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Name: Under Repairs

Difficulty: Epic

Description:  After visiting the Ruins of Cauldron, you begin travel back to the nearest Jump Gate. To your dismay, you find a queue of spaceships waiting to use the gate, and the line does not seem to be moving. Quickly enough however, you are contacted by the Gate Corporation mechanic stationed on a satellite orbiting it. The Jump Gate is in need of repairs, and no one will be able to use it until they are complete. The mechanic explains that without an active Jump Gate, the team to repair it will take an entire week to reach them, and that if you don’t want to wait, you should assist him yourself. Considering the closest planet is in ruins, and it would take much longer than a week to get to any others without the gate, you really have no other choice. Be careful however, because the gate may not be the only thing in need of repair, and the same invitation has been given to the other ships, who may or may not have the same good intentions.

Reward:  +1,700 zeni, +8 DP, +3 SP, +140 all stats, +8 RPC

Bonus: Stargate-class Carrier - Holds 4 people. Comes with a fully charged Jump Drive installed (following charges will need to be purchased on Juno). It may also hold a Training Center or a Luxury Rejuvenation Tank.
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