to hit him at least… that might count as something, no? Though as expected they impact of the blasts did nothing to his thick reptile like skin. It just merely annoyed him like a fly or a mosquito.

“Oh shit!” she brought out as his giant tail swung by her, only missing her face by an inch or less. That was something she had not taken into account. They only other races with a tail she had fought were Saiyan like, like herself. And they did not use their tails in combat, on the opposite even, they kept their tails usually wrapped up around their waist so it wouldn’t bother them.

Distracted for a second too long, she didn’t see his next attack coming until it was almost too late. There was no time anymore too dodge, so in a mere reflex her bluish aura expanded around her to form a protective shield. Just in time to intercept the attacks, but even then they were so strong that it send aches through her body and even forced her two steps backwards, as she struggled to not being blown away completely. Damn, she didn’t want to know what would happen if those things had hit her full force with the shield….

Hrmph! She had some tricks up her sleeve too, what with that shield and all--she had gotten in one attack, but all she had managed to do was just give him a bit of an ache--that was no way to show off your strength, he stood up to full height and gestured for her to come forward with a finger. "Heh--C'mon then--give me yer best shot!"

Levana gritted her teeth at his comment but didn’t say anything. While she barely managed to keep up although this battle had barely stared, she could understand that so far this had been pretty underwhelming for the Dinosoid to say at least.

My best shot eh, well her goes nothing.

The feline woman gathered her herself again and shot forward as fast as she could, her movement being not much more then a blur. However right before she reached her opponent, her image seemed to split into two. One was merely an illusion though, hoping to distract him long enough to get a real attack in.

The ‘fake’ one leaped to the right and aimed a series of punches and kicks to wherever she might be able to hit him. The real Levana moved around on his other side, hoping to get behind him again. A blue ki orb formed in her right hand, but then immediately flattened into a more disk like shape, before she shot if towards Bassolars neck.

She came at him with speed he could barely follow, but he held his ground to let her get a proper shot in--only for her to split into two, causing him to favor his right side and look towards one of the halves. She lashed out with a series of attacks, immediately disappointing him as he raised an arm to intercept it--but no contact was made! What--a fake! The Koopa King looked behind him, seeing her loose an energy disk towards his neck, forcing him to duck down and swing his elbow around--this resulted in the disk deflecting away from his head, but it left a very nasty gash along his arm from the attack. He grunted from the pain a little, looking a little more irritated as he turned to face her. "Gonna hafta' try better'n' tha'!" he challenged her, squaring his guard.

So the good part here was that she managed to trick him with the illusion and then hit him ki disk, not exactly at the spot she was aiming for, but still she hit him. The bad part was, that it still didn’t do much to him. If anything he seemed get even less amused about their fight and more irritated. Damn it. But at least he seemed to be giving her a short break, a chance to prove herself by not attacking himself for the moment.

The feline woman shot up in the air, with her palms of her hands directed towards her opponent. A bright blue energy beam shot from each of her hands, accompanied with an almost animal like roar, as she put in as much energy as she could. She kept a close eye on the dinosoid if he moved she would try to direct the beams right back at him.

That look on her face... yeah, she was going for the big guns this time around, leaving the giant Koopa with a sensation of excitement. He suddenly smirked as he watched her rise up into the air, forcing him to square his shoulders towards her--his feet dug in at that point, readying himself for the main attraction.
She gathered energy into her hands before loosing a pair of bright beams, but he did not move, instead crossing his arms over his chest and head as the full brunt of the blast hit the Dinosoid head on, throwing dust and smoke in all directions around him. He grunted loudly at the impact, using every muscle in his body to stay standing in the face of such a blistering attack--! His arms and body burned from the force of the attack, the outer layer of hus flesh feeling like it was melting--now that was the good stuff.
When the attack finally ended, he was breathing heavily, a little worse for wear, but still standing in the wake of her power. "Heh--tha's more like'n it!"

The giant Dinosoid didn’t even try to evade the ki beams, he just stood there with what she assumed to be a smile on his face and took the attack like a seasoned warrior. The loud growl that came from her opponent made her believe that she had made some more progress this time. This was confirmed with his comment when after her attack had finished. Somehow he really seemed to enjoy this… Hmm.

When the smoke and dust settle down she could see the burn marks on his massive muscled arms and a smell of burned flesh reached her nose. Levana started to gather her more ki again and direct it towards her hands for her next attack, when she felt how her mind was softly being pulled back to the real world.

“My time here is up,” she spoke to her opponent down below, “I’ll see you around, Barney” she added quickly with a smile, before her image faded completly.

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