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Combative Ki; Showdown! Gohan vs Levana!
Topic Started: Aug 10 2018, 01:04 PM (31 Views)
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Combative Ki

Difficulty: Easy

Description: A Sage you greatly respect and wish to learn from announces that he will take one student. This student must be highly adept at ki control. To prove your mastery, you must compete in a tournament. Only the winner will be able to learn the secrets of this Sage.

Reward: +300 zeni, +2 DP, +20 all stats, +2 rp Credits

Requirement: Must be part of the Keliouxian Scholars Organization

Grand Scholar Gohan. It had a nice ring to it, he thought. Of course, this wasn't the end of the road for him - no, he had aspirations to climb to the top of ladder. He was fortunate that Kelioux seemed to be the one place in the galaxy where your background didn't matter so much as you were devoted to all things knowledge. That sounded like paradise to a book worm like Gohan, who had spent the majority of his life in the pages of books. So, what was the next step? The next rung in the scholarly ladder was the title of Seneschal but that was still a way off. He didn't know much about the requirements to achieve that next rank but he had heard from upperclassmen that it necessitated a display of adept energy usage. Well, Gohan wasn't necessarily a slouch when it came to fighting and ki but it was definitely probably his worst "subject" at the moment. He had a long road back to where his fighting prowess was in his teenage years but it was something that he was working at. Slowly working at. Very slowly.

Which brings us to Gohan today and why he was flying out to a well-maintained field located beyond Academy proper. This particular field was commonly used for sparring among scholars and in any testing that would require a demonstration of great power. That being said, it was destroyed and restored almost daily. As soon as he drew near the field, he slowed and descended toward the newly remade ground to finally land before a robed man standing at the very edge of the field. By all appearances, the man looked to be a human; he certainly wasn't a Keliouxian like many of the other scholars. Gohan smiled and fell into a polite bow to the senior scholar.

"Good afternoon, Sage Klein. Thank you for agreeing to meet with me. I look forward to learning under your tutelage!" Gohan shouted enthusiastically. The Saiyan had prepared for trials today, having done away with his formal attire and settled on a bright green track suit that rippled quietly in the gentle breeze that occasionally whisked by. He was in the process of removing his glasses and folding them up when the scholar interrupted him.

"Hold on there, Gohan. I didn't agree to teaching you just yet. I told you there was a chance I would teach you. As you know, I'm a very busy member of the cabinet and I don't have time to attend to as many students as I used to in the past. I'm very selective about who I will teach; they have to be the best of the best. That being said... you're not the only one vying for my training. I've offered the chance to another underclassman. You might know her. Her name is Levana." Sage Klein twirled his fingers against the long, thin growth of his chin beard.

Levana?! Again? How does she keep popping up wherever I am?! There was an incredulous look on his face. He couldn't believe Sage Klein's words.

"I've prepared a little test between the two of you. As you know, I specialize in teaching energy manifestation and control. It seems only fitting that I pit the two of you against one another in an energy battle. Whoever manages to show superiority and defeat their opponent will be the one who gets to train under me. How does that sound, Gohan? Are you up to the challenge?" There was a light grin on Klein's lips. Did he know something he didn't?

Gohan didn't know much about Levana. Their interaction with one another was minimal outside of their shared experience within the Temple of the Lost that led to them both becoming Grand Scholars. He didn't know if she could fight at all but he had to assume so if she was looking into Sage Klein to further her knowledge. He had underestimated people in the past, and that was a mistake he would never make again. Gohan had to assume that he was fighting a losing battle here. He would have to give it his all.

"Ah, here she comes now."

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Levana was not in the best mood, not at all even, when she was cruising through the cloudless Keliouxian air that day. She couldn’t believe he had done it again. Damn, you Professor Zentaro. Why couldn’t he just let her be? Let her find her own way, at her own pace and preferably away from too many curious eyes. But no, he couldn’t eh. Of course she knew he meant well. He was probably one of the nicest people she had ever met, not to mention he been a great mentor and friend. He had taken her in and gave her a job when she was left behind on Kelioux all those months ago. She probably would not have made so much progress without the professor, so she could impossible be mad at him. But still. Damn you![/]

When he had insisted she would take her training to the next level and therefor take the test to train with his good friend and colleague, Sage Klein, she had declined politely. However he had ‘inscribed’ her anyway, without her knowing! So there she was on her way to a test she didn’t really want to take. But of course she could not just say she wasn’t coming or worse, just not show up at all. And no, she was not some spoiled little brat, she was very well aware what a privilege it would be if she was allowed to train with Sage Klein. She had heard stories about students literally sabotaging their opponents in many different ways so they would have a better chance to earn one of the few spots available.

It was also not like she did not want to learn. Of course she wanted to learn, gather more knowledge, push her own boundaries and develop her skills, both mentally and physically. It was just that she had her reasons to prefer to stay in the shadows a bit more… Nor had she ever cared about titles and ranks. Maybe she was weird, but she had taken peace with that by now.

Still slightly grumpy but with a soft smile on her face, after all she did not want to insult Sage Klein or her fellow student, she landed gently on the field. Her power level was suppressed to somewhere around thirty thousand as usual.

”Good morning Sage Klein,” she greeted with a small bow as well, before she turned to her ‘opponent’ “Hello Gohan,”

Well, this a funny coincidence… or wasn’t it?

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"Hello Levana," he said plainly. Gohan was at a crossroads. Part of him wished the best for his fellow competitor because he knew the training would be extremely helpful for anyone that mastered it. The other part of him was twisted by that competition spirit ingrained in his genes and wanted nothing more than to take the challenge to the finish line and be the one who scored the training. He didn't come to Kelioux to be second best, after all. Feelings aside, he did his best to remain cordial and bowed politely to Levana after his greeting.

"Welcome Levana. Now that we've exchanged pleasantries, let's get down to brass tacks." Sage Klein took a step back and extended his hand toward the field behind him. "This will be your battlefield. Each of you on opposite sides, I want you to try and hit the other with the biggest energy attack you can muster up the strength for. Don't worry about causing damage to one another, I've brought along an energy dampener for each of you that will suppress the full might of a single attack. You just wear them around your neck like an amulet and you're good to go." Sage Klein handed out a dampener to both participants; first to Levana, then to Gohan.

"Once you are ready and I have given the signal, you'll have ten seconds to charge and fire your attack. As soon as your attacks engage, the struggle begins. Whoever wins the struggle will be the one who takes home the trophy - meaning, the one who gets the pleasure of studying under me. Understood? If there are no further questions, take your places."

Gohan nodded and began to walk toward his designated end of the field.

"Do your best, Levana! I won't be holding back!" he shouted as he reached his position and started lunging from side to side to stretch out his legs. Gohan wouldn't really need the mobility, it was simply a force of habit he had formed from his years of training under the great Masters of Earth.

Okay Gohan, you can do this! You have ten seconds; that's plenty of time to put together the biggest Kamehameha Kelioux has ever seen! He exhaled a long, slow breath and shook out his hands to ward off any insecurities that were trying to wriggle into his nerves.

Sage Klein had his hand raised in the air and as soon as Levana indicated she was ready, he dropped his hand to let the combatants know to begin.

Gohan dropped into a squat and quickly pulled his hands together, joining them at the wrist alongside his right hipbone. As soon as he did so, he unconsciously began to chant the fabled name of Master Roshi's signature technique like it was some sort of mantra for success. "Kaa-mee-haa-mee-" A bright ball of energy swirled to life between his palms, rotating endlessly and beating as if it had a heart of its own. With each swelling beat, the energy grew in size, reaching a point where the brilliant energy of it manifested luminous shafts of ki that squeezed through the cracks between Gohan's spread fingers. Two seconds left. One second left. Gohan was fighting to keep the energy in check; all that he amassed was struggling to break free of his will.

Zero. It was time.

"HAAA~!" his shrill voice screamed. His arms were driven forward with all of his strength, exerting a monumental amount of energy just to guide his ki toward Levana and manipulate it into an enormous, continuous beam of radiant blue. The Kamehameha tore across the battlefield; the expanding force of the beam drew a crevasse in the ground as it surged forth, buffeting the overall area with a tremendous, unnatural wind as it punished anything and everything in its way. Even after the attack was let loose, Gohan continued to channel every bit of his energy into his wondrous creation, hoping-absolutely hoping-that he had enough in him to come out on top.

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After Sage Klein had given the instructions for this little tournament, Levana turned in the opposite direction of Gohan to walk to her spot on the battlefield. She smiled back at him as he encouraged her to do her best and promised her he wouldn’t hold back either.

“Let’s do this!” she agreed with her new opponent.

She looked down for a moment at the odd energy dampener that hung around her neck, not sure what to think of it. Of course the Academy was a place for learning and they would run out of student fast if they would wound each other too much or even accidently kill one another… but still. Experiencing the dangers of combat and ki attacks were part of the learning process too no? Danger for both yourself and your opponent, so students would fully understand exactly what they were doing…

The feline woman then raised her power level a good bit, though she kept it still about fifty thousand or so below what she sensed to be Gohans power level. While standing in a casual stand with her arms loosely next to her body, she carefully watched the Sage until he gave the sign to start.

Ten, nine, …

Her gaze quickly turned to Gohan as in both of her palms formed a blue ki orb. With every second that passed it grew a little bit bigger and started to shine brighter. The bright azure blue then started to have little white and even pitch black little sparks that ran through it like lightning flashes, even though it would probably be to far away for Gohan or even the Sage to notice.

six, five,...

She couldn’t help but the softly grin when seeing and feeling the black and white sparks. The power of destruction and the power of creation.

The feline woman could sense how the half blood Saiyan charge up a Kamehame, not very surprisingly to be honest. And maybe not the best choice, considering she had seen him do that once before already.

three, two, one!

Levana swiftly brought her two hands in front of her, palms open toward Gohan in a V shape. The two obs came together and shot out at high velocity in a beam known as a Tsuihidan. Half way the battle field, about at the same place where the Sage was standing, both beams clashed hard into each other. The impact send a shock back towards her and send a ache through her arms and up to her shoulders. She gritted her teeth and had to place one foot backwards, to avoid being pushed back away already.

She wasn’t sure how long the struggle really lasted, maybe ten seconds, maybe thirty maybe longer. Gohans beam started to gain more and more ground on her own beam. The connection point was already far past the middle point between the two fighters and getting pretty close to her. Levana saw not other option than twist her body and arms to the side and so direct the two beams towards the ground next to her.

The explosion caused an small crater in the sandy ground. Dirt and smoke filled the air around her and she had to cough just a little.
“The winner is Gohan,” Sage Klein stated stoic, “I expect you tomorrow morning for your first training, six a.m. Don’t be late.” And with that he turned around and walked away casually, his hand folded on his back.

“Congratulations,” she said to Gohan and gave him a thumbs up.

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